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Erica and Andrew Caswell, Bettendorf, girl, May 5. 

Julie and Nicholas Colwell, Davenport, boy, May 8.

Audrey and Kyle Holt, Clinton, girl, May 8. 

Jordan Tapia and Anthony Temple, Davenport, girl, May 8. 

Ashley Wiepert, Davenport, boy, May 8. 

Amanda and Chris Hoerschelman, Maquoketa, girl, May 9. 

Christina and Matt Nunnally, Bettendorf, girl, May 9. 

Midaja Shorter and Kudjo Atsou, Bettendorf, girl, May 9. 

Allison Skaggs, Rock Island, girl, May 9. 

Erica Ugarph, Clinton, girl, May 9. 

Laura and Zachary DeForest, Davenport, boy, May 10. 

Stevey Graves, Davenport, boy, May 10. 

Hue and Jakob Newberry, Davenport, boy, May 10. 

Nicole and Marcus Schneeberger, Clinton, boy, May 10. 

Pamela Robbins, Davenport, girl, May 11. 


Nicole and Cody Bowers, boy, Cordova, May 10. 

Ashton and John Van Hyning Jr., Colona, girl, May 11. 

Fire calls



EMS calls: 13



12:25 a.m., 319 Sturdevant St., police matter. 

12:46 a.m., 1802 Cedar St., police matter. 

12:58 a.m., 1928 E. 38th St., building fire. 

4:50 a.m., 3707 W. 46th St., fire service call. 

6:13 a.m., Iowa Street, no incident found. 

8:37 a.m., 901 W. 15th St., assist citizen. 

8:41 a.m., 2745 Linwood Ct., person in distress. 

8:56 a.m., 3105 Homestead Ave., police matter. 

10:09 a.m., 4132 Northwest Blvd., person in distress. 

10:24 a.m., 518 W. Locust St., smoke detector activation. 

10:54 a.m., 2810 W. 69th St., assist citizen. 

11:31 a.m., East 54th Street, vehicle fire. 

12:19 p.m., 1120 Main St., malicious fire alarm. 

2:29 p.m., 835 E. Shady Ln., fire service call. 

3:11 p.m., 5901 Elmore Ave., sprinkler activation. 

4:06 p.m., 4901 Elmore Ave., alarm. 

5:44 p.m., 2102 E. Kimberly Rd., no incident found. 

5:48 p.m., West Locust Street, police matter. 

5:49 p.m., 5806 N. Pine St., electrical problem. 

7:36 p.m., 3009 Carey Ave., unauthorized burning. 

8:20 p.m., West 16th Street, police matter. 

9:31 p.m., 2018 Marquette St., citizen complaint. 

11:34 p.m., 3720 Bridge Ave., unauthorized burning. 

11:50 p.m., Fillmore Lane, fire service call. 

EMS calls: 41



EMS calls: 2



2:59 p.m., 5021 46th Ave. Court, fire. 

3:55 p.m., 1724 15th St., fire alarm. 

EMS calls: 14



10:09 a.m., 3402 78th Ave. W, vehicle fire. 

11 a.m., 1216 14 1/2 St., burn. 

8:46 p.m., 906 15th St., burn. 

11:07 p.m., 3705 9th St., assist. 

EMS calls: 10


EMS calls: 3



Brant M. Krueger and Katie L. Short, Moline.

Michael R. Parr and Alicia K. Teerlinck, East Moline.

Thomas K. Schoo and Cindy L. Ayers, Milan.

Michael E. Kline and Anna J. Sample, Cordova, Illinois.

Steven R. Carr, Coal Valley, and Tara L. Allison, Milan.

Nicholas R. Bull and Jennifer L. Scott, Silvis.

Shane A. Schmidt and John P. Himioben, Rock Island.

Joshua L. Orth and Kate L. Lang, Rock Island.

Brandon M. Champagne and Alexandra M. Franks, East Moline.

Adam J. Van Opdorp and Michelle L. Martin, Atkinson, Illinois.

Terry R. Harbour and Amanda L. Williams, Eldridge.

Jefferson L. McBroom Jr. and Kayla A. Hesse, Coal Valley.

Sean W. Tripp and Chelsea M. Pappas, Moline.


Elizabeth M. Merkel and Alexander A. Elmore.

Vladimir D. Valchev and Kayla C. Vance.

Anne M. Drogell and Adrian B. Robreno.

Samuel S. Humphrey and John M. VanBuren.

Leroy L. Lechtenberg and Cathy M. Burt.

Lindsay A. Wingate and David M. Weindruch.

Tara L. Rednour and Garrett T. Conrad.

Sydney K. Grote and Samuel P. Jordt.

John C. Gardner and Catherine L. Weideman.

Christopher J.M. DeKezel and Tawny L. Reed.

Jacqueline C. Jakes and Juan J. Hernandez Villafana.

Lee J.W. Fersch and Lorri A. Miller.

Brandon D. Brimeyer and Alyson M. Blech.

Michael E. Miller and Jennifer A. Chalupa.

Troy M. Newmyer and Shawna K. Vice.

Julianne Bates and Mark L. Hornbuckle.

Levi T.J. Meyers and Suzanne M. Schmidt.

Ailey V. Sonberg and Brandon J. Babcock.

Judith L. Cushman and James R. Kay.

Amber E. Shoemaker and James F. VanDieren.

Patricia A. Miller and Lisa G. Beauchamp.

Joralaine B. Bonagua and John M. Nelson.

Mark T. Landergren and Deidra J. Brunat.

Melissa A. Welp and Dale E. Franklin.

Katherine A. Alvarez and Thomas J. Williams.

Brittanie K. Harbeck and Alexander S. Cripe.

Kasey C. McCreary and Cody W. Driscoll.

Megan M. Zimmer and Tadd M. Bergan.

Mary R. Wood and Michael O’Brien.

Shale R. Sage and Vanessa R. Brown.

Krystina L. Kehl and Brady R. Moore.

Travis M. Fisher and Thomas B. King.

Kortney R. McCulley and Stephanie J. Salerno.



Ana S. Cisneros Chicoa, address not listed, and Fernando Gomez, address not listed, April 17.

Nichole R. Payney, Rock Island, and Harley E. Payney Jr., Rock Island, April 18.

Darren J. Gates, Milan, and Molly Gates, Milan, April 18.

Antwony L. Doss, Milan, and Tanya Doss, Milan, April 19.

Jessalyn J. Jones, Moline, and Marques D. Jones, address not listed, April 19.

Brianna Carroll, Moline, and Margaret Carroll, Rock Island, April 20.

Aaron P. Byers, address not listed, and Priscilla R. Byers, address not listed, April 20.

Luz M. Garcia-Martinez, address not listed, and Angel Vasquez-Jimenez, address not listed, April 21.

Michael R. Watson, Moline, and Angel M. Watson, Moline, April 21.

Marilyn Seibert, Silvis, and Robert Seibert, Silvis, April 24.

Yolanda E. Wilson, address not listed, and Gregory A. Burns, address not listed, April 24.

Ralph Saintfort, Davenport, and Jennifer J. Saintfort, Rock Island, April 26.


Jared R. Gravert, Davenport, and Robin L. Asay, Davenport, March 1.

Brenda Gluck, Davenport, and Mark Gluck, Davenport, March 1.

Jill K. Venhorst, Bettendorf, and Jeff F. Venhorst, Bettendorf, March 1.

Keyaunta D. Collins, Davenport, and Ibrahim Matar, Bettendorf, March 2.

Ayla Cornett, Davenport, and Alex Kitchen, Bettendorf, March 3.

Kristy Headley, Bettendorf, and Scott Headley, Bettendorf, March 5.

Jacqueline K. Ellis, Davenport, and Edward L. Black, Davenport, March 6.

Susan E. Chesser, Davenport, and Andrew L. Chesser, Davenport, March 6.

Lisa M. Fortner, Davenport, and Daniel Appenzeller, Davenport, March 7.

Helen Wols, Scott County, and Donald Wols, Scott County, March 7.

Billie Sims, Davenport, and Curtis Sisul, LeClaire, March 7.

Joseph L. Westerhof, Bettendorf, and Amy M. Lyon, Bettendorf, March 7.

Joellen Peace, Eldridge, and Arthur L. Peace, Fort Myers, Florida, March 8.

Albert R. Gonzales Jr., Fairfield, California, and Alicia M. Gonzales, Bettendorf, March 9.

Jennifer N. Paul, Bettendorf, and Jeffrey D. Paul, LeClaire, March 9.

Charles M. Bates, Bettendorf, and Cinda R. Bates, Davison, Michigan, March 10.

Amanda Madison, East Moline, and Christopher K. Madison, Davenport, March 10.

Grace C. Long, Davenport, and Matthew C. Collison, Davenport, March 13.

Jeanna L. Hivert, Scott County, and Corey D. Kruse, Scott County, March 14.

Heather R. McGill, Scott County, and Scott J. McGill, Scott County, March 14.