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Trinity Moline

Sherry Shereene Al-suleiman and Taylor Kirklin, Moline, boy, June 30

Diana and Matthew Orton, Colona, boy, June 28

Lindsey and Jeffrey Jennings, Davenport, boy, July 5

Nabitanga Kamanzi and Desire Byiringiro, Rock Island, boy, July 5

Amanda and Keith Kelley, Moline, boy, July 5

Salematou Barry, Moline, girl, July 5

Kalynn McGee, Rock Island, girl, July 5

Fire calls



7:41 a.m., 4600 3rd St., fire alarm

4:45 p.m., 5529-3 34th Ave., trash fire

11:19 p.m., 2505 Avenue of the Cities, investigate

11:51 p.m., 2611 19th St., investigate

Rock Island


7:10 a.m.,m 1209 21st Ave., false alarm

3:26 p.m., 9 Deer Run, false alarm

6:48 p.m., 3705 9th St., assist resident

7:49 p.m., 3500 10th St. Court, investigate

8 p.m., 7800 Ridgewood Road, investigate

8 p.m., 3206 78th Ave. West, investigate

11:35 p.m., 1236 16th St., investigate



2:52 a.m., 1423 W. Pleasant St., no incident found on arrival at dispatch address

4:06 a.m., 3415 Eastern Ave., false alarm

9:33 a.m., 2333 Rockingham Road, police matter

9:46 a.m., 3441 Jersey Ridge Road, building fire

11:16 a.m., 200 LeClaire St., dispatched and cancelled en route

11:30 a.m., 3505 W. Locust St., grass fire

2:54 p.m., West River Dr., no incident found on arrival at dispatch address

3:26 p.m., West 76th St., smoke scare

5:48 p.m., 1018 W. 6th St., barbecue, tar kettle

4:05 p.m., 5813 Hidden Valley Dr., heat detector activation due to malfunction

6:16 p.m., 1836 Valley Drive, building fire

6:36 p.m., 611 E. Colorado St., gas leak

9:05 p.m., 1453 W. 6th St., trash fire

11:23 p.m., Heatherton Drive, trash fire



6:15 p.m., 2100 Parkway, brush fire

East Moline


No calls to report.



Patrick Joseph Juchcinski and Tarahka Jo Marolf, Geneseo, Ill.

Jose Barboza-Artea and Yasmin Gonzalez, Davenport..

Drew Dana Baustian and Kellie Elizabeth Noel, Davenport.

Zachary Michael Birmingham and Brooke Ann Bomia, Andalusia.

John Phillip Brown and Melanie Kemper, Hampton.

Michael Allen Carlile and Beverly Priscilla Bremer, East Moline.

Uriel Cruz and Dania Illenny Mayren–Saguilan, Rock Island.

Roy Alexander Gath and Jennifer Martha Johnson, Moline.

Daniel Jae Grindle and Alicia Ann Wolber, Rochester, Mich.

Victor Lacar Harrington and Rebecca Lynn Damm, Silvis.

Marc William Hayes and Amanda Louise Lawrie, Davenport.

Joel Anthony Hinerichsen and Nicole Michelle Banks, Rock Island.

Benjamin Scott Jeffery and Abigail Colleen Stockwell, Moline.

Shawn Everet Kerr and Amy Marie Lofgren, Milan.

Kevin Lenn Lucas II, Moline, and Chelsey Kay Conroy, Geneseo, Ill.

Kiley Ray Lyon, Rock Island, and Karen Janell Sheldon, DeWitt, Iowa.

Matt Steven Matthews Jr. and Gricelda Mendoza, Moline.

Michael Jon Minteer , Moline, and Tracey Joan De Taeye, East Moline.

Jason Robert Nickell and Annette Marie Baran, Milan.

Ryan Gary Ramos and Serena Arancibia, East Moline.

Michael Alan Ransom, Moline, and Kelly Marie Seiber, Milan.

Timothy Gene Richardson, Rock Island, and Destini Charayne Young, Davenport.

Chad Hollis Schorr and Lori Ann Rotz, Coal Valley.

Kristopher Michael Shull and Kassi Jeanette Park, Geneseo, Ill.

Manuel Alejandro Silva-Martinez and Adrienne Margaret Gabriel, East Moline.

Brian McKane Sorenson and Karla Marie Sorenson, Davenport.

Keith Donald Twite and Jacquelyn Marie Burbridge, Moline.

Richard Allen Whipple and Carolyn Elizabeth Watts, Moline.


Niba F. Nchotu, 28, St. Louis Park, Minn., and Troy M. Verhage, 40, Pullman, Mich.

Megan E. Baber, 25, and Adam R. Ries, 25, Davenport.

Nathan A. Bell, 29, and Mellisa S. Wright, 26, Davenport.

Nicholas R. Bergthold, 24, and Danielle M. Willi, 26, Davenport.

Aaron J.R. Borkgren, 26, Milan, and Mallory E. Irish, 25, Geneseo, Ill.

Monte J. Clark, 39, Olathe, Kan., and Aubree D. Reyman, 30, Bettendorf.

Kathleen R. Criswell, 23, Moline, and Brittany P. Lake, 21, Davenport.

Christina K. Foster, 33, Davenport, and Matthew C. Nunnally, 37, Bettendorf.

Earl L. Harden, 51, and Catherine A. Harden, 52, Davenport.

Elizabeth A. Harris, 25, and Ryan M. Morthland, 25, LeClaire.

Megan R. Housley, 27, and Guy C. Frison, 30, Bettendorf.

Erin M. Johnson, 36, Rock Island, and Christopher D. Jeskie, 42, Colona.

Russell L. Keizer, 54, Des Moines, and Linda S. VanderVennet, 47, Rock Island.

Nick A. King, 53, Iowa City, and Dina A. Gudym, 33, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Bridget A. Millage, 43, and Martin P. Mineck, 56, North Liberty, Iowa.

Nicole S. Neitzel, 26, and Joshua R. Jones, 28, Davenport.

Aaron D. Olszeski, and Danielle A. Boyd, Houston, Texas.

Darrel D. Peck II, 33, and Chassie L. Haider, 33, Davenport.

Jaclyn R. Rabus, 24, and Brennan L.J. Hawley, 24, Bettendorf.

Trisha . Roehr, 26, and James A. Vroman, 29, Davenport.

Matthew A. Schnoor, 36, and Stephanie M. Hedding, 29, Palmdale, Calif.

Rebecca K. Store, 42, and Toby A. Ottis, 38, Davenport.

Austin F. Thomas, 22, Ames, Iowa, and Lindsey R. Brothers, 22, East Moline.

Sarah J. VanDeCasteele, 23, and Michael R. Hanson, 25, Dover, Del.

Travis D. Walker, 26, Buffalo, and Jamie D. Hanson, 24, Moline.

Joanie J. Westfall, 31, and Joshua J. Ginther, 30, Colona.

Kayla N. Wilson, 22, and Michael D. Black, 22, Davenport.

Donald G. Woodford Jr., 29, and Kyla L. Armstrong, 25, Davenport.



Jeff Eaton and Koann Eaton, addresses not listed, April 11.

Mary E. Parrish and James G. Parrish, addresses not listed, May 1.

Dannatta L. Binon Grubbs, Moline, and Cecil I. Grubbs, Peoria, Ill., May 1.

Tonya M. Dawes-Gass and Kevin J. Gass, addresses not listed, May 2.

Christopher Ruff, Moline, and Tracy Ruff, Wahiawa, Hawaii, May 3.

Louis C. Roberts and Mercedez L. Roberts, addresses not listed, May 3.

Hannah R. Pritchard, Moline, and Benjamin Pritchard, address not listed, May 2.

Stephanie Taylor-Loser, Rock Island, and Chad O. Loser, Rock Island, May 3.

Debra J. Webster, Rock Island, and Shannon J. Webster, Moline, May 4.

Alexandra L. Bragg and Michael A. Bragg, addresses not listed, May 7.

Annette Ernat, Lost Nation, Iowa, and Matthew Ernat, Milan, May 8.

Jason W. Mueck, Rock Island, and Teresa A. Mueck, Rock Island, May 8.

Adam J. Circello, Rock Island, and Farren Hodges, Donahue, Iowa, May 9.

Christopher L. Kraft, address not listed, and Rachael S. Kraft, Port Byron, Ill., May 9.

Jessica L. Bigsby, East Moline, and Michael R. Bigsby, Rock Island, May 9.

Brandi Etheridge and Gary Etheridge II, addresses not listed, May 11.

Sara Sutter and Bradley Sutter, addresses not listed, May 11.

Martin K. Martin, East Moline, and Brenda M. Martin, Dwight, Ill., May 11.

Maureen Rotramel and Steven Rotramel, addresses not listed, May 11.

Joseph H. Tate and Tamera L. Tate, addresses not listed, May 14.

Tina M. Abbott and Jeffery R. Abbott, addresses not listed, May 14.

Paula Perez de Zavala and Eleno Zavala, addresses not listed, May 14.

Tina M. Masek, Moline, and Terrence J. Masek, Moline, addresses not listed, May 14.

Margie Y. Johnson, Moline, and Timothy C. Johnson, Moline, May 14.

Timothy Smith, addresses not listed, and Barbara Smith, Rock Island, May 15.

Jordane Dillin and Christopher Dillin, addresses not listed, May 15.

Jill Draminski, Rock Island, and Stephen M. Draminski, Rock Island, May 15.

Benjamin F. Burke and Hope M. Lieving, addresses not listed, May 16.

Hilasue Anderson-Peterson, address not listed, and Gary L. Peterson, Moline, May 17.

Dylan T. Hedrick and Annalee R. Hedrick, addresses not listed, May 17.

Curt Canada, Muscatine, and Betty Canada, Illinois City, May 17.

Amanda Conner and Alan Conner, addresses not listed, May 21.

Deanna N. Lesthaeghe, Silvis, and Andrew M. Lesthaeghe, Colona, May 22.

Jay Devrieze and Stephanie S. Devrieze, addresses not listed, May 22.

Aaron J. Waterman, Moline, and Kaylah Waterman, Orangeburg, S.C., May 22.

Allison Smith, Rock Island, and Jeffrey Smith, Rock Island, May 22.

Jane N. Muse and Victor L. Muse, addresses not listed, May 24.

Sanoussi Garba, East Moline, and Zalika S. Issa, Greensboro, N.C., May 24.

Sheryl M. Fieweger, Rock Island, and Stephen T. Fieweger, Rock Island, May 25.

Jeffery B. Ferkel and Cheri L. Ferkel, addresses not listed, May 25.

Nino D. Saldivar and Natasha S. Saldivar, addresses not listed, May 25.

Lisa S. Huizenga, Moline, and John R. Huizenga, Norwalk, Wis., May 25.

David D. Darr and Michele S. Darr, addresses not listed, May 25.

Michelle Maranda, Milan, and Ronald Maranda, Milan, May 25.

Ashley M. Gengler, Silvis, and Damanjeet Singh, Silvis, May 29.

Elizabeth Ashby, address not listed, and Steven A. Ashby, Fulton, Ill., May 30.

Gina White and Shawn Holder, addresses not listed, May 30.

Patricia A. Kraus and Tony Kraus, addresses not listed, May 31.


Justine A. Barati, Bettendorf, and Damon J. Barati, Davenport, May 1.

Eric B. Haut, Davenport, and Nancy G. Gibson, Davenport, May 2.

Robert J. Demidowicz, Cary, N.C., and Julia E. Demidowicz, Millbrook, N.Y.

Richard Brown, Davenport, and Linda Brown, Searsboro, Iowa, May 3.

Alison K. Bates, Davenport, and Peter L. Sickels, Davenport, May 3.

Alesha Baker, Davenport, and Matthew P. Reyes, Davenport, May 4.

Kelly Lyons, Davenport, and Mark W. Lyons, Davenport, May 2.

Michael W. Oechsner, Long Grove, and Jennifer A. Oechsner, Eldridge, May 3.

Jill C. Fietsam, Bettendorf, and Robert Fietsam Jr., Bettendorf, May 9.

Jodi L. Baclet, Park View, and Daniel A. Shows, Eldridge, May 11.

Keith L. Quick, Davenport, and Denise L. Brodnax, Davenport, May 10.

Amy W. Slyter, Davenport, and Christopher L. Young, Davenport, May 9.

Richele A. Larson, Bettendorf, and Steven L. Cameron, Bettendorf, May 7.

Steven M. Walzer, Davenport, and Mindy K. Walzer, Bettendorf, May 10.

Johanna K. Huffman, Bettendorf, and Chad M. Stoltenberg, Eldridge, May 10.

Gerri L. Lane, Davenport, and Raymond L. March, Davenport, May 11.

Todd Strawhacker and Melissa J. Supple, addresses not listed, May 16.

Melinda D. Foreman, Bettendorf, and Blair W. Foreman, Bettendorf, May 14.

Nan E. Eickstaedt, Bettendorf, and Jerry M. Defrates, Bettendorf, May 14.

Mary E. Howes, LeClaire, and Jack J. Henderkott, LeClaire, May 16.

Stephen L. Dorgan, Blue Grass, and Tracy L. Dorgan, Davenport, May 15.

Kathryn E. Woodley, Davenport, and Derek W. Duffy, Davenport, May 17.

Megan L. Russo, Davenport, and Joseph A. Russo, Davenport, May 17.

Tera L. Papke, Davenport, and Paul N. Papke, Davenport, May 18.

Kumi M. Moore, Davenport, and Shannon Moore, Davenport, May 18.

Kawanda D. Whitely Cox, Davenport, and Herman Cox, Davenport, May 14.

Nicole Adams, LeClaire, and Joshua D. Kilby, Moline, May 18.

Richard A. Carstensen, Davenport, and Elizabeth B. Brooke, Davenport, May 14.

Heather K. McBunnette, Davenport, and Osvaldo Olarte Montes, Davenport, May 18.

Elizabeth A. Knaack, Bettendorf, and David P. Knaack, Bettendorf, May 15.

Shayna R. Guinn, Davenport, and Ronnie R. Guinn, May 17.

Kadie McCory, Davenport, and Nathaniel McCory, Davenport, May 30.

Tracy L. Knapper, Davenport, and Trent D. Engler, Davenport, May 22.

Christopher P. Cook, Davenport, and Johnna J. Cook, Bettendorf, May 30.

Emily A. Gilbert, Moline, and Cory J. Gilbert, Bettendorf, May 24.

Beth D. Evans, Davenport, and Brian R. Evans, Davenport, May 25.

Betty L. Bird, Bettendorf, and Richard E. Bird, address not listed, May 31.

James Leach, Bettendorf, and Nicole Leach, Hampton, May 22.

Mick E. Magner, Davenport, and Jennifer K. Carlstrom, Davenport, May 30.

Christopher A. Thurlow, Bettendorf, and Lorene L. Fryer Thurlow, Bettendorf, May 25.

Brandi L. Frye, Davenport, and William J. Box, Davenport, May 29.

Cheryl L. Telsrow, Durant, Iowa, and Rodney W. Telsrow, Scott County, Iowa, May 25.

Shanny A. Adame, Bettendorf, and Miguel A. Adame, Davenport, May 23.

Jeffrey E. Lockrem, Davenport, and Raechel K. Lockrem, Davenport, May 24.

Diane Dippel, Davenport, and Richard L. Dippel, Davenport, May 30.

Kristy M. Kluth, Davenport, and Kristopher Kluth, Oak Brook, Ill., May 29.

Criminal dispositions


John R. Hocking, 65, Grain Valley, Mo., guilty, theft. Arrested March 7. Sentenced April 27, $500 fine, $240 restitution, costs.

Aurelio Quevedo-Eleocadio, 33, Moline, guilty, possession of cocaine, possession of an altered ID. Arrested Dec. 21. Sentenced April 30, 24-month conditional discharge each count concurrent, costs.


Terry L. Carter Jr., 24, Davenport, guilty, willful injury. Arrested Oct. 10, 2010. Sentenced April 6, $1,500 fine, 5-year Department of Corrections, costs.

Megan A. Newell, 25, Moline, deferred, prohibited acts. Arrested Oct. 10. Sentenced April 12, $1,000 fine, 2-year probation, costs.

Joseph Malloy, 45, Davenport, guilty, count 1, 3rd-degree burglary; count 2, 3rd-degree criminal mischief. Arrested Nov. 18. Sentenced April 13, count 1, $750 fine, 5-year Department of Corrections suspended; count 2, $625 fine suspended, 5-year Department of Corrections suspended; 5-year probation, $644.95 restitution, costs.

Shawn Vermeire, 27, Davenport, guilty, failure to register. Arrested Nov. 22. Sentenced April 5, $750 fine, 5-year Department of Corrections, costs.

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