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Brian and Kimberly Kim, Bettendorf, girl, Oct. 6. 

Mackenzie Kraklio-Kealey and Aj Chandler, Davenport, boy, Oct. 5.

Thomas and Jessica Davis, DeWitt, Iowa, boy, Oct. 4.

Josh and Christy Monroe, Davenport. boy, Oct. 6.

Joseph and Genevieve Russo, Bettendorf, boy, Oct. 5.

Jesse and Katie Severson, Bettendorf, boy, Oct. 6.

 Adam and Kelly Thavenet, Eldridge, boy, Oct. 6.

Timothy and Maggie Wright, LeClaire, boy, Oct. 5.


Alyson and Joshua Bigham, Orion, Illinois, girl, Oct. 5. 

Nicole and Christopher David, East Moline, boy, Oct. 5.

Paige Dickey, Moline, boy, Oct. 5. 

Samantha and Benjamin Enloe, Port Byron, girl, Oct. 5.

Marlena and Ruben Herrera, Geneseo, Illinois, girl, Oct. 5.

Fire calls



8:25 a.m., 2306 18th St., food in microwave.

11:28 p.m., 2000 block of Parkway Drive, vehicle accident. 

False alarms: 1

EMS calls: 8



1:21 a.m., 130 S. Elmwood Ave., police matter.

8:22 a.m., West 14th Street and Fillmore Street, police matter.

12:39 p.m., 7300 W. Locust St., smoke scare.

1:53 p.m., 1717 W. 12th St., lock-out.

5:17 p.m., 6521 Harrison St., resident complaint.

7:02 p.m., 3417 Mississippi Ave., public service assistance.

9:13 p.m., 3129 Rockingham Road, police matter.

10:11 p.m., West Kimberly Road and North Pine Street, police matter.

False alarms: 11

EMS calls: 39



Investigations: 2

EMS calls: 6


2:15 a.m., 12th Street and 38th Avenue, vehicle accident.

11:55 a.m., 320 19th St., dryer fire in laundromat.

EMS calls: 4.



7:43 a.m., 1001 16th St., vehicle fire.

8:56 a.m., 6920 27th St., assist resident.

Investigations: 3

EMS calls: 7


False alarms: 2

EMS calls: 2



False alarms: 1

EMS calls: 12


EMS calls: 3

False alarms: 1



Sharon Swailes, 522 18½ Ave., residential addition, Coach House Garages, $14,406.

Carl Johnson, 912 27th Ave., residential addition, Terrell Construction, $18,500.

Joe Dockery-Jackson, 2600 31st Ave., deck, $13,595.

Judy Jackson, 2848 36th St., residential addition, Reuther Construction, $8,200.

Mike Kavanagh, 2421 34th St., deck, $1,500.

Mike and Ruth Davis, 4030 29th Ave., deck, JAC Construction, $7,000.

Mike and Andrea Muller, 8912 19th St. W., residential remodel, MidAmerican Basement System, $7,942.

Darrel Rottman, 930 23rd St., residential remodel, Servpro, $186,439.

Vern and Marilyn Stidham, 1407 33rd St., residential remodel, Midwest Complete Construction, $12,500.

Tim Brien, 4510 7th Ave., residential remodel, Calderon Construction of RI, $46,731.

Jeff Duncan, 2623 5th Ave., commercial remodel, $140,250.

Dave Elizondo, 614 25th St., residential remodel, $30,630.

J & S Real Estate Holdings LLC, 1831 3rd Ave., sign, Riverbend Signworks, $2,500.

Jason Parris, 2529 5th Ave., sign, $1,500.


Paul Riewerts, 21514 94th Ave. N., Port Byron, residential addition, $3,472.

Matt Hughes, 28911 122nd Ave., Hillsdale, residential addition, Bettendorf Home Repair, $2,400.

Jessica Phelps, 24000 80th Ave., Port Byron, single-family dwelling, Draft Solutions Inc., $388,703.

Scott and Kari Searl, 26907 Route 2 N., Hillsdale, pool, Sentry Pool & Chemical, $23,629.

Terry Inch and Linda Work, 1734 North Shore Drive, Moline, residential addition, $5,184.

Julie Fruitiger, 3308 38th Ave., Moline, residential remodel, Home Revival Contractors, $60,000.

Moline Welding Inc., 3603 78th Ave., Milan, pole building, Wick Buildings, $38,000.

Dean Meyer, 9718 28th St., Milan, residential addition, $3,100.

Ken White, 8200 Route 150, Coal Valley, single-family dwelling, Ryan Beeman Construction, $285,000.

Larry Moore, 6001 120th Ave., Coal Valley, single-family dwelling, Hazelwood Homes, $205,000.

Don Casper, 700 127th Ave., Milan, pole building, $23,000.

Brian Holliday, 11022 17th St., Milan, residential addition, $6,200.

Joe Michel, 17320 42nd St. W., Milan, residential addition, Rowe Construction, $74,000.

Steeles Farm Inc., 11425 58th St., W., residential addition, $29,900.

Abbigayle Hicks, 7914 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, residential additions, $31,140.

Casey’s, 115 6th Ave. E., Andalusia, new commercial, $900,000.

Richard Poling, 502 2nd St. W., Andalusia, deck, $3,200.

Brian and Elizabeth Hughes, 9226 78th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, pole building, Cleary Building Corp., $30,000.

Andalusia Volunteer Ambulance, 220 6th Ave. W., Andalusia, institutional remodel, Midwest Roofing, $18,756.

Jerry Hoggard, 828 13th St., Andalusia, single-family dwelling, $293,735.

Sunny Sky Enterprises, 206 6th Ave. E., Andalusia, commercial remodel and addition, Home Improvement Inc., $15,550.

Steve Layer, 16701 124th Ave., Illinois City, single-family dwelling, $184,840.


Steve Ingleby, 797 Clover Hill Lane, LeClaire, single-family dwelling, Ingleby Const., $233,189.

Bill Gillespie, 326 Ferry St., LeClaire, Corson Const., single-family dwelling, $160,510.

Dan Brown Fine Home Building Inc., 306 N. 8th St., LeClaire, single-family dwelling, $164,860.

Morrissey, 12910 83rd Ave., Blue Grass, residential remodel, Wilson Residential Const. Services, $12,405.

Ryan Senkbile, 107 N. 8th Ave. Court, Donahue, residential remodel, Buzzsaw Const., $7,000.

Dan Dinger, 1434 Davenport St., LeClaire, residential remodel, Blaze Restoration, $53,028.

Steve Mattioli, 690 S. Cody Road, LeClaire, residential addition, Speak Contracting, $19,800.

JW Construction LLC, 1002 Iowa Drive, LeClaire, residential remodel, $14,115.

Silverthorne Homes, 12 Joan Rose Court, LeClaire, residential remodel, $13,200.

Victor Evjen, 22880 277th Ave., LeClaire, residential remodel, Then & Now Const., $12,825.

Josh Lederman, 28238 216th St., LeClaire, residential addition, Shipley & Guizar Coast LLC, $61,350.

Rob and Jill Hill, 151 Elmhurst Lane, Riverdale, residential remodel, $10,000.

Jeff Elgin, 27045 183rd Ave., Eldridge, deck, $2,220.

John Leonard, 11755 Coonhunters Road, Blue Grass, deck, Midwest Complete Const., $6,000.

Silverthorne Homes, 12 Joan Rose Court, LeClaire, deck, $3,900.

Silverthorne Homes, 508 Davenport St., LeClaire, residential addition, $5,880.

Camping World, 14040 110th Ave., Davenport, commercial remodel, Brus Const., $43,000.

Len Hougerwerf, 700 Eagle Ridge Road, LeClaire, commercial remodel, Michael Linn, $43,902.

Kurt Hintermeiser, 18351 110th Ave., Davenport, residential addition, Morton Bldgs., $31,500.

Bruce Davidson, 14162 111th Ave., Davenport, residential addition, Jeff Peterson, $25,600.

Mike Fields, 27110 185th Ave., Eldridge, residential addition, Coach House Garages, $12,240.

Ken Schaefer, 7708 New Liberty Road, Walcott, residential addition, NA Seligman Const., $50,480.

Dean and Diane Bousselot, 5005 306th St., Dixon, residential addition, $12,480.

Tom Srp, 405 Jones St., LeClaire, residential addition, $13,520.

Nathan Hollingsworth, 21627 280th Ave., LeClaire, residential addition, $3,456.

Steve Cremer, 19320 251st Ave., Bettendorf, residential addition, Edgebrooke Homes LLC, $70,840.

Blaine Kulper, 27295 140th Ave., Long Grove, residential addition, Bob Ihrig, $39,120.


Greg Stemper, 1827 1st Ave., residential remodel, River Valley Construction, $11,650.

Carpenter Nation, 313 11th Ave. A Court, single-family dwelling, $141,000.

Taylor VanKlaveren, 445 10th St., deck, $2,300.

Bill and Margaret Holmquist, 3122 11th St., residential remodel, Midwest Reconstruction, $6,944.50.

Mike Svec, 314 8th St., deck, Reuther Construction, $5,700.

Mel Outen, 1812 13th St., deck, Preferred Concepts, $4,500.

RentPro, 616 1st Ave., commercial remodel, Leffler Construction, $25,000.