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Morgan and Ryan O'Leary, Moline, boy, Sept. 23.

Many and Matthew Johnson, Orion, Illinois, girl, Oct. 3.

Holley and Tyson Blaser, Bettendorf, girl, Oct. 3.

Brittany and Daniel Witt, Moline, girl, Oct. 4.

Lindsay and Blake VonHolten, Annawan, Illinois, girl, Oct. 3.

Heather and Joshua Hurley, Moline, boy, Oct. 3.

Fire calls



False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 2.


5:22 p.m., 1324 Devils Glen Road, vehicle accident.

EMS calls: 5.



No report available.



EMS calls: 4.



EMS calls: 5.


9:59 a.m., 22nd Street/5th Avenue, structure fire.

EMS calls: 11.



EMS call: 1.


7:29 p.m., 609 20th Ave., illegal burn.

False alarm: 1.

EMS calls: 15.



TJCCK5 Inc., Auto Artists, 210 E. 35th St., Davenport, Department of the Treasury, $23,388.85.

Eric S. Batten, 2940 Grand Ave., Davenport, Department of the Treasury, $38,819.06.

Bryan L. and Jean A. Heard, 4605 Greenbrier Drive, Department of the Treasury, $31,460.61.

Building permits


Building & Trades Projects Inc., 6303 Lillie Ave., single-family dwelling, $180,000.

Moore Legacy LLC, 626 W. River Drive, commercial remodel, Red Box Design, $16,300.

Heidi Tonn, 2800 W. 63rd St., residential remodel, Terrell Construction, $12,500.

Jason and Angela Franzenburg, 3203 W. 65th St., residential addition, WRS Construction, $18,000.

Jujube Frozen Yogurt, 2186 E. Kimberly Road, commercial remodel, $13,000.

Nathan and Heidi Burchard, 2327 E. 46th Place, pool, $9,500.

Ron Devine, 2407 Pacific St., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $22,194.

Kwik Trip Stores, 1650 W. Kimberly Road, residential addition, $50,000.

Brian and Mindy Webb, 2613 N. Zenith Ave., deck, $3,600.

Mark Gerdelman and Rebecca Milkoski-Gerdelman, 822 Mississippi Ave., residential addition, Coach House Garage, $39,985.

Core Designs, 6423 Lillie Ave., single-family dwelling, Lage Construction, $168,000.

Genesis Medical Center, 1510 E. Rusholme St., commercial remodel, Russell Construction, $56,168.

Joe and Jennifer Byrne, 2619 E. 58th St., deck, TRCS LLC, $15,000.

Joe and Jennifer Byrne, 2619 E. 58th St., pool, $23,424.

Julie Whittington, 429 W. 31st St., residential addition, ABC Garages, $16,670.

Bob Reaves, 1920 W. 49th St., residential addition, James Costello Builders, $45,000.

Applestone Homes, 6457 Fairhaven Court, single-family dwelling, $401,000.

Steve and Terri Hammer, 718 Bridge Ave., residential remodel, $97,740.

Q-C Crossfit, 5335 Carey Ave., commercial remodel, $3,500.

Jason Sturtenant, 1220 W. 5th St., residential remodel, Xtreme Renovations, $33,000.

Sam Foley, 6730 Double Eagle Drive, residential addition, $5,000.

KD Holdings, 3544 Kimberly Downs Road, multi-family deck, WRS Construction, $12,500.

Jack Antle, 815 Waverly Road, residential addition, $11,000.

James Condon, 224 W. 3rd St., commercial remodel, $22,500.

Ken and Shirley Scodeller, 1702 Nicole Court, deck, KK Construction & Rentals LLC, $4,000.

Ron Teel, 7119 Oak St., residential addition, Jakat Construction, $16,500.

Swift & Swift LLC, 916 W. 8th St., residential remodel, $1,000.

Joe and Kathy Amato, 6328 N. Division St., pool, Sentry Pool and Chemical Supply Company, $25,108.

Nicole Gleason, 2908 E. 39th St., residential remodel, $2,500.

Rickey Peer, 5444 N. Division St., residential remodel, Beirne Builders, $47,623.

Vintage Homes Inc., 2030 E. 60th St., pool, QCA Pools, $25,000.

Adam and Brittany Brandt, 3029 Carey Ave., residential remodel, $3,900.

YMCA, 4885 Utica Ridge Road, commercial remodel, Estes Construction, $198,109.

Lamnb Investments LLC, 3528 Bridge Ave., multi-family remodel, Werner Restoration Services, $56,200.

MMP Development LC, 3400 Dexter Court, commercial addition, Bush Construction Company, $880,000.

Joann Vinzenz, 2830 Pioneer Court, residential addition, Sampson Construction, $24,500.

Kate Howard, 3208 E. 18th Place, residential addition, Sampson Construction, $37,500.

Kwik Trip, 2050 E. 53rd St., new commercial, $1,721,000.

Sue Loewen, 4 Northwest Crossing, residential addition, Tom Faulhaber Custom Homes LLC, $15,000.

Bill and Renee Thomas, 2705 Carriage Hill Drive, residential remodel, Durian Builders LLC, $14,800.

Jim and Carol Livermoore, 4821 Woodland Ave., deck, Iossi Construction, $21,900.

Sean and Sarah Liddell, 1651 Broadlawn Ave., deck, Sampson Construction, $6,750.

Sharon Schichting, 2422 E. 51st St., deck, Big Dog Construction, $12,500.

Sigrid and Lyle Zaehringer, 30 Hillcrest Ave., residential remodel, Steven Miller, $18,000.

CIP Empire LLC, 1131 E. 15th St., residential remodel, Xtreme Renovations, $2,500.

Davenport Community Schools, 3500 Brady St., institutional remodel, Tricon Construction Group, $947,400.

QCA Holdings LLC, 117 E. Garfield St., multi-family remodel, Xtreme Renovations, $4,000.

RE JBE LLC, 1431 W. 4th St., residential remodel, Xtreme Renovations, $5,000.

Ron Warner, 918 Spalding Blvd., residential addition, $15,000.

Regina Woodard, 1919 E. 61st Circle, deck, Lovewell Fence, $25,000.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Davenport, 1128 Arlington Ave., deck, $55,800.

Corey Blevins, 1929 E. 12th St., residential addition, $2,500.

Aaron Dunlop, 2340 Cromwell Circle, residential addition, $18,500.

Sudlow School, 1414 E. Locust St., institutional addition, Precision Builders, $1,424,000.

Matt Menke, 720 Deer Woods Drive, single-family dwelling, $154,300.

Mike Nielsen, 921 N. Pine St., deck, ACRI Inc., $8,500.

New Venures/RSM US LLP, 331 W. 3rd St., commercial remodel, Ryan Companies US Inc., $92,000.

Kent and Julia Williams, 4326 W. 30th St., residential addition, KK Construction & Rentals LLC, $16,000.

Taryn and Dennis Keppy, 2014 Valley Drive, residential remodel, $6,500.

Tony Kingsley, 1554 W. 68th St., residential remodel, Carr Construction, $26,600.

Financial Dist. Properties UA LLC, 229 Brady St., commercial remodel, $166,000.

Van Hecke Brothers LLC, 1820 W. 5th St., residential remodel, $2,500.

Paul and Molly Schnell, 6145 Lakeland Court, residential addition, $29,500.

Christina Sharer, 6145 Wilkes Ave., deck, $1,200.

56 Utica LLC, 5515 Utica Ridge Road, commercial remodel, Build To Suit Inc., $13,632.

Diamond Builders of Davenport Inc., 2529 Pheasant Creek Circle, single-family dwelling, $149,600.

Matt Schony, 6029 Lakehurst Drive, pool, Pleasure Pools, $32,000.

Mike Leon and Annette Hager, 621 LeClaire St., residential addition, $8,500.

Jerome Jensen, 1506 Kenosha Court, residential addition, D & K Products, $16,763.

Y & J Properties LLC, 429 E. 3rd St., commercial remodel, $6,000.

Edgebrooke Homes, 6314 Forest Road, single-family dwelling, $250,000.

KB Midwest Dialysis DST, 120 W. Locust, commercial remodel, Russell Construction, $351,800.

Scott Bauman, 1447 W. 34th St., deck, $4,100.

Tom Ramstack, 4014 Kathleen Way, residential addition, Powell & Company Construction, $22,000.


David and Sheree Rogers, 2949 16th St. Court, single-family dwelling, Chumbley Custom Builders, $300,000.

Ray and Angela Dobbels, 3809 8th Ave., pool, $5,100.

Delia Castro, 177 15th Ave., residential addition, Sedlock Inc., $10,000.

Brian Hoover, 816 23rd Ave., pool, $5,424.

Hollis and Lola Jennings Trust, 3439 3rd St. A, deck, Reuther Const., $2,800.

David and Myrna Houdyshell, 3319 2nd St., deck, $1,500.

Lisa and Nick Vorwold, 507 23rd Ave., residential addition, Eagle Point Solar, $20,720.

Cindy and John McGrath, 1005 36th Ave., deck, $2,112.

First Equity Management, 609 Avenue of the Cities No. 89, sign, Mediaquest Signs, $5,000.

William Phares, 4455 6th St. Court, residential addition, Mosley Const., $20,000.

John Laermans, 553 29th Ave., single-family dwelling, Emergy Const. Group, $140,000.

Bill Van Fleet, 721 39th Ave., residential addition, $11,132.

Joe and Stephanie Carpentier, 2338 5th St., residential addition, $7,630.

Dan and Kelli Cogdill, 2221 3rd St. B, residential addition, $6,150.

Judy and Joe Leppo, 3513 5th St. A, residential addition, D&K Home Products, $8,493.

Esmeralda and Julio Jinez, 428 17th Ave., residential addition, $1,600.

Terry Browne, 4539 11th St. Court, deck, $6,600.


Tony Kupris, 911 W. Sheridan Drive, residential addition, $3,960.

Chris Faulkner, 2735 Daniels Court, deck, Taylor Improvements, $2,534.

Bill Otten, 1806 S. 9th Ave., single-family dwelling, $252,931

Erik Goettsch, 848 Stonebridge Circle, residential remodel, $25,601.40

Jonathon Brooks, 3129 Hunter Lane, residential remodel, McCormick Contracting Services, $17,226.

Saini III LLC, 209 E. LeClaire Road, commercial remodel, $30,000.

Bruce Griffin, 301 S. 9th Ave., residential addition, $3,168.

Jacob Schadel, 109 N. 7th St., residential remodel, MidAmerican Builders, $2,707.50.

Josh Rouse, 1131 Robert Edgar Court, residential remodel, $2,000.

White Roofing, 220 N. 9th St., new commercial, MGA Const., $50,000.

Doug Amhof, 207 N. 7th St., residential addition, Drayer Const., $26,373.60.

Megan Matthaidess, 886 E. Hickory St., pool, Pleasure Pools, $5,280.


Jim and Laura Daniel, 3424 22nd St., residential addition, $2,500.

Stacey Rodriquez, 3122 9½ St., residential addition, $6,500.

Greg Hiner, 3008 7th Ave., commercial addition, Hiner Company, $18,000.

Bill DeVrieze, 3218 24½ St., residential addition, $13,000.

LRC Real Estate, 4015 6th Ave., commercial remodel, Ryan & Associates, $80,095.

Sharon Swailes, 522 18½ Ave., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $14,406.

Carl Johnson, 912 27th Ave., residential addition, Terrell Construction, $18,500.

Joe Dockery-Jackson, 2600 31st Ave., deck, $13,595.

Judy Jackson, 2848 36th St., residential addition, Reuther Construction, $8,200.

Mike Kavanagh, 2421 34th St., deck, $1,500.

Mike and Ruth Davis, 4030 29th Ave., deck, JAC Construction, $7,000.

Mike and Andrea Muller, 8912 19th St. W., residential remodel, MidAmerican Basement System, $7,942.

Darrel Rottman, 930 23rd St., residential remodel, Servpro, $186,439.

Vern and Marilyn Stidham, 1407 33rd St., residential remodel, Midwest Complete Construction, $12,500.

Tim Brien, 4510 7th Ave., residential remodel, Calderon Construction of RI, $46,731.

Jeff Duncan, 2623 5th Ave., commercial remodel, $140,250.

Dave Elizondo, 614 25th St., residential remodel, $30,630.

J & S Real Estate Holdings LLC, 1831 3rd Ave., sign, Riverbend Signworks, $2,500.

Jason Parris, 2529 5th Ave., sign, $1,500.


Paul Riewerts, 21514 94th Ave. N., Port Byron, residential addition, $3,472.

Matt Hughes, 28911 122nd Ave., Hillsdale, residential addition, Bettendorf Home Repair, $2,400.

Jessica Phelps, 24000 80th Ave., Port Byron, single-family dwelling, Draft Solutions Inc., $388,703.

Scott and Kari Searl, 26907 Route 2 N., Hillsdale, pool, Sentry Pool & Chemical, $23,629.

Terry Inch and Linda Work, 1734 N. Shore, Moline, residential addition, $5,184.

Julie Fruitiger, 3308 38th Ave., Moline, residential remodel, Home Revival Contractors, $60,000.

Moline Welding Inc., 3603 78th Ave., Milan, pole building, Wick Buildings, $38,000.

Dean Meyer, 9718 28th St., Milan, residential addition, $3,100.

Ken White, 8200 Route 150, Coal Valley, single-family dwelling, Ryan Beeman Construction, $285,000.

Larry Moore, 6001 120th Ave., Coal Valley, single-family dwelling, Hazelwood Homes, $205,000.

Don Casper, 700 127th Ave., Milan, pole building, $23,000.

Brian Holliday, 11022 17th St., Milan, residential addition, $6,200.

Joe Michel, 17320 42nd St. W., Milan, residential addition, Rowe Construction, $74,000.

Steeles Farm Inc., 11425 58th St., W., residential addition, $29,900.

Abbigayle Hicks, 7914 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, residential additions, $31,140.

Casey’s, 115 6th Ave. E., Andalusia, new commercial, $900,000.

Richard Poling, 502 2nd St. W., Andalusia, deck, $3,200.

Brian and Elizabeth Hughes, 9226 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, pole building, Cleary Building Corp., $30,000.

Andalusia Volunteer Ambulance, 220 6th Ave. W., Andalusia, institutional remodel, Midwest Roofing, $18,756.

Jerry Hoggard, 828 13th St., Andalusia, single-family dwelling, $293,735.

Sunny Sky Enterprises, 206 6th Ave. E., Andalusia, commercial remodel and addition, Home Improvement Inc., $15,550.

Steve Layer, 16701 124th Ave., Illinois City, single-family dwelling, $184,840.


Steve Ingleby, 797 Clover Hill Lane, Le Claire, single-family dwelling, Ingleby Const., $233,189.

Bill Gillespie, 326 Ferry St., Le Claire, Corson Const., single-family dwelling, $160,510.

Dan Brown Fine Home Building Inc., 306 N. 8th St., Le Claire, single-family dwelling, $164,860.

Morrissey, 12910 83rd Ave., Blue Grass, residential remodel, Wilson Residential Const. Services, $12,405.

Ryan Senkbile, 107 N. 8th Ave. Court, Donahue, residential remodel, Buzzsaw Const., $7,000.

Dan Dinger, 1434 Davenport St., Le Claire, residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $53,028.

Steve Mattioli, 690 S. Cody Road, Le Claire, residential addition, Speak Contracting, $19,800.

JW Construction LLC, 1002 Iowa Drive, Le Claire, residential remodel, $14,115.

Silverthorne Homes, 12 Joan Rose Court, Le Claire, residential remodel, $13,200.

Victor Evjen, 22880 277th Ave., Le Claire, residential remodel, Then & Now Const., $12,825.

Josh Lederman, 28238 216th St., Le Claire, residential addition, Shipley & Guizar Coast LLC, $61,350.

Rob and Jill Hill, 151 Elmhurst Lane, Riverdale, residential remodel, $10,000.

Jeff Elgin, 27045 183rd Ave., Eldridge, deck, $2,220.

John Leonard, 11755 Coonhunters Road, Blue Grass, deck, Midwest Complete Const., $6,000.

Silverthorne Homes, 12 Joan Rose Court, LeClaire, deck, $3,900.

Silverthorne Homes, 508 Davenport St., Le Claire, residential addition, $5,880.

Camping World, 14040 110th Ave., Davenport, commercial remodel, Brus Const., $43,000.

Len Hougerwerf, 700 Eagle Ridge Road, Le Claire, commercial remodel, Michael Linn, $43,902.

Kurt Hintermeiser, 18351 110th Ave., Davenport, residential addition, Morton Bldgs., $31,500.

Bruce Davidson, 14162 111th Ave., Davenport, residential addition, Jeff Peterson, $25,600.

Mike Fields, 27110 185th Ave., Eldridge, residential addition, Coach House Garages, $12,240.

Ken Schaefer, 7708 New Liberty Road, Walcott, residential addition, NA Seligman Const., $50,480.

Dean and Diane Bousselot, 5005 306th St., Dixon, residential addition, $12,480.

Tom Srp, 405 Jones St., Le Claire, residential addition, $13,520.

Nathan Hollingsworth, 21627 280th Ave., Le Claire, residential addition, $3,456.

Steve Cremer, 19320 251st Ave., Bettendorf, residential addition, Edgebrooke Homes LLC, $70,840.

Blaine Kulper, 27295 140th Ave., Long Grove, residential addition, Bob Ihrig, $39,120.


Greg Stemper, 1827 1st Ave., residential remodel, River Valley Construction, $11,650.

Carpenter Nation, 313 11th Ave. A Court, single-family dwelling, $141,000.

Taylor VanKlaveren, 445 10th St., deck, $2,300.

Bill and Margaret Holmquist, 3122 11th St., residential remodel, Midwest Reconstruction, $6,944.50.

Mike Svec, 314 8th St., deck, Reuther Construction, $5,700.

Mel Outen, 1812 13th St., deck, Preferred Concepts, $4,500.

RentPro, 616 1st Ave., commercial remodel, Leffler Construction, $25,000.