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No births reported.

Fire calls



EMS calls: 10.



7:58 a.m., 6111 Brady St., person in distress.

8:26 p.m., 1905 W. 40th St., building weakened or collapsed.

9:51 p.m., 6119 Lillie Ave., threat to burn.

False alarms: 2.

Investigations: 11.

EMS calls: 29.



EMS calls: 9.



11:47 p.m., 2500 block Avenue of the Cities, vehicle accident.


False alarms: 2.

EMS calls: 17.



5:14 p.m., 111 20th St., assist.

7:29 p.m., 603 6th Ave., structure fire.


False alarms: 3.

Investigation: 1.

EMS calls: 14



Chantae Marquies Jamison and Taylor Anne Yost, Moline.

Leslie Brooks Thornton and Vicki Marie Septer, Silvis.

James Wendell Webb, Rock Island, and Jacqueline Flynn, Milan.

Richard Nelson Allcock Jr. and Shawn Janine Birmingham, Moline.

Thomas Leslie Fulton, Davenport, and Nora Michelle Gofigan Sanchez, Moline.

Brett Daniel Mandsager and Katrina Marie Althaus, Hampton.

Kerry Kim Maitlen and Patricia Ann Trimble, Moline.

William Anthony Daniel and Roxanne Marie Mueller, Rock Island.

Kent Alan Taylor and Valerie Denise Taylor, Moline.

Christopher Allen Shaffer and Janice Ellen Loar, Sherrard.

Thomas Lee Dillie and Breanna Lyn Morris, Davenport.

Brandon Donald McKay and Hiliary Elizabeth Walker, Reynolds.

Michael Phillip Stoneking and Kimberly Ann Ogden, Andalusia.

Bruce Wayne Rannow and Teng Chanthavong, Rock Island.

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Ronald Dean Norin, Davenport, and Rebecca Sara Reyes, Moline.

Joshua Corey Warner and Lauren Bethany Peterson, Davenport.

Derrick Bernard Nephew, Rock Island, and Felice Marvett Gardner, Davenport.

Terrance Lee Nimmers and Melissa Sandy Burton-Botten, Rock Island.

Michael Ray Long, Milan, and Jennifer Sue Eagle, Rock Island.

Stanley Zulu and Rita Tabeoye Davis, Rock Island.

Robert Ronald Beem and Kelly Louise Mulcahy, East Moline.

Stephen Frank Clouw and Heather Lea Snyder, East Moline.

Kendall Burshard Coleman and Sharen Denise Thompson, Davenport.

Johnny Martin Barker Jr. and Jennifer Maxine Valenzuela, Orion, Illinois.

Demarco K'vonn Teague and Chatavia Marie Clark, East Moline.

Anthony Robert Lester and Sarah Kathryn Von Maur, Cordova, Illinois.

Joshua Damian Perez and Janet Perez, Silvis.

Amadou Mody Thiam, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Leila Alpha, Moline.

Djaparou Abdould-Kadri and Jamilatou Amadou, East Moline.

Robert John Kipp and Debra Sue Hart, Hampton.

Luis Gonzalez Serrano and Veronica Jasso Granados, East Moline.

Joseph Ryan Hester, Cordova, Illinois, and Katie Ilene Morrison, Erie, Illinois.,

Zachary Donald Kirkpatrick and Jessica Lynn Hislope, Rock Island.

Michael Allen Parker and Lamonica Lynn Fallon-Terrell, Rock Islnad.

George Thomas Jones III and Sanabelle Rae Kadel Norfolk, Virginia.,

Edgar Alejandro Rosario Ramirez and Brianna Kristine Czerwinski, Rock Island.

Christopher Brian Cox, Moline, and Tammy Ann Gustafson, Rock Island.

Civil union

Christopher Terrence Piro and Kristi Lynn Harvey, Moline.