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Trinity Moline

Michelle Castro and Jorge Gutierrez, Silvis, boy, Nov. 14.

Amanda and Jason Lee, East Moline, girl, Nov. 14.

Veronica and Adam Moseley, Rock Island, girl, Nov. 14.

Fire calls



2:39 a.m., 2128 Dixwell St., smoke.

3:08 a.m., 3320 Spring St., public assistance.

11:56 a.m., 1691 W. 53rd St., no incident found.

4:10 p.m., East Kimberly Road, police matter.

5:50 p.m., 530 Ripley St., smoke.

6:44 p.m., 1608 E. Locust St., detector activation.

7:04 p.m., 320 E. 4th St., police matter.

7:55 p.m., 618 S. Dittmer St., rubbish fire.

8:46 p.m., 1411 E. High St., carbon monoxide detector.

10:38 p.m., 2616 Cedar St., carbon monoxide incident.

10:49 p.m., River Drive, chemical hazard.



3 p.m., 1663 30th Ave., structure fire.


3:13 a.m., 1640 6th Ave., assist citizen.

Alarms: 1



12:20 p.m., 1510 46th Ave., investigate.

3:20 p.m., 3705 9th St., assist.

5 p.m., 3817 45th St. Court, burn.

9:03 p.m., 399 7th St., assist.

Alarms: 1



Ricardo Aguilar and Nicole Marie Kane, East Moline.

Kevin James Benes and Ellen Celine Ojala, Davenport.

Brandon Duane Gosa, East Moline, and Kathleen Nicole Bruder, Moline.

Steven Michael Jones and Joella Willemarck Reedy, Moline.

Brandon Kayne Klugger and Laurie Ann Demaught, Moline.

John David Ludwig III and Jade Kay Newquist, Silvis.

Jonathan Paul Nesbitt and Kelly Kathlene Mitchell, Davenport.

Austin John Pasker and Alexandria Lacy Novotny, Ames, Iowa.

Jose Guadalupe Perea, Moline, and Monica Cristina Vazquez Mariscal, Tepic, Mexico.

James Patrick Schmidt, and Jean Danielle Crompton, Elk Grove Village, Ill.

Matthew Scott Seefeldt and Brittney Ann Kessler, Hillsdale, Ill.

Bradley Allen Stoutt, Moline, and Nicole Beth Lobdell, Lena, Ill.

Lucas Robert Westblade, Hillsdale, Mich., and Shannon Elaine Haan, Island Lake, Ill.

Evan Michael Wendell, Illinois City, and Katelyn Anne Fulton, Milan.


Douglas A. Ayers, 39, Davenport, and Michelle M. Ruden, 40, Rock Island.

John T. Bivens, 33, and Mallory L. Harrelson, 25, DeKalb, Ill.

Alexandra K. Corbin, 24, and Gregory M. Bauer, 25, Davenport.

Lawrence E. Davis, 64, and Nannette M. Davis, 66, Bettendorf.

Francis J. Ehrecke, 58, and Lori A. Duncan, 45, Davenport.

Mackenzie D. Evans, 21, and Brand M. Garnica, 21, Davenport.

Allen M. Gabel, 55, and Ruby A. Ulpindo, 47, Fort Madison, Iowa.

Tracy A. Fiese, 44, and Marla A. Downey, 42, Davenport.

Lori L. Gibson, 42, and Brenda L. Clarke, 54, Greenville, Ill.

Alicia M. Garcia-Jimenez, 30, and Michael M. Holst, 35, Bettendorf.

Nancy L. Hoeffer, 47, Napa, Calif., and Christina L. Faulkner, 50, Berkeley, Calif.

Shirley J. Hubert, 51, and David L. Offutt, 52, Davenport.

Melissa L. Johnson, 41, and Daniel E. Rowe, 34, Davenport.

Justine M. Libansky, 25, and Cale C. Williams, 28, Davenport.

Margaret E. Mahon, 44, and Joseph J. Bitterman, 34, Davenport.

Jeffrey A. May, 49, and Rachel E. Arnold, 27, Davenport.

Christine L. Quijas, 49, and Scott A. Hanssen, 49, Davenport.

Kristie L. Sisk, 24, and Joseph D. Phillips, 24, Bettendorf.

Christopher K. Steele, 25, and Lindsay R. Schoon, 27, Davenport.

Dustin T. L. Thronburg, 29, and Jennifer A. Bunn, 30, Davenport.

Courtney L. Vail, 23, and Matthew F. J. Meyer, 24, Bettendorf.

Robert B. Mink, 59, and Lynda K. Mink, 57, Davenport



Joel A. Lund, Davenport, and Kristine Diediker, Rock Island, Aug. 20.

Deanna Downey, Davenport, and David Merrival, Davenport, Aug. 21.

Daine E. Gordon, Davenport, Belal Q. Massadeh, address not listed, Aug. 21.

Dolletha Taylor, Davenport, and Vance L. Harris, Rock Island, Aug. 21.

Lisa M. Bauer, Davenport, and Floyd Bauer, Davenport, Aug. 22.

Stacy A. Vandersnick, Eldridge, and Scott M. Hoffman, Eldridge, Aug. 22.

Ellen M. Jackson, Davenport, and Michael J. Jackson Jr., Davenport, Aug. 23.

Samantha R. Holden, Colona, and Timothy J. Stout, Eldridge, Aug. 23.

Sonja N. Newell, Bettendorf, and Jason M. Huffman, Bettendorf, Aug. 24.

Susan K. Dobbins, Davenport, and Frank J. Dobbins, Moline, Aug. 24.

Patrick Jewell, Davenport, and Chanin Jewell, Bettendorf, Aug. 24.

Danny A. Kaufman, Electric City, Wash., and Cristy N. Seefieldt, Davenport, Aug. 22.

Michael River, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., and Cathleen E. McClanathan, Davenport, Aug. 24.

Victor A. Kersey, Davenport, and Cynthia A. Kersey, Salt Lake City, Sept. 6.

Alica E. Azure, Davenport, and Anthony G. Azure, Davenport, Sept. 7.

Ronald Zogg, Davenport, and Cindy Zogg, Bettendorf, Sept. 7.

Jacque M. Kohl, Davenport, and John D. Kohl, Davenport, Sept. 6.

Brandy A. Orey, Davenport, and Craig A. Gohn, Davenport, Sept. 6.

Timothy W. Holt, Davenport, and Natalie E. Natalino, Davenport, Sept. 6.

John V. Martin, Davenport, and Diedra K. Martin, Davenport, Sept. 5.

Sheila J. Noland, Davenport, and Jon R. Noland, address not listed, Sept. 5.

Jennifer L. Davenport, Davenport, and Timothy R. Davenport Sr., Davenport, Sept. 4.

James C. Terry Jr., Davenport, and Debra S. Johnson, Davenport, Sept. 4.

Bambi J. Halligan-Winter, Davenport, and James L. Robinson, Davenport, Sept. 4.

Katherine J. Moser, Bettendorf, and Karl K. Moser, Bettendorf, Sept. 27.

Nathan L. Wagner, Davenport, and Heather K. Wagner, Davenport, Sept. 27.

Stephen A. Schiffke, Davenport, and Chrissy L. Schiffke, Davenport, Sept. 26.

Kristine A. Greving, Davenport, and Ryan C. Greving, Davenport, Sept. 25.

Edward W. Elliott, Princeton, and Joyce M. Elliott, Princeton, Sept. 25.

Ronald J. Olderog, Davenport, and Jessica J. Hoffmann, address not listed, Sept. 24.

Dawn R. Whittington, Davenport, and Jeffrey D. Whittington, Davenport, Sept. 21.

Annette P. Gardner, Davenport, and Donald B. Gardner, Davenport, Sept. 21.

Cindy M. Graham, Davenport, and Jay F. Graham, Davenport, Sept. 21.

Margery J. Stratton, Davenport, and John C. Arnold, Davenport, Sept. 20.

Melissa M. McNeill, Davenport, and Walter A. McNeill, Davenport, Sept. 20.

Edrix Romilus, Davenport, and Marlene Romilus, Davenport, Sept. 19.

Randall L. Coleman, Davenport, and Nicole L. Patty, Davenport, Sept. 18.

Jennifer D. Iversen, Davenport, and Celeste M. Iversen, Davenport, Sept. 18.

Connie S. Bellendier, Eldridge, and John A. Bellendier, Eldridge, Sept. 17.

Beverly A. Brown, Davenport, and Richard L. Sorrentino, Davenport, Sept. 17.

Jason Kneen, Eldridge, and Sonya J. Kneen, Eldridge, Sept. 17,

Hannah B. Ogden, address not listed, and Andrew R. Ogden, Davenport, Sept. 14.

Suzanne Lopez-Gronski, Bettendorf, and Timothy A. Gronski, Bettendorf, Sept. 14.

Darcy Raymie, Davenport, and David E. Raymie, Davenport, Sept. 14.

Alyssa M. Rickert, Davenport, and Amanda Rickert, address not listed, Sept. 14.

Amanda K. Bowers, Rock Island, and Daniel Valandingham, Davenport, Sept. 13.

Brian K. Almonrode, Bettendorf, and Dana Almonrode, Bettendorf, Sept. 13.

Shelley K. Waldron, Bettendorf, and Eric A. MacMillan, Bettendorf, Sept. 13.

Nancy A. Roehr, Davenport, and Todd J. Roehr, Davenport, Sept. 12.

Teresa L. Wulf, Davenport, and Steven S. Wulf, Davenport, Sept. 12.

Shanice Caruthers, Bettendorf, and Brett M. Sanders, Galena, Ill., Sept. 19.

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