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Melissa and Andrew Kutz, Bettendorf, boy and girl twins, Nov. 26.

Brittany McNaught, Bettendorf, boy, Dec. 12.

Monica Sherman, Davenport, girl, Dec. 25.

Angela and Tim Gillette, Rock Island, boy, Jan. 3.

Sarah and Ivan Filipovic, Davenport, girl, Jan. 10.

Sonya and David Geenen, Rock Island, boy, Jan. 10.

Jenna and Allen McCain, Davenport, boy, Jan. 10.

Paige Milne and Nick Neblung, Clinton, girl, Jan. 10.

Michelle Pralle and John Carnes, Blue Grass, girl, Jan. 10.

Lynn and Shawn Stender, Durant, Iowa, girl, Jan. 10.

Laporcha Lightner and Ronald Hearn, Bettendorf, boy, Jan. 11.

Darshanda McNeal, Davenport, girl, Jan. 11.

Shaylina Rangel and Joseph Watts, Moline, boy, Jan. 11.

Chelsea and Josh Reed, Davenport, girl, Jan. 11.

Raquel Barros-Marquez and Eduardo Marquez, Davenport, boy, Jan. 12.

Julia and Nick McCarty, Bettendorf, girl, Jan. 13.

Abigail and John Rock, Eldridge, boy, Jan. 13.

Jalissa March and Cleotha Young Jr., Davenport, boy, Jan. 14.

Nichole and George Wilhite, Davenport, girl, Jan. 14.

Andrea and Matthew Elliot, Davenport, boy, Jan. 15.

Jamie Huennekens, Clinton, girl, Jan. 15.

Tiffany and Ben Kuhl, Bettendorf, girl, Jan. 15.

Jamie and Kyle Shipman, Davenport, girl, Jan. 15.

Teal and Brent VanDamme, Bettendorf, girl, Jan. 15.

Cassandra Sabel, Davenport, girl, Jan. 16.

Alyssa and Ryan Vretis, Bettendorf, boy, Jan. 16.

Kristina Behrens, Moline, boy, Jan. 17.

Shauna Rogers, Davenport, boy, Jan. 17.

Makenna Arensdorf, Bettendorf, girl, Jan. 18.

Emily Bangert, Blue Grass, girl, Jan. 18.

Rachael and Brent Blanchard, Charlotte, Iowa, girl, Jan. 18.

Whitney and Ryan Hetzler, Wilton, Iowa, girl, Jan. 18.

Heather Kosgard, Davenport, boy, Jan. 18.

Steffany and Ryan Dietz, Eldridge, girl, Jan. 19.

Danicka and James Melhorn, Davenport, boy, Jan. 19.

Aubrey and Jake Pillard, Eldridge, girl, Jan. 21.

Melissa and Sean Fortin, Bettendorf, girl, Jan. 22.


Tamara Oritz, Davenport, girl, Jan. 18.

Jessica and Dan Amunrud, Carbon Cliff, girl, Jan. 19.

Taylar and Alberto Rosales, Geneseo, Illinois, boy, Jan. 19.

Alivea VanDyke and Dylan Stees, Geneseo, Illinois, girl, Jan. 20.

Brianna Johnson and Christopher Suhr, Rock Island, girl, Jan. 22.


Jessica Floto-Haley and Brandon Haley, Geneseo, Illinois, twin girls, Jan. 19.

Lisa Requet and David Requet Jr., Milan, boy, Jan. 20.

Fire calls



2:16 p.m., 2900 Devils Glen Road, dispatched and canceled en route.

EMS calls: 6.


12:32 a.m., 800 Tanglefoot Lane, no incident found.

EMS call: 1.



5:01 a.m., 2846 E. Locust St., hazardous condition.

9:40 a.m., U.S. 61/210th Street, extrication of passengers from vehicle.

12:29 p.m., 2337 W. Pleasant St., public service assistance.

12:51 p.m., 3407 Eastern Ave., public service assistance.

3:38 p.m., 4959 Utica Ridge Road, alarm system activation.

3:47 p.m., East Locust Street/Carey Avenue, vehicle accident.

4:02 p.m., 3860 Elmore Ave., dispatched and canceled en route.

6:01 p.m., Brown Street/West 2nd Street, police matter.

7:18 p.m., 3120 E. 53rd St., natural gas or LPG leak.

10:44 p.m., 501 W. 3rd St., public service.

EMS calls: 40.



10:55 a.m., 1206 29th St., structure fire.

12:46 p.m., 2819 18th St., structure fire.

EMS calls: 7.



10:53 a.m., 1206 29th St., structure fire.

12:49 p.m., 2819 18th St., structure fire.

2:20 p.m., 60th Street/38th Avenue, vehicle accident.

EMS calls: 14.


2:18 a.m., 3551 7th St., No. 100, fire alarm.

3:11 a.m., 3551 7th St., No. 100, fire alarm.

EMS call: 1.



4:28 p.m., 1799 9th St./18th Avenue, vehicle accident.

5:08 p.m., 2529 11th St., structure fire.

EMS calls: 16.


EMS calls: 5.

Building permits


Scott Webster, 5444 Emily Court, single-family dwelling, Premier Custom Homes, $215,000.

40th Ave. Investments, 859 40th Ave., commercial remodel, Build To Suit, $7,100.

40th Ave. Investments, 774 40th Ave., new commercial, Build To Suit, $559,000.

Stats LLC, 3164 Sunburst Drive, residential addition, Todd’s Mudjacking, $3,400.

Aspen Homes LC, 4690 Red Oak Court, single-family dwelling, $346,145.

Keith Lucas, 5810 Dodds Drive, residential remodel, Ehrecke Construction, $38,000.

Aspen Homes LC, 4877 Woodlands Drive, single-family dwelling, $630,530.

Joe and Wendy Reyes, 5615 North St., deck, Pfitz’s Fence & Deck, $5,000.

Applestone Homes, 3490 Crow Lake Dr., single-family dwelling, $352,260.

Aspen Homes LC, 6516 Blackberry La., single-family dwelling, $286,721.

Ingleby Construction LLC, 5104 Pandit Dr., residential remodel, $12,000.

Jamie and Andrew Porter, 5805 Oregon Dr., residential remodel, $3,450.

Kyle Howard, 3656 Moencks Rd., residential addition, McCartney Improvement Co., $400,000.

Bettplex LLC, 4850 Bettplex Dr., commercial remodel, $313,420.