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Jessica and Jason Werderman, Orion, Ill., boy, Dec 7.

Heather and Terry Buckallew, Davenport, girl, Dec . 7.


Brian Reynolds and Tamica Banks, East Moline, boy, Nov. 29.

Nickolas Land and Hope Tanner, Moline, boy, Nov. 27.

Nathan Frazer and Andrea Shelton, Milan, girl, Dec. 1.

Dustin and Michelle Sunday, Moline, girl, Dec. 2.

Alan and Molly Rubilar, Moline, girl, Dec. 3.


Alicia Haynes and David Ruble, East Moline, girl, Dec. 5.

Kaillee Coutts and Joshua Davis, Coal Valley, girl, Dec. 6.

Ryann Dunbar-Guthrie and Stevie Williams Jr., East Moline, boy, Dec. 5.

Tiffany Belton and Christopher DePaepe, Andalusia, Ill., girl, Dec. 6.

Melissa and Jess Torres, Matherville, Ill., boy, Dec. 7.

Allison German and Blake Kallenbach, New Windsor, Ill., girl, Dec. 7.

Rachel and Logan Hamilton, Cambridge, Ill., girl, Dec. 6.

Fire calls



No calls reported.



3:28 p.m., 1133 W. 5th St., unauthorized burning.

False alarms: 4.

Investigations: 9.



No calls reported.



1:51 p.m., I-74 bridge, vehicle accident.

8:08 p.m., 418 25th St., structure fire.

9:16 p.m., 3718 39th Ave. Dr. Unit A, structure fire.

9:57 p.m., Mile Marker I-280, vehicle accident.


5:32 a.m., 1918 9th St., assist.

Investigation: 1.


12:21 p.m., 4535 44th St./46th Ave., vehicle accident.

6:04 p.m., 645 38th St./7th Ave., vehicle fire.

8:48 p.m., 9000 13th St. W., assist.


2:18 a.m., 1645 27th Ave., Moline, structure fire.

False alarm: 1.



Sammy K. Ip, 53, and William A. Whittam, 54, Chicago.

Cindy J. Jackson, 44, and Artemus J. Dickerson, 39, Davenport.

Tiffany A. Jank, 32, and Mitchell G. Cooper, 31, Bettendorf.

Bradley A. Jenkins, 60, and Robert L. Bearden, 71, Bono, Ark.

Shelli K. Jennings, 42, and Lisa A. Melz-Jennings, 42, Macomb, Ill.

Derrick J. Johnson, 20, and Mariah L. Crafts, 22, Davenport.

Emily J. Jones, 24, and Benjamin N. Durham, 24, Davenport.

Kent G. Jones, 69, and Orville Johnson, 65, Chicago.

Emily K. Justice, 24, and Damon L. Scott, 36, Davenport.

Susan K. Kelly, 44, and Michael N. Tedford, 40, Bettendorf.

Sara B. Kendall, 30, and Julia S. Weindruch, 30, Granger, Ind.

Jeanne A. Keri, 54, and Anne E. Figert, 52, Skokie, Ill.

Rebecca D. Kesler, 34, and Bryan A. Reaves, 36, Rock Island.

Charles M. Killen, 45,  and Christopher A. Clardy, 37, Farmington, Ill.

Amber L. Kinser, 35, and Elizabeth A. Lindahl, 37, Morton Grove, Ill.

Linda S. Kline, 53, and John R. Hildebranski, 55, Davenport.

Melissa S. Knott, 34, and Shane M. Huff, 28, Davenport.

Julie L. Koebcke, 40, and Stephanie R. Beck, 50, Remington, Ind.

Donald J. Koewers, 45, and Michael G. Fallis, 44, Indianapolis, Ind.

Adam L. Kornegay, 44, and Kelly A. Cavins, 51, Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Harold K. Kroeger, 76, and Boris Pokrovsky, 73, Chicago.

Emily B. Kulicke, 26, and Colin B. Nolan, 29, Davenport.

John E. Kutter, 46, and John D. Steele, 55, Washington, Ind.

Tamsen M. Lacina, 26, and Brian L. French, 28, Davenport.

Wilda M. Land, 63, and Ruth E. Thompson, 60, Matton, Ill.

Genevie M. Landry, 43, and Laura L. Graefnitz, 49, Lafayette, Ind.

Yvonne L. Larsen, 48, and Rodney B. Abbott, 50, Davenport.

Serenity A. Lay, 33, and Katharine M. Hood, 32, Wyoming, Mich.

Bruce D. LeBlanc, 56, and George M. Coon, 39, Rock Island.

Steven M. Ledesma, 43, and Roman Straczek, 43, Chicago.

Kelvin C. Lee, 28, and Ashley J. Hanna, 28, Davenport.

Amber M. Levetzow, 27, and Kyle C. Grunder, 27, Bellevue, Neb.

Brad L. Lewis, 50, and Luis A. Leon, 41, Chicago.

Scott A. Linn, 44, and William J. Hall, 37, Indianapolis, Ind.

Raymond R. Lister, 35, St. Charles, Ill., and Alberto Rodriguez, 34, Mexico City.

Jennifer A. Little, 47, and Rebecca L. Bahnke, 61, Champaign, Ill.

Thomas S. Loerop, 45, and Jesus Roman, 40, Chicago.

Rob L. Lohnes, 35, and Timothy C. Downey, 37, Dunlap, Ill.

Jodi L. Long, 49, and Amelia Fort, 32, Galesburg, Ill.

Joshua R. Lopez, 36, and Daniel A. Elola-Molinari, 38, Chicago.