Genesis BirthCenter, Davenport

Megan and Jared Schlueter, Tipton, Iowa, boy, Aug. 22.

Alexus White, Davenport, twin girls, Aug. 23.

Anna Johnson and Jeremie Brandenburg, Bettendorf, boy, Aug. 24.

Sarah and Clint Henzen, Dixon, Iowa, girl, Aug. 25.

Julie and John Ramirez, Davenport, boy, Aug. 25.

Tontianna Hill and Marshawn Pitts, Rock Island, girl, Aug. 25.

Katie Bahnsen and Austin Coffman, Davenport, girl, Aug. 25.

Shannon and Ryan Jorgensen, Sabula, Iowa, girl, Aug. 25.

Danielle McDore and Christopher Garden, Davenport, girl, Aug. 26.

Trinity Moline

Kasara Ferguson and Joshua Osborne, Moline, girl, Aug. 23.

Sarah Balvanz, Reynolds, Ill., girl, Aug. 10.

Holly and Jimmy Brokaw, Silvis, boy, Aug. 24.

Tara Leonard and Lymus Carter, Port Byron, girl, Aug. 24.

Melissa and Christian Jackson, Geneseo, Ill., boy, Aug. 25.

Fire calls



No calls reported.



2:45 a.m., 1026 Marquette St., assist.

7:02 a.m., 1411 Bridge Ave., police matter.

12:25 p.m., 6701 Jersey Ridge Rd., defective elevator.

3:40 p.m., 2824 W. Locust St., lockout.

7:12 p.m., 615 S. Nevada Ave., power line down.

8:54 p.m., 275 S. Marquette St., hazardous materials investigation.

False alarms: 5



No calls reported.



2:32 p.m., 3503 44th Ave., assist.


2:58 a.m., 2726 41st St., assist.

False alarms: 2



11:16 a.m., 8107 7th St., investigate.

11:32 a.m., 1430 36th St., investigate.

2:48 p.m., 630 9th St., investigate.

4:46 p.m., 1519 14 1/2 St., structure fire.

5:53 p.m., 3514 15th St., investigate.

10:37 p.m., 848 20th St./9th Ave., accident.


4:27 a.m., 28 Hillcrest Ct., assist.

False alarms: 1



Hidi M. Hines, Milan, and Chad D. Hines, Milan, July 27.

Mevi Holonou and Yawo Holonou, addresses not listed, July 16.

Maria Matias and Joel Matias, addresses not listed, July 16.

Denise C. Moore, Rock Island, and Sean V. Johnson, Chicago, July 17.

Sarah Sturges and Bradley J. Rogers, addresses not listed, July 18.

Komanique Johnson, East Moline, and Mark Lyle, address not listed, July 18.

Richard A. Beach, address not listed, and Alice L. Beach, Pittsview, Ala., July 18.

Tammy L. Burns, Moline, and Steven E. Burns, Rock Island, July 18.

Donneshia Bomar, Rock Island, and Jerry Bomar, Davenport, July 18.

Daniel Schrupp, Moline, and Jenifer Schrupp, Moline, July 18.

Sara L.A. Pearce and Frederick C. Pearce, addresses not listed, July 18.

Jennifer J. Fowler, Rock Island, and Mark W. Fowler, address not listed, July 19.

Debra K. Trice and Ronald L. Trice, addresses not listed, July 19.

Linda M. Carter, Milan, and Michael E. Carter, East Moline, July 19.

Lacy J. Brundage, Milan, and Justin D. Brundage, Milan, July 19.

Jason T. Wadkins and Michelle R. Wadkins, addresses not listed, July 20.

Maria Rivera-Guzman and Armando Rivera, addresses not listed, July 20.

Jennifer Witherspoon, address not listed, and William Witherspoon, Silvis, July 30.

Komlari Dodji-Aziaye, Moline, and Kale Akouete, address not listed, July 30.

Anntonette Hickman, Moline, and Dennis Hickman, Moline, July 31.

Tina M. Cespedes, Silvis, and David Cespedes, Rock Island, Aug. 1.

Rachel L. English and Eli E. English, addresses not listed, Aug. 1.

Robin Yeager, Moline, and Loren Yeager, address not listed, Aug. 2.

Troy P. Vanthorre, East Moline, and Kevin R. Leuders, East Moline, Aug. 2.

Ashley Mackie and Christopher Mackie, addresses not listed, Aug. 2.

David E. Nolen, Moline, and Christina R. Nolen, Aug. 3.

Roberto Sanchez-Ceja, East Moline, and Stephanie J. Sanchez, East Moline, Aug. 3.

David M. Drake, Moline, and Rebecca A. Drake, Moline, Aug. 3.

Curtis A. Stowe and Chanda B. Stowe, addresses not listed, Aug. 3.

Ileta F. Smith-Knight, East Moline, and Howard S. Knight, Danville, Ill., Aug. 3.

Donald E. Camlin, Rock Island, and Rebecca L. Camlin, Waterford, Wis., Aug. 3.

Brent W. McCormick and Laura R. McCormick, addresses not listed, Aug. 3.

Whitney H. McKay, Milan, and Kory T. McKay, Port Byron, Aug. 6.

Valerie Black-Jasper and Loren W. Jasper, addresses not listed, Aug. 6.

Tiffany A. Clevenger, Hampton, Ill., and Terrance A. Clevenger, Carbon Cliff, Aug. 7.

David B. Lorimer II, Moline, and Amy T. Lorimer, Moline, Aug. 7.

James J. Bizarri, Taylor Ridge, Ill., and Sue M. Bizarri, Sherrard, Ill., Aug. 8.

Jonette R. Garcia, Moline, and Hugo E. Garcia, Moline, Aug. 8.

Gary Combs, Moline, and Ann M. Schilling, address not listed, Aug. 8.

Alan W. Maitlen, Moline, and Cindy C. Maitlen, Oceanside, Calif., Aug. 9.

Marlon C. Collins, Rock Island, and Kysundra L. Collins, Katy, Texas, Aug. 9.

Jon R. Hodge Jr., East Moline, and Pamela S. Hodge, Rock Island, Aug. 10.


Mark E. Seay, Moline, and Pamala A. Haddon, Davenport, July 20.

Rhiannon D. Six, Princeton, and Keith Bell, Bettendorf, July 20.

Michelle A. Hawley, Davenport, and Fred T. Hawley, Bettendorf, July 20.

Roberta L. Born, Davenport, and Henry Hanssen, Davenport, July 18.

Michael J. Roelens Sr., Rock Island, and Andrea L. Roelens, Park View, July 20.

Carlene E. Easley, Davenport, and Stephen C. Dornburg, Urbandale, Iowa, July 20.

Kathryn Hosmer, Davenport, and James Hanna, Cheyenne, Wyo., July 18.

Debra K. Hughes, Davenport, and Thomas D. Hughes, Davenport, July 16.

Alan S. Hopper Sr., Davenport, and Susan L. Colson, Rock Island, July 18.

Efrat Daniel, Davenport, and Dustin H. Jennings, Davenport, July 17.

Andrea S. Diehl, Davenport, and Bradley A. Moeller, Davenport, July 16.

Igballe Goxhufi, Davenport, and Efrain Escobar, Iowa City, July 20.

Hoang M. Duong, Davenport, and Quynh M. T. Nguyen, Davenport, July 31.

Barbara A. Ducksworth, Davenport, and John L. Ducksworth, Davenport, July 30.

Laketta Jnbaptiste, Blue Grass, and Stanley Jnbaptiste, Germany, July 30.

Jeremiah J. Williams, Davenport, and Tamara Williams, Davenport, Aug. 2.

Brian J. Bahns, Davenport, and Tracy J. Hintze Bahns, Davenport, Aug. 1.

Jessica R. Fowler, Bettendorf, and Toby R. Richards, Davenport, Aug. 3.

Sara A. Teesdale, Davenport, and Andrew J. Teesdale, West Branch, Iowa, Aug. 3.

Kenosha Bradley, Davenport, and Demitrius D. Bridges, Apopka, Fla., Aug. 2.

Jennifer Stacy, Scott County, Iowa, and Christopher Sheridan, East Moline, Aug. 1.

Angela K. Zarate, Davenport, and Juan M. Zarate, Mexico, Aug. 2.

Kristin K. Gunnare, Bettendorf, and Steven R. Graff, Wilton, Iowa, Aug. 1.

Kari R. Draper, Bettendorf, and Joseph P. Draper, Bettendorf, Aug. 2.

Autumn S. Fernandez, Davenport, and Miguel A. Fernandez, Davenport, Aug. 8.

Kelly Dirks, Eldridge, and Stacey L. Dircks, Eldridge, Aug. 7.

Holly E. Fascher, Davenport, and William M. Fascher, Davenport, Aug. 10.

Jerry Kraklow, Davenport, and Kathy A. Ervin, Goreville, Ill., Aug. 7.

Bryan C. Davis, Davenport, and Pamela M. Davis, Davenport, Aug. 7.

Mary K. Monroe, Davenport, and John P. Monroe Jr., Davenport, Aug. 9.

Keith O. Howlett, Davenport, and Kimberlee A. Dauphin, Clinton, Aug. 7.

Leeann J. Jones, LeClaire, and Christopher A. Buri, Davenport, Aug. 7.

Lorna J. Wilson, Davenport, and Dennis R. Wilson, Davenport, Aug. 7.

Thomas Eagle, Davenport, and Jane M. Eagle, Davenport, Aug. 9.

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