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Kristiannna Holtsclaw, East Moline, boy, Sept. 21.  

Nakia Marshall, Rock Island, girl, Sept. 21.  

Nichole and Dareck Will, Calamus, Iowa, boy, Sept. 20. 

Sarah and Alosman Zilic, Rock Island, boy, Sept. 21.

Fire calls



EMS calls: 9


10:48 a.m., 5312 11th Ave. C, mutual aid, Franklin Elementary School, Moline.

EMS calls: 8



12:25 a.m., West Locust Street and Wisconsin Avenue, vehicle accident.

5:22 a.m., 3320 Spring St., public service assistance.

10:09 a.m., 3522 Eastern Ave., good intent call.

11:46 a.m., 3101 W. Kimberly Road, combustible/flammable material.

12:48 p.m., Welcome Way and East Kimberly Road, vehicle accident cleanup.

1:10 p.m., 1124 W. 13th St., police matter.

1:30 p.m., 1324 E. 10th St., smoke or odor removal.

2 p.m., 511 E. 6th St., smoke or odor removal.

2:01 p.m., 252 Hillcrest Ave., police matter.

4:01 p.m., West Locust Street and Sturdevant Street, vehicle accident cleanup.

5:35 p.m., Waverly Road and North Clark Street, passenger vehicle fire.

7:25 p.m., 3515 Main St., police matter.

8:02 p.m., North Lincoln Avenue and Waverly Road, good intent call.

8:06 p.m., 5202 Elmore Ave., police matter.

8:41 p.m., 133 W. 35th St., public service assistance.

8:52 p.m., 2219 W. 3rd St., public service call.

8:58 p.m., 1037 E. 18th St., public service call.

False alarms: 8

EMS calls: 45



EMS calls: 7


10:48 a.m., 5312 11th Ave. C, mutual aid, Franklin Elementary School, Moline.

EMS calls: 1



Investigations: 1

EMS calls: 16


1:23 a.m., 4715 62nd St. Drive, gas leak.

10:19 a.m., 5312 11th Ave. C, classroom in Franklin Elementary School.

EMS calls: 6



9:23 a.m., 932 43rd Ave., assist resident.

7:40 p.m., 1701 7th St., assist resident.

False alarms: 1

EMS calls: 10


EMS calls: 4



Bradley K. Studer and Mickenzie J. Powers.

Josh R. Hernandez and Stefani J. Ngo.

Allyson H. Ruffner and Philip G. Crowley.

Lauren S. Smith and Takura A. Tela.

Monty D. Mitchell and Kathleen A. McGinn.

Latrinda S. Cooper and Rodney J. Beason.

Anita N. Ahuja and Gabriel A. Lock.

Katlynne D. Wood and Alex H. Benizzi.

Elizabeth J. Heidt and Bernardo G. Ruiz.

William C. Minks and Mary A. McLean.

Mary T. Brownlee and Dillan P. Dwyer.

Jacob A. Fosdyck and Lindsay E. Moore.

Cortney N. Miller and Matthew F. McDonnell.

Danielle I. Vance and Donnie W. Robinson.

Daniel R. Gillen and Adrianne F. Foley.

Cody J. Soultz and Molly E. Moon.

Heather M. Flemming and Matthew J. Simons.

Lana C. Otter and Brian E. Geerts.

Kinzie A. Hull and Collin R. Garrett.

Bradley J. Carson and Rhiannan J. Trousdale.

Derek E. Sherwood and Mindi M. Schick.

Evan M. Tecklenburg and Kaitlin B. Scott.

Bailie C. Rasmussen and Nicholas S. Baker.

Tamera J. Watters and John E. Guerdet.

Reed J. Boltz and Laura F. Beinke.

Neil G. Irwin and Jenna M. Aude.

Brandon M. Jones and Rebecca L. Gimm.

Karen E. Dufala and Raymond M. Werthmann.

Garian L. Mayzes and Maria J. Serrano.

Kari A. McCabe and Adam C. McCartney.

Ryan J. Zeimet and Brianna M. Melssen.

Courteney L. Beckman and Jacquline M. Antao.

Paul A. Bermal and Patricia L. Hoeck.

Kaylynn L. Morrow and Robert M. Howard.

Benjamin V. Leture and Vanessa A. Thiessen.

Jordan A. Miller and Mariah D. Ratliff.

Sara M. Gilland and Marcus E. White.

Joshua A. Crew and George C. Dawson.

Michael E. Dumerauf and Emily M. Bradley.

Courtney L. Miller and Douglas M. Pauley.

Christopher J. Parker and Brittany J. Stevens.

Samuel J. Krause and Andrea M. Nelson.

Allison R. Meyer and Benjamin L. Brockmann.

Adam W. Bohland and Jenna L. Nelson.

Jennifer J. Cinadr and Gregory A. Appleby.

Kaneisha L. Gayles and LaRoy D. Redmond.

Nguyen V. Tran and Hang T. Vuong.

Valerie M. Jennett and Gale E. Hickle.

Sara B. Snyder and Trisha J. Hagen.

Michael M. Baker and Victoria V. Moreno.

David Brukar and Ana L. Ortega.

Howard Blunt and Cheryl K. Tague.

Craig A. Brooks and Patricia Neves Schmitt.

Leah E. Hodgin and Benjamin P. Boore.

Christian L. Jump and Allison J. Chapman.

James D. Nebinger and Antoinette L. Holman.

Cassandra E. Reiley and Connor M. Saad.

Timothy M. McGauley and Andrea L. Roelens.

Kevin M. Cook and Chelsea R. McGill.

Kayla R. Merritt and Adrian L. Watson.

Fanghao Song and Qin Ji.

Harry R. Fulton and Jacquelyn L. Tedford.

Collena R. Irving and Andrew C. Van Fossen.

David P. Houk and Hailey A. Thompson.

Melissa J. Supple and Clint C. Roe.

Phuong T. Nguyen and Phuong T. Diep.

Jeffrey A. Johnson and Breanna L. Dunne.

Samantha L. Randall and Ashley N. Silknitter.

Business licenses


Allied Building Products Corp., 438 Devils Glen Road, issued in August.

Honest Wellness Center, 2435 Kimberly Road, issued in August.

Champs Trophy & Awards, 1604 Grant St., issued in August.

Coral Haven LLC, 2365 Cumberland Square Dr. No. 77, issued in August.

Grant Street Enterprises LLC, 344 11th St., issued in August.

Headlinez, 2708 Central Ave., issued in August.

KB Auto Tech, 3400 State St., issued in August.

Lennox Industries Inc., 891 40th Ave., issued in August.

Tastes 2 Go LLC, 3525 Raleigh Ave., issued in August.


Carter Auto Sales, 2637 Rockingham Road, issued in June.

Smokin’ Joe’s Tobacco & Liquor, 902 W. Kimberly Road, issued in June.

Computers Are Us, 2501 N. Lincoln St., issued in June.

Hobby Lobby, 5611 Elmore Ave., issued in August.

FedEx Office, 4730 Elmore Ave., issued in August.

Olderog Tire & Performance, 2316 Rockingham Road, issued in August.

Jeff’s Auto Sales, 3430 Rockingham Road, issued in August.


Kline Sewer and Drain, 308 N. 12th Ave., issued in Aug.