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Genesis BirthCenter, Davenport

Ashley and Michael Dietsch, Colona, boy, Nov. 30

Brianna and Matt Schwien, Davenport, girl, Dec. 1

Elizabeth Mizaur and Dameon Crane, McCausland, Iowa, boy,

Nov. 30.

Lacy Cole, Long Grove, boy, Nov. 8

Lisa and Dennis Ahern, Moline, girl, Nov. 21

Trinity Moline

Jessica Palmer and Derek Snodgrass, Erie, Ill., boy, Nov. 28.

Justine and Joshua Sim, East Moline, boy, Nov. 23.

Latisha Wardell and Scott Luppen Jr., Moline, boy, Nov. 28.

Lexus Anderson and Leonard Miller, Rock Island, boy, Nov. 28.

Lindsey and Josh Prine, Rio, Ill., girl, Nov. 28.

Maria and Rafael Ceja, Moline, boy, Nov. 27.

Stephanie Lee and Travon Trice, Rock Island, girl, Nov. 28.

Tracy and Jacob Johnson, Rock Island, girl, Nov. 29.


Fire calls



No calls reported.



2:38 a.m., 600 N. Perry St., police matter.

10:25 a.m., 2351 W. Locust St., lock-out.

12:01 p.m., 1902 E. 38th St., investigate.

15:14 p.m., 2333 Rockingham Rd., vehicle fire

15:56 p.m., 1419 Zenith Ct., assist.

17:56 p.m., 2121 Grand Ave., public service.

20:56 p.m., 2105 Dixwell St., investigate.

21:15 p.m., 3553 Heatherton Dr., investigate.

23:27 p.m., 1028 E. Locust St., investigate.

False alarms: 3



No calls reported.



11:21 a.m., 2609 4th St., structure fire.

1:12 p.m., 1550 41st St., assist citizen.

7:17 p.m., 2040 53rd St., investigate.

10:15 p.m., 4423 53rd St. Unit 5, structure fire.


12:18 a.m., 3421 60th St., structure fire.



1:22 p.m., 100 20th St./1st Ave., investigate.

11:03 p.m., 1337 21st Ave., assist.

11:44 p.m., 738 34th St., investigate.


6:05 a.m., 1025 12th St., assist.

False alarms: 2


Criminal dispositions



Christopher J. Frank, 23, Blue Grass, deferred, 2nd-degree burglary. Arrested Aug. 29, 2010. Sentenced Sept. 28, $750 fine, 2-year probation, 140 hours community service, evaluation and treatment, costs.

Curtis D. Kemp, 40, Davenport, guilty, 3rd-degree burglary. Arrested June 5. Sentenced Sept. 16, 5-year Department of Corrections, costs.

Darrell D. Davis, 57, Davenport, deferred possession of a controlled substance, guilty possession of a controlled substance. Arrested May 3. Sentenced Sept. 15, count 1 $1,000 fine suspended, 2-year probation, count 3, $315 fine suspended, 30-day jail sentence suspended, driver's license revoked for 180 days, evaluation and treatment, costs.

Dustin S. Mangelsdorf, 19, Moline, deferred, 5th-degree theft. Arrested July 13. Sentenced Sept. 16, $60 fine, 1-year probation, costs.

Flandea D. Burge, 36, Davenport, guilty, possession of a controlled substance. Arrested Nov. 8, 2009. Sentenced Sept. 22, $750 fine, 5-year Department of Corrections suspended, 2-year probation, costs.

Keith W. Taylor Jr., 21, Davenport, guilty, enticing a minor under 16 for sexual purpose. Arrested April 30. Sentenced, Sept. 16, $750 fine, 5-year Department of Corrections; guilty, 3rd-degree sexual abuse. Arrested April 30. Sentenced Sept. 16, 10-year Department of Corrections, consecutive to previous sentence, costs.

Matthew D. Wells, 23, Stockton, Iowa, guilty, 2nd-degree theft. Arrested March 13, 2010. Sentenced Sept. 23., 5-year Department of Corrections suspended, 2-year probation, $6,332 restitution, evaluation and treatment, costs.

Sheeny Black, age not listed, Davenport, guilty, 1st-degree theft. Arrested Feb. 4, 2010. Sentenced Sept. 14, 10-year Department of Corrections suspended, 4-year probation, $46,936.68 restitution, costs.

Sophia M. Maresca, 37, Davenport, guilty, forgery. Arrested June 14. Sentenced Sept. 16, 15-year Department of Corrections credit for time served, $4,880 restitution, costs; guilty, 2nd-degree theft. Arrested May 16. Sentenced Sept. 16, 15-year Department of Corrections concurrent with pervious charges, costs; guilty, forgery. Arrested July 7. Sentenced Sept. 16, 15-year Department of Corrections concurrent, costs; guilty, 1st-degree theft. Arrested June 26. Sentenced Sept. 16, 15-year Department of Corrections concurrent, $838.08 restitution, costs.

Travis D. Coleman, 30, Davenport, guilty, 1st-degree burglary, possession of a firearm by a felon. Arrested June 6, 2010. Sentenced Sept. 29, $1,000 fine suspended, 10-year Department of Corrections, count 2, $750 fine suspended, 5-year Department of Corrections to run consecutively, costs.

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