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Meagan Sawyer and Cristian Ruvalcaba, Moline, boy, Nov. 15.


Sindhu Bastin and Siby Matthew, Moline, boy, Nov. 13.

Felisha Mason and Carlos Varela, Carbon Cliff, boy, Nov. 14.

Keshia Rush and Ryan Deuth, Milan, girl, Nov. 15.

Fire calls



EMS calls: 3.


5:13 p.m., Grant Street, vehicle accident.

EMS calls: 5.



No report available.



EMS calls: 6.



EMS calls: 4.


11:12 a.m., 3752 47th St. Drive, illegal burn.

2:44 p.m., 4105 12th St., structure fire.

EMS calls: 19.



1:52 a.m., 4236 14th St., assist.

EMS calls: 5.


False alarm: 1.

Investigations: 3.

EMS calls: 11.

Building permits


Rex McVey, 2115 W. Lincoln Road, residential addition, Oetzmann Builders, $12,553.

Z S Holding, 505 N. 3rd St., residential remodel, 242 Construction, $10,000.

Ruth Arp, 841 S. Buttermilk Road, residential addition, $11,404.

Jason and Krista Blocker, 1070 Muirfield Circle, single-family dwelling, Lage Construction, $195,808.

Trisha Natzke, 1007 W. Pinehurst Drive, single-family dwelling, Good Construction, $178,153.

Megan Matthaidess, 886 E. Hickory St., deck, Lovewell Fence, $3,192.

Dar Properties, 100 S. 4th Ave., commercial remodel, HD Construction, $15,000.

Anderson Group Construction, 400 E. Franklin St., new multi-family dwelling, $570,655.


Virginia Torres, 2217 6th Ave., deck, Preferred Concepts, $1,100.

Mike Woods, 2951 25th Ave., residential addition, $1,000.

Harry Muffley, 3610 35th Ave., deck, Taymak Construction, $10,000.

City of Rock Island, 2215 16th Ave., institutional addition, $10,317,985.

Joel Wagener, 410 24th Ave., commercial addition, Superior Sheds, $289,903.

Johannes Bus Service, 7909 42nd St. W., commercial addition, Valley Construction, $1,926,000.

Marianne Lyda, 1309 8th St., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $19,049.

Stephen Park, 8303 7th St. W., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $31.021.

R.I. Parks/Hodge Park, new construction, General Constructors, $1,191,400.

QC Classy Homes, 1031 19th St., residential remodel, J & Miks Family Restorations, $22,000.

Joanne Soyke, 2023 17th St., residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $67,600.

Troy Feyberger, 3501 38th Ave., residential remodel, Zelnio Construction, $13,000.

Dennis Woods, 2607 38th Ave., deck, Lovewell Fencing, $23,110.

Debra Taber, 2241 31st Ave., deck, Durian Builders, $8,000.

2350 5th St. LLC, 2350 5th St., commercial remodel, Valley Construction, $40,000.

George and Deloris Berhenke, 2006 40th St., deck, Tracy Berhenke, $1,000.

Lynn Harris, 1519 25th St., deck, $1,250.


Exelon Generation, 22710 206th Ave., Cordova, commercial addition, Ryan & Associates, $12,800.

Alan Oppenheimer, 23810 77th Ave., Port Byron, pole building, $24,000.

Troy and Jamie Lewis, 3129 37th Ave. Court, Moline, pool, Gannon Pool & Spa, $12,312.

Benny and Brenda Wild, 2516 47th Ave., Rock Island, single-family dwelling, Gary Hodge Inc., $320,000.

Bill Scranton, 8300 49th St., Coal Valley, pole building, Bramlett Construction, $23,328.

Heather Swanson, 16901 63rd St., Sherrard, residential addition, Coach House Garage, $9,792.

Top of the World, 333 155th Ave., Milan, new commercial, Build To Suit, $1,059,150.

Erik Rasmussen, 11212 31st St., Milan, single-family dwelling, Trapkus Build Inc., $309,000.

Chris Sloan, 11310 31st St., Milan, residential addition, $3,472.

Mark Herbert, 3200 12th Ave., Milan, single-family dwelling, Bagby Construction, $441,000.

Mark Herbert, 3200 12th Ave., Milan, residential addition, Bagby Construction, $18,360.

Mark Montgomery, 3420 138th Ave. W., Milan, single-family dwelling, $279,440.

Kelly Staes, 8611 95th Ave., Taylor Ridge, residential addition, $11,664.


Ryan & Associates, 13813 110th Ave., Davenport, commercial remodel and addition, Tobin Bros. Construction, $51,840.

Brian Linnenbrink, 23840 80th Ave., Walcott, residential addition, N A Seligman Construction, $30,408.

Steve Diercks, 19550 210th St., Davenport, residential addition, $97,920.

Cal Talbot, 22941 243rd St., Eldridge, residential addition, Greiner Builders, $17,280.

Silverthorne Homes, 122 Parkview Drive, Eldridge, single-family dwelling, $191,155.

Jim Henzen, 23036 97th Ave., Walcott, single-family dwelling, Shipley & Guizar Construction, $200,640.

Garrett and Erin Burchett, 1125 N. 2nd St., LeClaire, residential remodel, $102,000.

Jared Kerkhoff Homes, 31 Pebble Creek Circle, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $288,465.

Pat Rheingans, 27029 Lakeview Court, Eldridge, residential addition, Fireplaces Plus, $2,000.

Mike Ford, 362 Lynea Drive, Eldridge, residential remodel, $15,720.

Starmark Custom Homes, 319 Hillside Drive, Eldridge, residential remodel, $13,260.

Max and Elizabeth Knutsen, 109 9th Ave., Donahue, deck, $2,160.

Susan McLaughlin, 647 Mississippi Terrace, LeClaire, residential remodel, $14,775.

Brian Gerboth, 1404 Wisconsin St., LeClaire, decks, $3,360.

Stefanie and Al Belanger, 21801 Great River Road, LeClaire, deck, Pfitz’s Fence and Deck, $8,040.

Bob and Jan Ebling, 23010 277th Ave., LeClaire, deck, Excel Deck & Fence, $2,175.

Steve and Barb Pethoud, 30237 150th Ave., Long Grove, deck, WRS Construction, $20,000.


Kay Ann Rowe, 426 10th St., deck, Costello Construction, $2,800.

Giovanna Davila, 810 25th Ave. Court, pool, M S Home Improvement, $35,000