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Genesis BirthCenter, Davenport

Olise Johnson, Rock Island, girl, Sept. 26.

Tracy and Brent Ver Mulm, Davenport, girl, Sept. 26.

Marci and Corey Mecagni, Bettendorf, girl, Sept. 26.

Kendra and Michael Elledge, Muscatine, girl, Sept. 27.

Lindsey Shepard and Jose Raygoza, Bettendorf, boy, Sept. 27.

Stephanie Valdez and Michael Stegall, Bettendorf, girl, Sept .27.

Trinity Moline

Brittanie Zentz and David Judson, Moline, boy, Sept. 24.

Rickia Doyle and Shalynd Hayes, Rock Island, girl, Sept. 26.

Brittany Keith and Joseph Spruille, Rock Island, boy, Sept. 26.

Danyelle and Kyle Thrap, Bettendorf, boy, Sept. 26.

Fire calls



2:03 a.m., 416 Harrison St., police matter.

2:28 a.m., 1234 Ripley St., police matter.

3:27 a.m., 313 W. 3rd St., odor of smoke.

3:31 a.m., 922 Washington St., odor of smoke.

4:06 a.m., 3800 Commerce Blvd., dispatched and canceled en route.

4:55 a.m., West Pleasant Street, dispatched and canceled en route.

9:17 a.m., 4001 Brady St., building fire.

9:27 a.m., 4126 Northwest Blvd., dispatched and canceled en route.

10:55 a.m., 2925 Davenport Ave., assist police.

11:17 a.m., East High Street, no incident found.

1:26 p.m., 2110 W. Kimberly Road, dispatched and canceled en route.

1:51 p.m., 13 Vista Court, power line down.

2:21 p.m., 4715 Tremont Ave., carbon monoxide incident.

2:29 p.m., West 29th Street, dispatched and canceled en route.

3:03 p.m., 250 E. 90th St., dispatched and canceled en route.

5:13 p.m., 800 E. Rusholme St., dispatched and canceled en route.

8:02 p.m., 10 Lombard Court, odor of smoke.

10 p.m., Rockingham Road, no incident found.

Alarms: 1



12:46 p.m., 3503 44th Ave., assist citizen.

2:57 p.m., 13th Street and 14th Avenue, vehicle crash.

3:02 p.m., 4500 16th St., vehicle fire.

9:35 p.m., 421 19th St., assist citizen.



5:48 p.m., 1636 38th St., vehicle crash with injuries.

7:30 p.m., 543 34th Ave., burn.

11:39 p.m., 1323 26th St., assist.

Alarms: 1



Zachary John Birkey, Bourbonnais, Ill., and Briley Jo Bollinger, Tinley Park, Ill.

Harvey Terrence Bland Sr. and Jasmin Araceli Antu, Moline.

Donald Frederick Buser and Michelle Renee Denning, Davenport.

Todd Philip Cauwels and Teresa Dawn Mihevic, Coal Valley.

Randall Lewis Coleman and Tonney Michelle Mason-Johnson, Davenport.

Bruce Avery Dean Jr. and Monica Ann Kruger, Moline.

Michael John Donahue Jr. and Dianna Kristine Cable, Davenport.

Juston Paul Donnelly and Elizabeth Marie Perkins, Milan.

Sinan Gocmen and Tifani Joyce Lorentzen, Davenport.

Taylor Benjamin Johnson and Elizabeth Ann Reynolds, Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Brian Keith Kikuts and Teresa Elaine Gibson, Hillsdale, Ill.

Chad David Koziczkowski and Rachel Ann Ade, Marshfield, Wis.

Anthony Nolasco Llano, Champaign, Ill., and Kara Michele Carruthers, Rock Island.

Anthony James Loconsole and Kasey Jean Mills, Muscatine.

Dale Burdette McNeal II and Dana Christine De Pooter, Itasca, Ill.

Mark Douglas Nahrgang and Keri Lynn Beck, Rock Island.

Robert Thomas Owens and Brooke Ashley Dean, Moline.

Steven Lee Rathburn and Janice Sue Metscaviz, Port Byron.

Andrew Dale Reid and Angela Marie Sands, Davenport.

Austin James Reynolds, Barrington, Ill., and Megan Eileen Ferris, Moline.

Michael James Roos and Lisa Sue Sanders, Sherrard, Ill.

Matthew Dane Schluenz and Alison Marie Miller, Bettendorf.

Douglas Floyd Smith and Patricia Kay Blong, Moline.

James Clifton Paul Smith and Jennifer Lynn Rader, Davenport.

Yao Agbeli Tapoayi, Moline, and Sofiatou Gbadamassi-Gloh, Rock Island.

Alexander Ian Taylor and Melissa Sue Whitlock, Muscatine.

John Harlan Trussen III, Milan, and Traci Gayer, Andalusia, Ill.

David William Wanek and Andrea Nicole Anderson, Rock Island.

Clayton Harris West and Mallory Kay Mitchell, Davenport.

Brian Benjamin Youngblood and Margaret Anne Parkinson, Carollton, Texas.

Steven Oscar Krantz, Geneseo, Ill., and Sandra Faye Brown, Moline.


Jordan E. Ackerland, 22, and Vaughn W. Ehrecke, 26, Dixon, Iowa.

Derek R. Attwood, 23, and Jerrica L. Bein, 23, Broomall, Pa.

Joshua J. Bailey, 23, Oak Park, Ill., and Alexis J. Ledbetter, 22, Coal Valley.

Karly A. Baker, 26, and Shawn A. Ingersoll, 29, Davenport.

John R. Bell, 26, and Virginia K. Schaefer, 37, Davenport.

Nicholas A. Brendel, 31, and Annastasia W. Finney, 18, Davenport.

Darlene S. Bruner-Getz, 54, and Henry D. Lyon, 60, St. Joseph, Mich.

Ashley M. Burns, 24, and Robert L. Marshall, 32, Colona.

Ashton R. Bye, 25, and Jonathan M. Turner, 29, Davenport.

Kathryn L. Cabay, 30, East Moline, and Omar W. Ahmad, 30, Bettendorf.

Kathryn J. Francis, 35, and Benjamin J. Walther, 25, Colona.

Victoria K. Gajeski, 31, and John M. Gajeski, 37, Bettendorf.

Patrick J. Harding, 32, and Lisa M. Field-Ridley, 31, Bettendorf.

Brandon L. Hawk, 26, and Tiffany A. Keegan, 25, Bettendorf.

Kimberly J. Hepler, 32, and Heath E. Stephens, 35, Davenport.

Judith A. Hobbs, 39, and John W. Perkins III, 37, Davenport.

Rebecca M. Howerton, 19, and Blake S. Johnson, 20, Eldridge.

Jimmie J. Johnson, 32, and RoseMary M. Rose, 26, Davenport.

Lindsey R. Kleinsmith, 24, and Tim I. Manning, 26, Davenport.

Brian A. McGee, 46, and Tekika L. High, 46, Davenport.

Carl D. Melloway, 26, Jefferson City, Mo., and Eugene A. Sappington, 53, St. Louis, Mo.

Sarah A. Pfeifer, 26, and Andrew J. Sanner, 26, Davenport.

Christine M. Pitcher, 40, Davenport, Derrick J. Jaeger, 37, address not listed.

Jennie M. Thompson, 22, and Austin L. Bowman, 23, Durant.

Michelle L. Tuttle, 30, and Dustin J. Gau, 30, Davenport.

Marcus T. Watson, 27, Oak Park, Ill., and Nathaniel M. Falkner, 21, Homewood, Ill.

Angela C. Wolff, 30, and Cody R. DeCock, 30, Davenport.

Jeffrey W. Wulf, 42, Eldridge, and Susan A. Harris, 49, East Moline.

Michelle A. Zilske, 24, and Jay A. Gamble, 31, Davenport.

Michael L. Adams, 61, and Terri L. McLain, 57, Davenport.

Vanessa A. Allardyce, 31, and Christopher A. Schweiger, 27, Bettendorf.

Laura M. Bicknell, 22, Bettendorf, and Dmitriy A. Serykh, 29, Rock Island.

Dawn E. Burchell, 27 and Derrick M. Penn, 24, Davenport.

Willie L. Cherry, 55, East Moline, and Deborah S. Weatherly, 49, Davenport.

KayCee L. Clint, 21, and Jacob R. Mohr, 19, Davenport.

Nicole D. Corbin, 28, and Emlyn R. Jacoby, 26, Davenport.

Cura M. Crowe, 19, and Bryon R. Blackwell, 22, Davenport.

Eric J. Dhooge, 23, and Jena M. Boyd, 23, Bloomington, Ill.

Kristin K. Frymoyer, 23, and Steven T. Sparbel, 21, Muscatine.

Sara A. Gramling, 24, and Jason C. Miller, 34, Davenport.

Gregory A. Kwinski, 62, Moline, and Deborah S. Coen, 56, Bettendorf.

Ezequiel Martinez Torres, 27, and Beatrice Arellano Flores, 22, Bettendorf.

Denise R. Moeller, 31, and Brandon A. Potter, 25, Davenport.

Sara L. Moon, 25, and Justin D. DeToye, 27, Davenport.

Lidija Mustic, 26, Davenport, and Christopher D. Geest, 38, Davenport.

Jason J. O’Rourke, 39, and Valerie M. Bradshaw, 37, Milan.

Sara W. Pohlmann, 28, and Benjamin A. Ehrecke, 27, Davenport.

Anthony J. Quijas, 32, and Kristy R. VanPatten, 26, Davenport.

Anthony D. Ryan, 61, and Maria E. Berhow, 50, Davenport.

Daniel M. Smith, 22, and Brenda J. Speer, 19, Davenport.

Lois J. Smith, 46, and Jerauld W. Talbert, 55, Davenport.

Stephanie Soenksen, 29, and Shayne D. Larson, 31, Davenport.

Amy L. Thon, 33, and Troy W. Gutknecht, 41, Davenport.

Civil union

Janelle Marie Butzow, Macomb, Ill., and Tammy Linn Reihm, Rock Island.



Kimberly K. Grampp, Davenport, and William T. Grampp Jr., Davenport, Aug. 13.

Steven R. Cochran, LeClaire, and Ritea A. Grandinetti, LeClaire, Aug. 16.

Christina R. Faris, Davenport, and Jeremy M. Faris, Davenport, Aug. 14.

David L. England Jr., Goliad, Texas, and Cheyenna S. England, Montgomery, Texas, Aug. 14.

Keisa L. Jones, Davenport, and Xavier J. Bowman, LasVegas, Aug. 15.

Lorna J. Bacle, Eldridge, and Felix Bacle, Burlington, Wis., Aug. 14.

Jeffrey S. Kerns, Eldridge, and Claudia A. Farber, Eldridge, Aug. 17.

Chad C. Christy, LeClaire, and Melissa A. Christy, Eldridge, Aug. 14.

Trudy J. Boyd, Davenport, and Bradley T. Boyd, Bettendorf, Aug. 14.

Marilyn S. Bicknell, Bettendorf, and Rhett S. Bicknell, Bettendorf, Aug. 16.

Cristi A. Jungwirth, Davenport, and David W. Darby, Davenport, Aug. 14.


Shawkat Rahmatov, Moline, and Nilufar Turayeva, address not listed, Aug. 13.

Jeff Gladfelter, East Moline, and Lisa Galdfelter, Coal Valley, Aug. 13.

Kathryn L. Kelley and Lawrence D. Kelley, addresses not listed, Aug. 14.

Elisha Reyes, Rock Island, and Roberto Reyes, East Moline, Aug. 14.

Jeffrey J. Miller, address not listed, and Sara A. Miller, Moline, Aug. 15.

Amy Y. Morgan, Moline, and Matthew E. Morgan, Myrtle Beach, S.C., Aug. 15,

Sherry V. Meister, Moline, and Rodney A. Meister, Long Grove, Aug. 16.

Alicia C. Leishing, and Joshua M. Leishing, addresses not listed, Aug. 16.

Alan M. Gaul, Moline, and Shanna R. Gaul, Excelsior, Mo., Aug. 16.

Emilo Cruz, Moline, and Nicole Cruz, Moline, Aug. 16.

Amanda K. Wulf, Coal Valley, and Donavon Wulf, address not listed, Aug. 17.

Reuben Randolph Jr., address not listed, and Michelle Randolph, Moline, Aug. 17.

Rachael L. Moore and James A. Moore, addresses not listed, Aug. 17.

Morgan A. Stahl and Matthew T. Stahl, addresses not listed, Aug. 17.

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