Daily Record routinely publishes public records available through government agencies.


Trinity Moline

Marley and Ryan Taube, Moline, girl, Oct. 22. 

Mia Berry and Rodney Scott, Rock Island, girl, Oct. 22. 

Melissa Hoffman and Nicholas Andrews, Rock Island, boy, Oct. 23.

Shayla and Kyle Whitmarsh, Port Byron, girl, Oct. 23. 




2:32 p.m., 3516 Raleigh Ave., lockout. 

5:44 p.m., 6th and Grant streets, no incident found on arrival. 



7:45 a.m., 917 Minnie Ave., steam mistaken for smoke.

8:09 a.m., 2433 Dugan Court, person in distress. 

8:16 a.m., 1600 Belle Ave., shorted electrical equipment. 

8:52 a.m., 250 E. 90th St., dispatched and cancelled en route. 

10:27 a.m., 250 E. 90th St., dispatched and cancelled en route. 

10:59 a.m., 1809 W. River Dr., rubbish fire. 

1:24 p.m., 2501 W. 53rd St., good intent call.

5:14 p.m., 2411 Pacific St., police matter.

5:11 p.m. East Garfield Street, assist invalid.  

5:57 p.m., West 12th Street, assist invalid. 

6 p.m., West 1st Street, assist invalid. 

6:30 p.m., 1723 W. 15th St., smoke detector activation. 

7:45 p.m., 3705 College Ave., assist police.

8:15 p.m., 3812 Mississippi Ave., grass fire.

10:59 p.m., Blythwood Place, assist invalid. 



No information available.



8:25 a.m., Interstate 74 and John Deere Road, vehicle crash. 

8:43 a.m., Interstate 74 and John Deere Road, vehicle crash. 

10:20 a.m., 1848 Avenue of the Cities, structure fire. 

11:41 a.m., 1420 5th Ave., fire. 

7:22 p.m., 38th Street and John Deere Road, vehicle crash. 

10:01 p.m., 5500 46th Ave., Drive, assist citizen. 

Alarms: 1



10:23 a.m., 1848 Avenue of the Cities, Moline, assist structure fire. 

10 p.m., 3098 Illinois 92, vehicle crash. 

11:15 p.m., 1600 3rd Ave., assist. 



Allen L. Easbter, 60, and Cary B. Neeley, 49, Indianapolis, Ind.

Jessica L. Appel, 19, and Austin S. Magadan, 20, Eagan, Minn.

Barbara J. Ireland, 51, and Beverly J. Faulk, 73, Hudson, Mich.

James C. Scott, 67, and Patricia A. Coffman, 71, Davenport.

Jennifer L. Ringberg, 23, and Tyler J. Hoogerwerf, 26, Moline.

Linh T. Co, 28, and Jason R. Spies, 32, Centreville, Va.

Leo Lopez, 74, and Betty L. Slightom, 81, Davenport.

Timothy P. Jensen, 25, Davenport, and Lauren E. Pohl, 22, Bettendorf.

Harmon T. Flewellyn, 49, and Inge B. Block, 52, Bettendorf.

Ulyssess J. Johnson, 26, and Jenna L. Hunt, 20, Davenport.

Jesse D. Hammond, 39, Crest Hill, Ill., and Roberto Rodriguez, 43, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Lori A. Naifeh, 49, and Tammy T. Shelton, 40, DeRidder, La.

Terry M. DeLong, 47, and Frumencio Hernandez Robledo, 36, Hobart, Ind.

Krisinda R. McCoy, 25, and Maria F. Gutierrez-Enriquez, 28, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Tommy J. Tabor, 37, and Elias Gonzalea-Adame, 34, Indianapolis, Ind.

Jessica J. Clark, 33, and Neal J. Ritter, 40, Bettendorf.

Thanh H. Tran, 29, and Nhu-Linh Thi Nguyen, 45, Columbus, Ga.

Candance J. Dalchow, 24, and Corey M. Shaw, 26, LeClaire.

Aric D. Wouters, 35, Moline, and Jennifer N. Cale, 34, Bettendorf.

Teresa L. Peters, 49, and Jack W. Hayes Jr., 56, Davenport.

Reed D. Sortor, 55, and Phillip E. Bell, 56, Davenport.

Aaron B. Rodebeck, 25, Carmel, Ind., and Katelyn J. Flynn, 24, Davenport.

Samantha R. Buck, 25, and Nickolaus S. Hollars, 24, East Moline.

Tracey L. Morgan Jr., 28, and Tyesha M. Allen, 26, Davenport.

Andrea R. Bassman, 31, Davenport, and Alex J. Young, 31, London, England.

Melanie M. Baltimore, 33, and Bobby A. Quinn, 33, Davenport.

Greagory A. Bearse, 44, and Jessica A. Walker, 22, Davenport.

Jane M. Bergendahl, 58, and Nancy J. Shannon, 59, Long Grove.

Michael A. Black, 48, Chicago, and Thomas D.W. Hamilton, 49, Sydney, Australia.

Darnell Boddie Jr., 36 Bettendorf, and Lisa Craig, 48, Davenport.

William P. Burks Jr., 61, Chicago, and Ivica Trupcevic, 47, Crown Point, Ind.

Angela D. Clarken, 40, and Daniel B. Santangelo, 41, Bartonville, Ill.

Allison R. Clawson, 26, and Matthew P. Hessman, 30, Aledo, Ill.

Rita. Crawford, 66, and Barbara J. Corell, 63, Cloverdale, Ind.

Benjamin T. Darling, 61, and Noel C. Nagtalon, 42, Lake Odessa, Mich.

Gabriela de la Rosa Reyes, 27, and Samuel Merida Santes, 30, Davenport.

Mary A. Diamond, 58, and Doris J. Popovich, 55, Chicago.

Shannon E. Donaldson, 29, and Abigail C. Hub, 31, Arlington Heights, Ill.

Candace M. Dunsworth, 21, and Kyle J. Geurtsen, 22, Davenport.

Michael E. Flatt, 65, and Charles E. Baker Sr., 51, Charlestown, Ind.

Julie A. Fithian, 44, and Tracey D. Cooley, 48, Davenport.

David J. Frye, 24, and Paul D. Brown Jr., 26, Louisville, Ky.

Chad H. Gillam, 25, and Emily K. Monroe, 25, Davenport.

Elena M. Graves, 61, and Karena M. Raisley, 39, Milan.

Dennis C. Fuessel, 29, and Patty D. Horton, 47, Davenport.

Noemi D. Garcia, 36, and Maria I. Argumedo, 38, Chicago.

Ricky A. Gatlin, 36, and Pamela L. Tucker, 45 Davenport.

Sarah M. Giunz, 23, and Mark T. Claeys, 28, Durant, Iowa.

Michele E. Hare, 48, and Donnie J. Pearson, 58, Davenport.

Timmy L. Haley, 60, and William M. Lee, 58, Plainfield, Ind.

Christopher D. Heggen, 28, Moline, and Lisa M. Kruse, 26, Davenport.

Colleen M. Howard, 44, and Victoria A. Well, 36, Pulaski County, Missouri.

John R. Hundley IV, 47, and Paul W. Bowmann III, 45, St. Louis, Mo.

James M. Hyde III, 36, and Anthony B. Rivera, 35, Chicago.

Angela M. Johnson, 33, and Loreal W.K. Nolden, 26, St. Louis, Mo.

William J. Jones, 49, and Trisha L. Crossen, 47, Davenport.

Michael J. Kegley II, 45, and Lonnie E. Brewer, 55, Grand Ledge, Mich.

Diane E. Keith, 56, and Joy A. Prohl, 55, Rensselaer, Ind.

Monika J. Kosik, 29, and Leticia Narez, 42, Wheeling, Ill.

Carol S. Labrum, 58, and Linda J. Handley, 60, Bettendorf.

Tonya R. Lamb, 43, and Tanya M. Geiersbach, 37, Linton, Ind.

John V. Mahady, 53, and Jorge D. Izaguirre, 44, Chicago.

Wanda A. Mansaray, 55, Davenport, and Milton Hayes, 79, Dequincy, La.

Michael B. McGuire, 29, and Andrea M. Horton, 29, Denver, Colo.

Sara C. Michi, 26, Moline, and Robert J. Schmidt, 27, Davenport.

Yolanda M. Neighbours, 37, and Eric M. Gordon, 37, Davenport.

Adam E. O’Rourke, 35, and Paula M. Menke, 35, Bettendorf.

Marisa L. Parker, 36, and Brandon M. McCune, 30, Abingdon, Ill.

Kyle E. Petersen, 24, and Benjamin R. Elm Jr., 25, Iowa City.

Lucas N. Peterson, 24, and Keyanna Long, 24, Burlington, Iowa.

Albert R. Phelps Jr., 55, and Jesus A. Martinez Jimenez, 43, Chicago.

Eric J. Pitts, 27, and Samantha J. Schroeder, 25, LeClaire.

Bryan J. Quist, 32, Taylor Ridge, Ill., and Juliana B. Schroeder, 36, Moline.

Sheryl L. Randolph, 66, and Virginia F. Matzick, 61, New Palestine, Ind.

Kelli M. Ribaya, 49, and Ruth A. Higbee, 66, St. Peterburg, Fla.

Alan J. Ross Jr., 24, and Connie M. Chapman, 22, Davenport.

Michael F. Ryan, 57, and Gail A. Ryan, 59, Davenport.

Brent M. Sheridan, 24, Davenport, and Anne L. Wilcox, 25, Dixon, Iowa.

Jacklyn M. Shovlain, 25, and Jason J. Besch, 28, Davenport.

Deborah S. Stevenson, 54, and Lynn J. Lawrence, 51, Griffith, Ind.

Benjamin M. Stock, 25, and Amina H. Phillips, 20, Davenport.

Daniel F. Taylor, 33, and Paul D. Norris, 45, Nashville, Ind.

Jeffrey P. Taylor, 61, and Garry C. Andrews, 52, Ferndale, Mich.

Daniel S. Thornburg, 23, and Lacey K. Andersen, 24, Davenport.

William G. Tullar Jr., 64, and Michael L. Grimes, 58, Grand Rivers, Ky.

Bridget M. Wildermuth, 29, and David J. Fisher, 29, Davenport.

Steven L. Wilson, 53, Bettendorf, and Nancy L. Hampton, 48, Milan.

Rebecca E. Wood, 59, and Gayla N. Scott, 59, East Peoria, Ill.

Michael D. Woods, 44, and Jaime Filio Cruz, 32, Rock Island.

Adam M. Bernthgen, 26, and Abigail B. Sperry, 21, Davenport.

Jenna M. Howard, 26, Geneseo, Ill., and Jeremy S. Bell, 24, Marquette Heights, Ill.

Kristie R. Gomez, 26, and Dustin W. Cooley, 24, Davenport.

Nicholas J. Manrique, 30, and Brandy M. Hattan, 27, Dixon, Iowa.

Gregory A. Goodwin, 29, and Jessica M. Stoltenberg, 29, Davenport.

Jessica A. Pundt, 22, and Scott A. Schmidt, 24, Blue Grass.

Jason L. Parris, 38, and Sarah J. McCarthy, 35, Davenport.

Jennifer R. Domino, 24, and Spencer R. Policha, 25, Bettendorf.

Patricia K. Overbeck, 40, and Eric W. Poell, 42, Bettendorf.

Brian S. Jones, 51, and Maria J. Lamp, 39, Pleasant Valley.

Jena B. Stone, 29, and Jon C. Beadle, 29, Davenport.

Blaine H. Flack Jr., 65, Blue Grass, and Helen S. Boyd, 50, Davenport.

Francis G. Casey, 60, and Paul E. Clinch, 59, Oak Brook, Ill.

Darren G. Chandler, 41, and Renae L. Long, 40, Princeton, Iowa.

Jennifer R. Baden, 40, Bettendorf, and Scott M. Hoffman, 45, Eldridge.

Salvador A. Hernandez Jr., 35, and Cuauhtemoc Contreras Martinez, 33, Chicago.

Ashley M. Voelliger, 25, Bettendorf, and Joseph D. Garrison, 26, Davenport.

Miranda L. Kavanaugh, 25, and Shanika Jackson, 29, Moline.

Abigail J. Shipman, 22, and Devin M. Meeks, 23, Davenport.

Courtney J. Lewis, 35, and Todd S. Geiger, 44, Lynn Center, Ill.

Lisa M. Tressel, 25, and Brent A. Martin, 36, Davenport.

Monique R. Wommack, 32, Davenport, and Robert Squire III, 27, Marion, Ala.

Bryce D. Hoffman, 33, and Noe’ Gamon-Flores, 31, Chicago.

Danyiel M. Sparks, 30, and Codie M. Ping, 22, Davenport.

Shaun R. Haycraft, 24, LeClaire, and Brooke L. Baldwin, 21, Davenport.

Stacey N. Force, 24, and Shad L. Manley, 35, Donahue, Iowa.

Sharon A. Droste, 58, and Edwin D. Alexander, 60, Davenport.

Courtney L. Drapeaux, 24, and Ronnie R. Guinn, 32, Davenport.

James T. Henritze, 73, and James M. Frohliger, 53, Chicago.

Jimmy Huu Truong, 24, and Tham ThiHong Tran, 28, Davenport.

Christine D.B. Bartel, 30, and Brian M. Downey, Arlington, Va.

Michael A. Rogers, 53, and Efrain Martinez, 40, Chicago.

Dennis H. Ahrendt, 44, and Alberto S. Solano-Cruz, 52, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Nicole E. Colwell, 22, and Brandy J. Games, 25, Thornton, Colo.

Adam K. Hadyna, 33, Mishawaka, Ind., and Jeff A. Plummer, 50, Hobart, Ind.

Kyle J. Hansen, 34, and Kassia L. Ware, 31, Bettendorf.

Tammy K. Harden, 48, and Jill R. Podsadecki, 47, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Stacy J. Johnson, 38, and Scott R. Lohse, 39, Davenport.

Chad D. Keegan, 38, and Dolores B. Murillo, 34, Davenport.

Mary L. Knox, 68, and Florence L. Bain, 71, Springfield, Ill.

Florin S. Pricop, 37, and Ronald J. Ehlers Jr., 37, Evanston, lll.

Esther M. Rosales, 43, and Laura A. Brown, 45, Valparaiso, Ind.

Scott B. Shephard, 44, and Andrea C. Berge, 32, Davenport.

Samantha J. Teel, 26, and Chad A. Widener, 39, Rock Island.

Mickayla C. Watson, 24, and Michalei S. Martin, 31, Glen Heights, Texas.

Krista R. Wyatt, 51, and Linda K. Young, 61, Lebanon, Ohio.

Miquelina A. Dominguez, 29, and Michelle A. Behrmann, 26, Gurnee, Mich.

Aimee J. Kiselburg, 25, and Ryan J. Kennedy, 30, Bettendorf.

Angela D. Reubart, 47, and Rena L. Prewett, 49, Washington, Ill.