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Melissa and Dustin Olson, Geneseo, girl, Dec. 20. 

Dawn and Matthew Schlapia, Moline, boy, Dec. 20. 

Fire calls



12:59 p.m., 1813 Kimberly Road, vehicle crash with injuries. 

4:39 p.m., 1312 Chateau Knoll, smoke. 

EMS calls: 5


2:26 a.m., 2730 Crow Creek Road, dispatched and cancelled en route. 

2:28 a.m., 2205 Kimberly Road, dispatched and cancelled en route. 

EMS calls: 2 



No report available



EMS calls: 11



8:01 a.m., 545 Valley View Dr., fire. 

11:01 a.m., 60th Street and John Deere Road, crash. 

11:59 a.m., 2315 15th St., structure fire. 

6:46 p.m., 4141 11th Ave. A., fire. 

EMS calls: 10



12:02 p.m., 2315 15th St., Moline, mutual aid structure fire. 

12:50 p.m., 3010 35th Ave., assist. 

8:54 p.m., 1514 4th St., investigate. 

10:58 p.m., 1514 4th St., investigate. 

EMS calls: 15



David B. Pfadenhauer and Paula J. Nichols.

Joshua M. Claeys and Therese M. Scott.

Cari L. DeBlieck and Matthew J. Burgess.

Kristin A. Allen and Chad A. Johnson.

Spencer C. Wilson and Megan C. Moon.

Nicole M. Bender and Terry R. Gisi.

Kristopher G. Stoker and Angela D. Smith.

Lisa J. Barrick and Derek J. Lindle.

Hai Dang T. Che and Ngang V. Tran.

Michael T. Schnerre and Katie M. Ciluffo.

John N. Trinh and Lan T. Nguyen.

Benjamin L. Gillispie and Thuzar Win.

Sienn Z. Carter and Micah L. Bates.

Catherine M. Wilkerson and Curtis D. Sisul.

Devin T. Hanson and Leah L. Norcross.

Lisa M. Wendt and John C. Meredith.

James M. Anderson and Ann M. Anderson.

David R. Harland and Cari J. Bermel.

Reese C. McRae and Stephanie J. White.

Daniel K. Blumer and Bonnie L. Bullock.

Joseph M. Helmle and Dayvison F. Pereira.

Christine M. Bruce and Alexander L. Leutzinger.

Amber B. Trudell and Zachary R. Marlow.

Ryan C. Koch and Rebecca K. Hartman.

Renea E. Clark and Benjamin L. Benson.

Jennifer M. Ehlers and Gregory L. Davis.

Thomas A. Brennan and Cesar Garcia Hernandez.

Sandra S. Jennings and Richard D. Ekleberry.

Brittany N. Overstreet and Christopher D. Beard.

Gerald E. Helwig and Rachel M. Huseman.

Margaret M. Goettsche and Mitch C. Dubil.

Jacqueline R. Chalmers and Kevin H. Kraus.

William D. Murrey and Isabelle A. Soniat.

Samantha J. Urmie and Reid W. Grunwald.

Kathy A. Schauer and Kevin D. Hamilton.

Michael J. Koziel and Lin Wu.

Erik C. Tye and Elise R. Thompson.

Lynet J. DeWulf and Don E. Smith.

Dennis J. Shepard and Tiffany J. Longest.

Cody A. Bancroft and Haimanot G. Dagnew.

Jason M. Henry and Heesuk Kim.

Todd A. Nosa and Tarra L. Benes.

Orlando A. Carmona Cobos and Isabella M. Zepeda.

Elizabeth A. Avenia and Scott M. Morschhauser.

Ashley N. Ray and Joseph J. Sawyer.

Christina L. Pittman and Cody L. Pittman.

Maria D. Rivera-Guzman and Francisco Lopez-Meza.

Rebecca M. Wagschal and Ian J. Metzger.

Doni L. Bryson and Damion Hodges.

Building Permits


Paula Teel, 180 39th Ave., residential remodel, Crampton Construction, $4,000.

Weaver and Darcy Schutz, 3503 4th St., residential addition, $2,000.

Joel and Nora Valle, 4340 7th St., residential addition, $7,920.

Mary Boquist, 1299 48th Ave., decks, Foley Contracting, $7,800.

Efren and Arland Esparza, 3623 4th Ave., residential remodel, $6,000.

Venture Partnership, 3150 5th Ave., pole, Acme Sign Co., $4,200.

John and Anne McCarrell, 485 26th Ave. Court, residential addition, $2,000.

Dyke Dieterich, 338 23rd Ave., residential remodel, LNL Installations, $15,000.

Shawn and Pam Wallace, 639 20th Ave. Court, residential remodel, Custom Remodeling by Dean Taylor, $25,000.

Ron Stout, 179 40th Ave., residential remodel, ND Generation Garage Builder, $14,100.

Francisco Santillan, 4451 9th St. Court, residential remodel, $8,372.

Catherine Raz, 426 41st Ave., residential addition, TRCS, LLC, $42,000.

Mary Devriendt, 634 31st Ave., residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $39,150.

John Severtsgaard, 4074 4th St. A., deck, Preferred Concepts, $5,700.

Jeff Stauffacher, 1310 23rd Ave. Court, residential addition, $16,560.

Diana Waite, 926 19th St., residential addition, ND Generation Garage Builder, $11,500.