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Brooke and Tylor Enstrom, Milan, girl. Aug. 5. 

Fire calls



12:35 p.m., 2900 Devils Glen Road, dispatched and cancelled en route. 

1:12 p.m., 17990 Spencer Road, dispatched and cancelled en route. 

6:31 p.m., 321 8th St., dispatched and cancelled en route. 

10:42 p.m., 2504 Avalon Dr., building fire. 

EMS calls: 6


12:03 a.m., 2617 Maplecrest Road, dispatched and cancelled en route. 

EMS calls: 5



Full report unavailable. 

EMS calls: 35



EMS calls: 7



3:08 p.m., 3021 4th St., assist citizen. 

EMS calls: 9


EMS calls : 1



12:16 p.m., 2545 24th St., alarm. 

3:03 p.m., 619 32nd St., burn. 

4:50 p.m., 2101 16th Ave., alarm. 

4:57 p.m., 4000 6th St., assist. 

5:03 p.m., 1930 11th St., vehicle crash. 

5:07 p.m., 945 17th St., vehicle crash. 

8:17 p.m., 2545 24th St., alarm. 

11:13 p.m., 1200 35th St., alarm. 

EMS calls: 12


6:22 a.m., 3432 9th St., investigate. 

EMS calls: 1



Megan K. Theisen and Matthew K. Kraciun.

Meara J. Collentine and Camron A. Loewen.

Erin D. Foust and Kevin C. Townsend.

Collin A. Ford and Lyndsi M. Lawler.

Sarah M. Gefaller and Rodrigo Torres.

Leo T. Vu and Ty T. Le.

Bin Weng and Xiaoxia Chen.

Jessica L. Ralfs and Joseph B. Gallagher.

Crystal L. Blakley and Ian A. Hicks.

Amber M. St. Clair and Jeffery J. Hartford.

Ethan A. Berg and Chelsea D. Raymond.

Nicholas A. Edler and Alysha N. Mangels.

Ariel M. Lundy and Jason S. DeSchepper.

Bethany A. Jaggers and Jeffrey A. Wurr.

Jason A. Adkins and Tiffanie R. McDonnell.

Jodi A. Ervin and Edward L. Marple.

Jordan C. Phares and Andrew J. Boots.

Alison L. Schuetz and Chase T. Hirschauer.

Andrew J. Malone and Amanda C. Brandt.

Ashley V. Fritz and Christopher G. Goldax.

Sarah R. Mannhardt and Lucas D. Riley.

Aaron E. Van Hook and Berenice Serrano.

Susan L. Brown and Edward A. Cross.

Kathy J. Fugate and Todd M. Erickson.

Gage C. Davis and Stephanie N. McConnell.

Mercedez L. Messenger and John H. Nelson.

Deane M. Wichelt and Alexi R. Rule.

Ashley E. Petersen and Derek T. Green.

Hannah C. Williams and Daniel P. Hall.

Juan Gomez Lopez and Maria T. Gomez Reynolds.

Donald J. Laughlin and Michelle R. Castillo.

Stewart L. Gillmor and Christina L. Donaghy.

Amanda L. Rentfro and Jeramy L. Agan.

Margaret A. Wolgast and John C. Downing.

Keenan J. Hutcheson and Jenny L. Ruden.

Brenna J. Huttner and Eric T. Kitzmann.

Katharine A. Jacobs and Brett J. Yarzak.

John M. Fisher and Kate E. Dryoel.

Whitney L. Wesson and Daniel L. Mason.

Austin P. White and Kaily M. Lucas.

Erika E. Milas and Jacob D. Leichtnam

Chase R. Roehm and Jordan M. Orr.

Hannah M. Theros and Seth C. Johnson.

Alex L. Speth and Daniel D. Buckallew.

Ryan R. Brossman and Deanna M. Bott.

Marinda R. Gacke and Terry J. Lund.

Dallas J. Puls and Adam R. Schwarz.

Ashley M. Beck and Tyler J. Holle.

Amanda M. Moore and Kevin C. Wulf.

Michelle T. Green and Oloruntoba M. Olarewaju.

Rajeana R. Barker and Cody G. Morrissette.

Linsey L. Ross and Eric J. Jackson.

Abigail M. Willich and Jacob T. Canright.

Kevin A. Schmitz and Steven T. Dolleslager.

Jerry L. Harland and Jade E. Buck.

Stephen R. Koenig and Martha F. Kienzle.

Terrence P. McGinn and Ann M. Malsam.

Brittany J. Hayes and Lukus A. Krantz.

Gregory A. Welker and Angela M. Wiebel.

Clora D. Jones and Brian K. Green.

Sara E. Stromberg and Terrance B. Showers.

Zachary T. Brown and Tammy M. Thompson.

Robert J. Livingston and Beth M. Lange.

Alex M. Christenson and Brittany B. Arthur.

Rachel A. Burmeister and Branden J. Kellenberger.

William Chang Kwan and Maria J. Iturbide Flores.

Abbie N. Baumbach and Robert L. Hingstrum.

Cory J. Gile and Courtney A. Hillyer.

Denise M. Curtis and Judson A. Huff.

Thomas A. Sunderbruch and Julie A. Panther.

Breanne M. Bovee and Cody A. Wells.

Joseph J. Fisher and Alyssa K. Barnett.

Chelsie R. Echelberger and Jared R. Preston.

Nathan F. Lovich and Rebekah A. Thompson.

Dane M. Hopkins and Jessica L. Brown.

Amber R. Houston and Kevin R. Baustian.

David M Dreifurst and Carrie A. Fleckenstein.

Murphy H. Blocker and Christina G. Hartman.

Emily M. Ruhberg and Matthew J. Kessler.

Jacob R. Burd and Sarah A. Stewart.

Tiffany O. VanThournout and Gabriel E. Thompson.

Joshua E. Newbery and Alexis J. Peikert.

Skyler D. Lane and Katlyn M. Kline.

Meghan A. Tracy and Dalton W. Williams.

Lesley R. Weese and Donald W. Nord.