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Sara and Tyler Johnson, Bettendorf, boy, Sept. 19.

Fire calls



False alarm: 1.

EMS call: 1.


10:01 p.m., 10th Street/Jones Street, vehicle accident.

False alarm: 1.

Investigation: 1.

EMS calls: 3.



No report available.



EMS calls: 6.



False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 4.


8:49 p.m., 3605 26th Ave., assist.

9:21 p.m., 744 23rd Ave. Court, structure fire.

Investigation: 1.

EMS calls: 13.



4:12 a.m., 1601 6th St., assist.

EMS call: 1.


8:29 p.m., 3503 7th St./John Deere Road, Moline, vehicle accident.

False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 17.

Building permits


Dave Stoakes, 3621 Deer Ridge Court, deck, Backyard Vinyl Co., $9,400.

Aspen Homes, 3509 Cobblestone Drive, single-family dwelling, $322,045.

Regency Plaza II, 3565 Utica Ridge Road, sign, Mr. Detail Signs, $8,383.

Pleasant Valley Elementary, 6333 Crow Creek Road, institutional addition, Excel Deck & Fence, $17,500.

Richard Jr. and Lisa Cooksey, 505 Riverview Trail, pool, Pleasure Pools of Iowa, $32,000.

Peter Marty, 1407 Olde Freeport Place, deck, Pearson Enterprises of Q-C, $15,000.

Advance Homes, 4317 Prestwick Court, single-family dwelling, $303,000.

Kent Johnson Builders LLC, 5710 Texas Drive, single-family dwelling, $241,000.

Tom and Adelaide Tkatch, 4365 Happiness Lane, residential remodel, $30,000.

5477 Julie Ann Court, pool, Gannon Pool & Spa, $22,000.

Platinum Design and Development, 5497 Pigeon Creek Road, single-family dwelling, $428,287.

Beaver Builders Inc., 4310 Happiness Lane, single-family dwelling, $187,000.

Aspen Homes LC, 3776 Cobblestone Drive, single-family dwelling, $336,955.

1144 Meadow Lane Drive, residential remodel, JS Service Lift & Construction, $111,082.

Clark Design & Development, 4781 Mason Run, single-family dwelling, $291,500.

Charles Clark, 3314 Wakonda Drive, deck, $2,000.

Thomas Morrell, 3565 Park Ave., single-family dwelling, $131,500.

Gastroenterology Associates, 2222 53rd Ave., commercial addition, $16,000.

Charles Rathje, 1120 Pineacre Drive, residential remodel, Newton Custom Homes, $42,103.

Keiren and Juli Smith, 3769 Raleigh Ave., pool, Sentry Pool & Chemical Supply, $27,911.

Mike Burchett, 5751 Judge Road, residential remodel, Lank Construction, $19,000.

Larry Yudis, 1307 14th St., deck, $4,000.

Shawn and Allison Dormire Revocable Trust, 2631 Heather Glen Circle, pool, BPI Development Group LLC, $50,000.

Xue Jin and Al Yun Jin, 2316 Pinehurst Drive, pool, Q-C Pools & Spa, $4,000.

Ryan Vretis and Alyssa Rauch, 4958 Heatherstone Road, residential remodel, Q-C General, $6,300.

Advance Homes, 4201 Prestwick Court, single-family dwelling, $319,600.

Midwest Development & Investment Corp., 312 17th St., sign, Acme Sign Company, $4,500.

Legacy Development of the Q-C, 3255 Fields Drive, commercial remodel, Precision Builders, $40,000.

3871 Sparrow Court, single-family dwelling, J.P. Condon Inc., $188,650.

E.T. Arndt, 2726 Central Ave., residential remodel, Build Master LCC, $14,500.

Derrick Cockrell, 2087 Ashford Road, deck, Sampson Construction, $4,500.

Kerkhoff Homes, 6261 Settlers Pointe Circle, single-family dwelling, $350,000.

Craig Mueller, 3614 Greenbrier Drive, deck, Dream Builders, $1,200.

James Johnson and Liberty Streeter, 7040 Nottingham Lane, residential addition, $21,625.

Aspen Homes, 3619 Cobblestone Drive, single-family dwelling, $240,972.

Beaver Builders, 4296 Happiness Lane, single-family dwelling, $176,000.

Tom and Caroll Beeks, 2901 Oak St., residential remodel, $30,000.

Jeff and Paula Peters, 6210 Buckskin Trail, deck, Sampson Construction, $4,500.

George and Tammy Henry, 830 State St., sign, Allen Sign Company, $2,240.

DG Storage LLC, 108 35th St., new commercial, Build To Suit, $251,000.

Falcon Lot Strip Center LLC, 2211 Falcon Ave., commercial remodel, $14,900.

Greg and Tammy Powell, 2995 Red Wing Court, residential remodel, $3,700.

Erik Kidd, 3820 Parkdale Drive, residential remodel, 242 Home Improvement, $15,500.

Marjorie Elizabeth Pratt, 1568 30th St., residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $7,400.

Charles Clark, 3314 Wakonda Drive, residential remodel, $15,500.

Charles Clark, 3314 Wakonda Drive, residential addition, $11,300.

Martin and Lourdes Vazquez, 2190 Crow Creek Road, deck, $1,925.

Brian and Amy Knutson, 6829 Prairie Grass Lane, pool, QCA Pools & Spa, $30,000.

Chris and Melanie Wilkins, 1705 Susan Court, pool, QCA Pools & Spa, $30,000.


Tony Brooks, 8114 256th St. N., Port Byron, pool, $3,000.

Dean Korthals, 1703 36th Ave., East Moline, residential addition, $5,760.

Fred Bawden, 3226 214th St., residential addition, Matzen Construction, $21,000.

James and Linda Kiesow, 3512 214th St. N., Port Byron, residential additions, $19,850.

Myron Hazen, 10102 58th St. W., Milan, pole building, $35,200.

Mike Bollaert, 10921 104th St., Coal Valley, residential remodel, McManus Development, $188,100.

Gary Nordick, 13300 28th St., Milan, single-family dwelling, Morton Buildings Inc., $268,000.

Ryan and Julie Fuhr, 2529 113th Ave. C, Milan, residential remodel, Larry Fuhr Siding Co., $8,000.

Gerald Allen, 704 176th Ave. W., Milan, residential addition, $5,642.

Drue Kampmann, 1400 9th Ave., Andalusia, pool, Gannon Pools, $28,000.

Steve Smothers, 12026 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, Wilson Construction, $178,001.

Chase Schwigen, 1320 11th Ave. E., Andalusia, pool, $10,800.

Brian and Eliza Hughes, 9226 78th Ave., W., Taylor Ridge, residential remodel, Carson Construction, $19,073.

Jeff Parchert, 13223 204th St. W., Illinois City, residential addition, Top to Bottom Construction, $10,989.

Jayme Massa, 4021 Friendship Farm Road, East Moline, pool, $3,000.

Business licenses


Allied Building Products Corp., 438 Devils Glen Road, issued in August.

Honest Wellness Center, 2435 Kimberly Road, issued in August.

Champs Trophy & Awards, 1604 Grant St., issued in August.

Coral Haven LLC, 2365 Cumberland Square Dr. No. 77, issued in August.

Grant Street Enterprises LLC, 344 11th St., issued in August.

Headlinez, 2708 Central Ave., issued in August.

KB Auto Tech, 3400 State St., issued in August.

Lennox Industries Inc., 891 40th Ave., issued in August.

Tastes 2 Go LLC, 3525 Raleigh Ave., issued in August.


Carter Auto Sales, 2637 Rockingham Road, issued in June.

Smokin’ Joe’s Tobacco & Liquor, 902 W. Kimberly Road, issued in June.

Computers Are Us, 2501 N. Lincoln St., issued in June.

Hobby Lobby, 5611 Elmore Ave., issued in August.

FedEx Office, 4730 Elmore Ave., issued in August.

Olderog Tire & Performance, 2316 Rockingham Rosd, issued in August.

Jeff’s Auto Sales, 3430 Rockingham Road, issued in August.


Kline Sewer and Drain, 308 N. 12th Ave., issued in Aug.