Bill Pajunen and Josh Kempel stood over a large map showing proposed improvements to Davenport’s East 67th Street during an informational session Wednesday at the Davenport Public Library’s Eastern Avenue Branch.

Among improvements that will be made beginning in 2014 is a new bridge over Interstate 74.

As Pajunen and Kempel looked at the map, they located their houses on Forest Grove Drive.

“We don’t see any surprises,” Kempel said. “It’s what we’ve been hearing all along.”

Doug Rick, a project engineer with the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Davenport office, said the 67th Street bridge over I-74 has needed to be replaced for a while, primarily because it is a low.

“It has been hit a few times by oversized loads, mostly by backhoes on trailers that didn’t have their arms all the way down,” he said. “It’s the last low clearance bridge on Interstate 74 that we’ll be replacing.”

The new bridge will be four lanes and have a

4-foot walkway on one side, and a 10-foot bike trail on the other.

The 67th Street corridor project is being done in conjunction with the city of Davenport, Rick said.

What Pajunen and Kempel are hoping is that 67th Street will go north of Forest Grove and connected in Bettendorf rather than remaining as it is, connected with Utica Ridge Road south of Forest Grove Road.

But that depends on what Davenport and Bettendorf agree to do, Pajunen said.

“If 67th Street is taken north of us into Bettendorf, then our street will be turned into a cul-de-sac,” Pajunen said. Residents will be given use of an access road to get to 67th Street.

The speed limit on Forest Grove is 35 mph, he said, but many drivers go

45 mph or faster.

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High enough? I thought the plan was to make I-74 six lanes to I-80, so the real problems was it's not wide enough to cross I-74.


here is a look at the City of Davenport Calender page. I don't see this "informational session Wednesday at the Davenport Public Library’s Eastern Avenue Branch" listed.

yeah most people are going 50mph+ while on the phone in the SUV


It would not be on the city of Davenport calendar since it was not put on by the city or promoted by the city. The meeting was put on by the Iowa DOT.

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