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Brittany and Jonathon Quinn, Davenport, boy, July 20.

Grace Perales, Davenport, girl, July 20.


Jessica and David Anderson, Davenport, girl, July 23.

Taylor and Briar Washburn, Bettendorf, boy, July 25.

Chelsea and Paul Stephens, Princeton, boy, July 26.


Julie and Troy Larson, Alpha, Illinois, girl, July 24.

Aubrey and Justis Howlett, Sherrard, Illinois, girl, July 24.

Katie and Kevin Tracey, Silvis, boy, July 25.

Fire calls



False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 7.



5:20 a.m., 3305 W. Dover Court, assist.

10:12 a.m., 2629 Iowa St., illegal burn.

10:52 a.m., 5601 Eastern Ave., gas leak.

11:03 a.m., 320 W. Kimberly Road, chemical hazard.

11:53 a.m., 1703 Spring St., heat from short circuit.

3:55 p.m., 2040 W. 5th St., illegal burn.

9:46 p.m., 409 W. 4th St., smoke or odor removal.

False alarms: 5.

Investigations: 12.

EMS calls: 37.



EMS calls: 2.



No report available.



False alarm: 1.


Investigation: 1.

EMS calls: 12.


8:14 a.m., 622 24th St./7th Avenue, vehicle accident.

11:41 a.m., 3705 9th St., assist.

7:40 p.m., 1820 30th St., assist.

9:07 p.m., 1404 17th St./18th Avenue, vehicle accident.

False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 13.

Building permits


4730 Elmore LLC, 4730 Elmore Ave. #102, commercial remodel, Lakeview Construction, $124,000.

Amerco Real Estate Co., 3616 W. Kimberly Road, commercial addition, $15,405.

Quiet Capital LLC, 621 Pershing Ave., commercial remodel, Xtreme Renovations, $36,600.

Destinee Delemos, 2909 E. 63rd St., residential remodel, Durian Builders, $22,500.

Lonna and Brian Verhelst, 1365 W. Kimberly Road, pool, $2,000.

Nam Huynh, 1003 N. Thornwood Ave., pool, $4,800.

McManus Development, 6215 Utica Ridge Road, multi-family remodel, $211,549.

Brian Reist, 823 Spalding Blvd., deck, $3,500.

Bob Garlock, 2905 Hickory Grove Road, residential addition, Cleary Building Corp., $20,000.

Ryan Chamberlain, 1415 W. 61st St., deck, Sampson Construction, $9,995.

Susan Zelnio, 1205 E. 29th St., residential addition, Jack’s Home Improvement, $20,000.

Rave Motion Pictures, 3601 E. 53rd St., commercial remodel, Friemel Construction, $2,160,000.

Upper Level Antiques, 1205 Brady St., multi-family remodel, McCartney Improvement, $69,925.

Bob and Cathy Briggs, 1326 W. 41st St., residential remodel, Lank Construction, $16,200.

Wayne and Heather Burkhart, 6411 Woodland Court, deck, $16,154.

Davenport Parks and Recreation, 2816 Eastern Ave., institutional remodel, Beirne Builders, $65,922.

Dave and Pat Bitterman, 5200 Villa Drive, deck, $5,900.

Jennifer Gonzales, 1003 W. 15th St., pool, $5,600.

Johnathan and Brittany Quinn, 12 W. Village Circle, deck, Tycor, $2,400.

Kathy Fox, 2023 W. 6th St., deck, $1,500.

Lisa Determan, 3622 Rockingham Road, residential addition, $10,000.

Matt Caven, 1525 W. 14th St., residential addition, Todd Morrell Homes, $22,500.

Rejean and Sarah Wagner, 710 Gaines St., residential remodel, $35,200.

Shelley Griffing, 2035 W. 63rd St., residential remodel, Steven Miller, $8,500.

Tom Gowan, 923 Grand Court, pool, Q-C Automatic Pools, $4,500.

Elsi LLC, 3118 W. 34th St., single-family dwelling, $176,000.

Glebry Inc., 1800 N. Division St., residential remodel, Pearson Building Pursuits, $35,000.

Craig Cordt, 223 Forest Road, residential remodel, Lights Quality Built, $15,300.

George and Denise Deanda, 36 Oak Lane, residential addition, Coach House Garages, $33,458.

Mike and Kathy Christner, 339 Forest Road, residential addition, Lights Quality Built, $32,000.

Hawkeye Real Estate Investment Co., 1850 E. 53rd St., commercial remodel, Iossi Construction, $50,900.

Jeremy Pegg, 2623 Sheffield Drive, Deck, $1,500.

Maurice and Linda Diercks, 4440 W. 60th St., residential addition, $22,000.

Ferguson Enterprises, 5665 Tremont Ave., commercial remodel, John Donaldson Construction, $20,000.

Titan Real Estate, 1607 W. River Drive, commercial remodel, $150,000.

Richard and Marcia Renkes, 1523 W. 47th St., deck, $1,000.

Schiltz Properties, 736 Federal St., multi-family remodel, Estes Construction, $19,046,814.

Tom Swanwick, 4617 W. 13th St., pool, $2,700.

Vibrant Credit Union, 5354 Elmore Circle, commercial addition, Centennial Contractors, $18,000.

Nicole and Emlyn Jacoby, 6138 Judson Circle, residential remodel, J&J Home Improvement, $27,000.

Colby Lopez, 2625 E. 56th Court, deck, Creative Decks & Fence, $4,200.

Chick-fil-A, 320 W. Kimberly Road, commercial remodel, M4 Construction, $90,000.

Melissa Tooley, 2428 W. 49th St., pool, Pleasure Pools, $18,000.

Mike and Kathy Buchter, 817 Grand Court, deck, $1,000.

Mitchell and Kelly Salek, 5607 Buckhorn Lane, pool, $4,900.

Y&J Properties LLC, 429 E. 3rd St., commercial remodel, Green Star Construction, $236,000.

Andy and Alisa Jarvie, 4727 Torrey Pines Court, residential addition, Diamond Builders of Davenport, $30,000.

Dave Berkman, 4614 Greenbrier Drive, residential remodel, Reed Construction, $6,000.

Kevin Coonts, 1116 W. 17th St., pool, Q-C Automatic Pools, $3,000.

Fourkids LLC, 408 W. 29th St., deck, $1,890.

Pearson Building Pursuits, 1415 W. 39th St., single-family dwelling, $162,500.

Pearson Building Pursuits, 1425 W. 40th St., single-family dwelling, $162,500.

Pearson Building Pursuits, 1431 W. 39th St., single-family dwelling, $154,870.

Pearson Building Pursuits, 3911 Fillmore Lane, single-family dwelling, $154,870.

Dave Prochaska Construction, 5003 Leprechaun Drive, residential remodel, $17,500.

Pebb Davenport LLC, 2124 E. Kimberly Road, commercial remodel, $200,000.

Carolyn Ontiveros, 945 Mississippi Ave., residential addition, KK Construction & Rentals LLC, $200,000.

Steve and Pam Penn, 5021 Nobis Court, pool, $6,500.

J.P. Condon, 1616 Shamrock Drive, single-family dwelling, $178,500.

Palmer College, 1000 Brady St., commercial remodel, Estes Construction, $855,922.

Denia Greer, 2011 W. Kimberly Road, deck, $2,200.

Mike Powell, 3606 W. Lombard St., residential addition, $7,500.

Ron and Roshell Fentress, 2928 Hobson Ave., pool, $4,000.

Grace Fellowship Church, 615 Marquette St., multi-family remodel, Bush Construction, $113,196.

Premier Custom Homes, 5017 Leprechaun Drive, single-family dwelling, $208,000.

UHL Properties LLC, 3121 Lorton Ave., single-family dwelling, Hong Le Construction, $179,000.

Anthony Fuhs, 1524 Harrison St., commercial remodel, Daxon Construction, $77,395.

Bruce and Suzanne Brocka, 1206 Bridge Ave., deck, Delveau Construction, $4,000.

Davenport Community School District, 116 E. Locust St., institutional remodel, Swanson Construction, $87,254.

Davenport Community School District, 2827 Jersey Ridge Road, institutional remodel, Swanson Construction, $87,254.

Brian Gall, 2221 Madison St., deck, $1,000.

Josh and Rodney Holdorf, 625 Lincoln Court, deck, $1,055.

Silver Springs LLC, 2705 W. Central Park Ave., residential remodel, $20,000.

Advance Homes Inc., 309 W. 52nd St., multi-family remodel, $28,900.

Advance Homes Inc., 5135 Ripley St., multi-family remodel, $25,800.

Pearson Building Pursuits, 1419 W. 39th St., single-family dwelling, $174,500.

Sebastian Builders, 1807 W. 75th Place, single-family dwelling, $177,350.

Vintage Homes, 2004 E. 61st St., single-family dwelling, $166,000.

Deb Schmidt, 1618 W. 37th St., residential addition, $10,400.

Courtney Cox, 3106 W. 69th St., pool, $3,600.

Dan Micklewright, 1509 E. High St., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $20,328.

John and Brittany Quinn, 12 W. Village Circle, deck, $2,400.

Sean and Sarah Liddell, 1651 Broadlawn Ave., pool, $8,000.


Bob Dreher, 118 Orchard Court, deck, $4,800.

Oliva Santiago, 1423 17th St., residential remodel and addition, Bunting Construction, $40,000.

Scott and Louise Dunlop, 2153 8th St., residential remodel $7,000.

Mark and Laura Tapia, 2120 10th St., residential addition, $8,064.

Dick and Sandra Kelm, 534 Oaklawn Ave., residential addition, Sunshine Fence & Deck, $6,300.

Jamie Williamson, 107 4th St., residential remodel, $2,000.

Norm and Orene Antolik, 2116 Woodlawn Ave., residential addition, $5,060.

Sena Ropp, 2610 8th Ave., residential remodel, Precision Concrete, $6,600.

Jill Green Trust, 1703 Avenue of the Cities, sign, Galesburg Sign & Lighting, $11,250.

Phil Mitchell, 3105 7th St., residential remodel, $2,000.

Top Level Investments, 1211 48th Ave., decks, Foley Contracting, $7,800.

DP Jackson Realty Holding, 1039 21st Ave. #53, residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $43,049.

Josh Bostic, 4340 8th St., residential remodel, Werner Restoration Services, $70,700.


Larry Johnson, 201 S. Buttermilk Road, single-family dwelling, $141,728.40

Jon Dillon, 812 S. 10th St., single-family dwelling, $286,283.

James Henderkott, 906 S. 8th St., residential addition, $2,534.40.

Anthony Wilhelmi, 601 St. Andrews Circle, residential addition, $1,848.

Rob Haigh, 554 W. Price St., residential addition, $3,696.

Jason and Heather Ryder, 809 Stonebrook Circle, pool, Bureau County Pools, $4,600.

Mary Duncan, 3163 S. 22nd Ave. Court, pool, Pleasure Pools and Spas, $31,500.

Dan Weinert, 921 Wiese Court, pool, Q-C Automatic Pools, $35,000.

Brittney Goodding, 1716 S. 9th Ave., residential remodel, $20,433.60


B M Bagby Inc., 23709 77th Ave., Port Byron, pole building, $72,500.

LaVern Seams, 10906 298th St. N., Hillsdale, pole building, $18,480.

Tony Brooks, 8114 256th St. N., Port Byron, pool, $3,000.

Dean Korthals, 1703 36th Ave., East Moline, residential addition, $5,760.

Fred Bawden, 3226 214th St., residential addition, Matzen Construction, $21,000.

James and Linda Kiesow, 3512 214th St. N., Port Byron, residential additions, $19,850.

Myron Hazen, 10102 58th St. W., Milan, pole building, $35,200.

Mike Bollaert, 10921 104th St., Coal Valley, residential remodel, McManus Development, $188,100.

Gary Nordick, 13300 28th St., Milan, single-family dwelling, Morton Buildings Inc., $268,000.

Ryan and Julie Fuhr, 2529 113th Ave. C, Milan, residential remodel, Larry Fuhr Siding Co., $8,000.

Gerald Allen, 704 176th Ave. W., Milan, residential addition, $5,642.

Drue Kampmann, 1400 9th Ave., Andalusia, pool, Gannon Pools, $28,000.

Steve Smothers, 12026 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, Wilson Construction, $178,001.

Chase Schwigen, 1320 11th Ave. E., Andalusia, pool, $10,800.

Brian and Eliza Hughes, 9226 78th Ave., W., Taylor Ridge, residential remodel, Carson Construction, $19,073.

Jeff Parchert, 13223 204th St. W., Illinois City, residential addition, Top to Bottom Construction, $10,989.

Jayme Massa, 4021 Friendship Farm Road, East Moline, pool, $3,000.

Business licenses


Carter Auto Sales, 2637 Rockingham Road, issued in June.

Smokin’ Joe’s Tobacco & Liquor, 902 W. Kimberly Road, issued in June.

Computers Are Us, 2501 N. Lincoln St., issued in June.


None issued in June.