Davenport police arrested former city Alderman Keith Meyer Sunday on charges that the former 3rd Ward councilman allegedly threatened his neighbor with a shotgun.

Meyer, 71, of 1010 N. Marquette St., is charged with one count of assault while displaying a weapon.

According to the arrest affidavit filed by Davenport Police officer Randall Gard, officers were sent to Meyer’s home at 11:27 a.m. Sunday after a man called and said his neighbor had pointed a shotgun at him.

Meyer is building a speed bump on the jointly owned driveway he shares with the neighbor. The speed bump is being constructed at the entrance to the neighbor’s short residential portion of the shared drive, according to Gard’s affidavit. This is the spot where the driveway splits, with one side heading to Meyer’s home and the other to the neighbor’s home.

The incident occurred when the victim returned home, police said. The victim told police that as he pulled into the driveway, Meyer began cursing and threatening him. The victim said he never acknowledged Meyer.

The victim told officers he went to his home and grabbed a small digital camera to document the construction on the jointly owned driveway and to walk to the mailbox to get his Sunday newspaper.

According to the affidavit, the victim told police that he was accustomed to Meyer’s verbal assaults. However, his threats recently had become more threatening, even suggesting the use of firearms, the neighbor told police. However, no weapon previously had been displayed.

The victim said he planned to document the construction and not speak with Meyer.

The victim stated that as he neared the speed bump to photograph it, he noticed Meyer coming at him with what appeared to be a rifle. The victim told police he was fearful Meyer was going to shoot.

According to the arrest affidavit, Meyer stepped toward the victim and said, “I got my shotgun, and I’m going to use it.” Meyer then raised the gun and pointed it at the victim.

The victim was able to obtain a photo of Meyer pointing the weapon at him, according to the affidavit.

The victim then went into his home and called police.

According to the affidavit, Meyer told police he felt threatened by the neighbor when the neighbor pulled up in the driveway. Meyer said he was fearful of the victim, so he went to his residence, got his shotgun and the returned to the driveway to defend himself.

Police said Meyer’s shotgun was not loaded at the time of the incident. Officers confiscated the gun.

Assault while displaying a weapon is an aggravated misdemeanor under Iowa law that carries a possible prison sentence of up to two years.

Meyer was booked into the Scott County Jail at 12:43 p.m. Sunday. He was released an hour and fifteen minutes later after posting $2,000 bond through A-1 Bonding.

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This never would have happened if Romney was elected.


why hasnt the media gotten copies of police calls from mr meyer about problems with his neighbor???I am sure that they exist...what else would drive someone to this extreme??? I agree with others...why isn't more being said about the "neighbor" and problems that others have had with him and NOT mr meyer.............there is alot more to this story that the main stream gluba media wont report


Just curious, why didn't Keith get the same low profile arrest like Pat Gibbs did?

just curious

Perhaps because he did not aim a gun at someone. Pocketing money that belongs to one's employer is way different from pointing a gun at a neighbor.


I suppose you are right. I guess what I really meant was EVERYONE should go through the same process. No special favors. I was being sarcastic.


Sounds like a very good reason to never buy a house with a shared driveway.


I would say that Keith has "lost it", but that would imply that he ever "had it".

Arc Angel

Guys who look like Dwyer?




But seriously folks, it sounds like he needs help. I hope he gets it.


i got an idea for a new hit show.SENIOR CITIZENS GONE WILD THE HOTFLASH.lmao.we could do it people lol


Keith has no clue as to what SHOULD be done.....


Let me see if get this straight. Keith felt threatened, so he went home and got his shotgun and then went back down to the speedbump to defend himself?

I have watched enough cops to know that when you leave and come back with a weapon, you are now the aggressor. What he should have done, was gone to his house and called police if he felt threatened.


But we are only hearing one side of this. There may be more to it. I have a feeling both sides were jawing at each other. I'd say, make them both pay for a privacy fence down the property line and build their own seperate driveways. Then, leave each other alone.

And I am not a bobble head of Meyers.


I somewhat agree with you on this one. First of all, did anyone else notice that they mentioned Meyer over a dozen times in the article yet they only refer to the other side as "neighbor" or "victim"? Why don't they release his name? Seems like the paper has obviously taken sides already.

Second, does anyone believe that "The victim said he never acknowledged Meyer."? I certainly would think that after being yelled at and then had a gun pointed to him that some acknowledgment would occur. I'm not buying that one either...

Does Meyer have issues? Certainly sounds like it, but lets get the "neighbor victim" name released and get Meyer's side of the story.


If he was really afraid of his neighbor he would of stayed in the house instead of going in and getting a rifle and coming back out.


rite that wouldnt be my choice for a neighbor. somebody better keep a close eye on that one

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