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Sierra Maltby and Aaron Whitehall, Matherville, Ill., girl, May 2. 

Morgan and Joshua Maring, Moline, girl, May 3. 

Maria and Jesus Victoria, Moline, boy, May 3. 

Norma and Alfonso Servin, Colona, girl, May 4. 

Fire calls



9 a.m., 3373 Field Sike Dr., fire alarm.  

EMS calls: 4



3:28 a.m., 2004 W. 2nd St., gas leak. 

12:40 p.m., 1446 Clay St., alarm. 

12:58 p.m., 902 W. Kimberly Road, alarm. 

2:15 p.m., 3643 Rockingham Road, assist. 

4:06 p.m., 2160 Emerald Dr., smoke detector. 

4:25 p.m., 6203 Scott St., unauthorized burning. 

7:14 p.m., 2300 Redwood Ave., Dumpster fire.

7:53 p.m., 3320 Spring St., assist.  

9:10 p.m., 311 Betsy Ross Place, trash fire. 

9:52 p.m. 3928 Chisholm Trail, police matter. 

EMS calls: 38



10:42 a.m., 807 13th St., false alarm. 

EMS calls: 4



9:30 a.m., 3700 39th Ave. Drive, fire alarm. 

12:08 p.m., 905 29th St., fire. 

1:23 p.m., 2040 53rd St., fire alarm. 

7:48 p.m., 3601 6th Ave., fire alarm. 

EMS calls: 13


EMS calls: 3



7:57 a.m., 1520 11th St., investigate. 

7:59 a.m., 210 15th St., investigate. 

7:58 p.m., 1216 14 1/2 St., burn. 

11:01 p.m., 561 24th St., vehicle crash. 

EMS calls: 15


1:27 a.m., 1319 12th St., structure fire. 

EMS calls: 1



Mark D. Meadows, Rock Island, and Gloria G. Smith, Mesa, Arizona.

Richard G. Jewell and Lisa M. Roberson, Coal Valley.

Nicholas J. Buller, Coal Valley, and Itzel S. Alonso, East Moline.

Matthew O. Kelly and Ashlie N. Ferguson DeWitte, Moline.

James W. Garbes Jr. and Georgia A. Conwill, Rock Island.

Mathew R. Adams, Milan, and Jessica L. Gahagan, Bettendorf.

Trent W. DeShane and Kayli R. Zwicker, New Windsor, Illinois.

William D. Jones and Dawn K. Bogdan, Moline.

Nathan R. Christopherson and Terri S. Christopher, Moline.

August J. Junior, Atkinson, Illinois, and Mary E. Hansen, Cambridge, Illinois.

Kevin A. Jones and Liana N. Balzer, Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Russell D. Margenthaler and Leann L. Lucas, Moline.

Joseph E. Varble, Rock Island, and Adrienne K. Biskie, Port Byron.

John E. Jaster and Cynthia M. Burns, Rock Island.

Gregory L. Snipes and Lindsay K. Higgins, Iowa City.

David A. Wheelock and Ronda L. Davis, East Moline.

Julio C. Guerrero Gonzalez and Esperanza S. Soto, East Moline.

Scott A. Metzler, Pekin, Illinois, and Michelle A. Mangelsdorf, Moline.

Amanda L. Lampe, Colona, and Alexis C. Penaflor, Geneseo, Illinois.

Gregory R. Cordell and Sarah E. Jones, Rock Island.

Benjamin A. Miers and Laura C. Prichard, Maquoketa, Iowa.

Robert J. Severtsgaard Jr. and Casey J. Malmstrom, Moline.

Bryton M. Lyon and Meriah E. Marshanke, Rock Island.

Alexander J. Wayson and Shelby L. Mathews, Rock Island.

Damarco J. Conley and Kristina M. Gillespie, East Moline.

Richard B. Schaefer and Koann M. Gomez Eaton, Moline.

Colby A. W. Sexton and Alicia M. Rader, Silvis.

Jered M. Glazier and Samantha E. Ringberg, Erie, Illinois.

Joseph T. Leiferman, Batavia, Illinois, and Weiyi Zhang, Iowa City.

Jose P. Becerra and Maria M. Puga, Moline.

Ryan W. DeRudder and Peggy L. Corlew, Moline.

Bawi Cung and Ngun Tha Iang, Rock Island.

James V. DeVera Sales and Bailey K. Albrecht, Madison, Wisconsin.

Derrick W. Beckhart and Kaitlyn M. Ferkel, Milan.

James T. Dixon and Jennifer K. Felsman, Coal Valley.

Miguel A. Campos Quintanilla and Elizabeth Chimal, East Moline.

Elijah R. Pruett and Guadalupe A. Garcia Morales, Milan.

Jordan T. Kernan and Samantha L. Tanner, Orion, Illinois.