The Quad-City Times publishes all real estate deeds $50,000 and over without exception.


Shawn R. and Taunya R. McGee to Joseph M. Boyer, 106 Brakeshoe Ct., Carbon Cliff, $91,200.

John L. and Lucille Benjamin to Brian E. Cooper, 132 24th Ave., East Moline, $80,000.

Timothy J. and Mary D. Knanishu to Morgan J. and Jennifer A. Milner, 1616 33rd Ave. Ct., Rock Island, $264,000.

Larry L. Lyon to Ronald J. Willems, 607 E. 6th Ave., Milan, $65,000.

Iowa Health System to Clarice D. Sundeen, 3 Wilderness Ct., Moline, $240,000.

Darren and Brenda Olson to Daniel P. Gerlich, 2354 8th St., East Moline, $129,900.

Steven J. Simpson to Sarah A. Perino, 3405 South Shore Dr., Moline, $90,000.

Richard E. Holman to Gregory L. and Christy J. Vols, 2240 3rd St., East Moline, $103,000.

DHCU Community Credit Union to Claudia Hernandez-Villagomez and Alfonso Villagomez, 547 17th Ave., East Moline, $57,000.

Darrell M. and Mary S. Honn to Alina Lilly and Mark Lofgren, 2944 11th Ave. A, Moline, $159,000.

Joyce V. Knox-Stevens to Larry L. Wheeler, 2652 44th St. Ct., Moline, $133,250.

Matthew R. Larson to Minasian Rei LLC, 2820 4th St. A, East Moline, $68,000.

QCA Holdings LLC Series 1 to Minasian Rei LLC, 1544 16th Ave., Moline, $77,000.

QCA Holdings LLC Series 1 to Minasian Rei LLC, 2739 8 ½ Ave., Rock Island, $86,000.

Carrie L. Fuhr to Nicole Akers, 522 16th Ave., Moline, $64,000.

Walter L. DePoorter to Daniel E. Brewer, 733 23td Ave. Ct., Moline, $160,000.

Peggy L. Minzenmeyer to Kelly L. Debus, 217 12th Ave. W., Milan, $126,000.

Michael J. and Janice F. Collis to Patti Stephenson, 1110 37th Ave., East Moline, $102,500.

Marchy E. Bytner to Adam D. Mehuys, 511 22nd Ave., Moline, $112,750.

Kathryn L. Jackson to Alvino Carbajal and Bethany N. Nunn, 3513 34th St., Moline, $127,400.

Blake C. and Morgan B. Wolf to Cedrick L. and Dina M. Parker, 2621 13th Ave., Moline, $99,900.

Marcy A. Fisher to Juan Juarez and Enrique Guiterrez, 1821 9th St., Moline, $84,500.

Joshua J. and Jennifer L. Behn to Frederick W. Meyer, 10313 71st Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, $284,900.


Michael R. and Barbara E. Stadie to Wayne N. and Judy K. Keith, 2228 Emerald Dr., Davenport, $155,000.

Good Development LLC to Goodwill Industries of the Heartland, 2333 Cumberland Square Dr., Bettendorf, $1,910,000.

Applestone Homes Inc. to Sanjay Sundar, 2909 E. 63rd St., Davenport, $454,500.

Adam J. and Kimberly A. Kerns to Ervin W. Eisenhauer, 31 Park Ave., Park View, $159,500.

Bettendorf Nursing Home Co. to Bettendorf Realty LLC, 2730 Crow Creek Rd., Bettendorf, $1,993,500.

Richard A. and Gayle A. Farrar to Christoper M. and Jennifer A. Schulte, 704 N. Meadows Ct., Davenport, $210,000.

Culgan LLC to Max L. Flack Jr. and Tamara L. Flack, 346 Lynnea Ct., Park View, $235,000.

Leslie A. Broihier to Charles A. McKinley, 2821 N. Zenith Ave., Davenport, $118,000.

Elwyn L. and Rhonda J. Stutzman to Bruce A. and Paige L. Canarr, 306 W. 63rd St., Davenport, $116,500.

Earl C. and Geraldine L. Dobbe to Jill and Mathew Dobbe, 205 S. Tombergs Dr., Eldridge, $320,000.

Hillcrest Manor LLC to Brian T. White, 1825 Duggleby St., Davenport, $128,000.

Kathryn S. Olson revocable trust to Cameron Cathey, 1720 Cromwell Circle, Davenport, $430,000.

Ryan M. and Deana M. Trotter to Benjamin D. and Sarah A. Hall, 106 Shawnee Circle, Park View, $213,000.

Conservatorship of Alfred H. Luett to James L. and Gayle D. Ridge, 2420 Madison St., Davenport, $60,000.

S & G Properties Inc. to Bethany Enterprises Inc., 3901 Brady St., Davenport, $700,000.

Stanley R. and Kimberly K. Munn to Lauren VanCamp, 1609 E. Lombard St., Davenport, $99,000.

Williams Griffin LLC to DFE LLC, 4004 W. Kimberly Rd. Lot 3, Davenport, $133,000.

William E. and Terri L. Nestel to Jason Francque, 4098 Lilly Ct., Bettendorf, $430,000.

W G Block Co. to TNT Development LLC, S21T78R3 vacant lot, Davenport, $165,000.

Christopher D. and Michelle L. Elias to Thomas A. and Chelsey M. Hogan, 6911 Cresthill Dr., Davenport, $209,500.

Samantha L. Kennedy to Brandon K. Banks, 404 W. 29th Place, Davenport, $67,500.

Scott A. and Oun P. Miller Platt to Jason D. Allison, 2203 Spring Ct., Davenport, $167,000.

John G. and Karlene N. Lindorder to Marcus A. Burken, 3306 Dunee Lane, Bettendorf, $152,000.

Deborah A. Marten to Greg T. and Carrie A. Paustian, 5405 295th St., Dixon, $420,000.

Ross Greene to Duane G. and Tammie A. Isenberger, 1702 State St., Bettendorf, $159,000.

Estate of Roberta M. McLaughlin to Robert H. and Suzanne D. Ven Horst, S33T80R5 farm land, Eldridge, $506,000.

Estate of Bernice V. Price to Q-C Props LLC, Frieden Prop Management, 2115 E. Locust St., Davenport, $55,500.

Margaret N. Garnass to Bravo Properties LLC, 708 15th St., Bettendorf, $103,000.

Thomas J. and Margaret M. Saelens to Lesa H. and Abdalla Khebdr, 1520 21st St., Bettendorf, $135,000.

Michael J. and Lynn M. Tapke to Jacob S. and Joy A. Schneckloth, 385 W. Broadmoor Dr., Eldridge, $298,500.

Mad Ventures LLC to Brian J. and Heather Bristol, 3414 Kimberly Downs Rd., Davenport, $115,000.

One Putnam Center LLC to City Square LLC, 104, 116, 112 and 128 W. 2nd St., Davenport, $2,279,500.

Estate of Robert J. Condon to David J. and Shontel L. Cutler, 2550 E. Central Park Ave., Davenport, $157,000.

JP Condon Inc. to Hari Kiran Gogisetty and Bosky Pusala, 3896 Sparrow Ct., Bettendorf, $321,000.

Thomas A. and Chelsey M. Hogan to Scott A. Higdon, 2417 W. 43rd St., Davenport, $138,000.

Helene R. Duncan trust to Kevin G. House, 4406 El Rancho Dr., Davenport, $190,000.

David S. Jensen to James M. Wallace and Amber Bergheger, 2202 W. 35th St., Davenport, $115,000.

JP Condon Inc. to Christian Z. Petersen, 1221 W. 62nd St., Davenport, $265,000.

Luscas L. and Amanda R. West to Kevin J. Clark, 2260 200th St., Duran, $195,500.

Samuel C. Kresse Sr. and Elaine L. Kresse to Joseph C. Detrent, 1823 W. Garfield St., Davenport, $140,000.

G & D Investments Properties LLC to Roger H. and Vivalle Wells, 22889 244th St., Eldridge, $80,000.

James S. and Kelley L. Leonard to Heather A. and Gregory S. Tooke, 5361 Century Heights Ave., Bettendorf, $418,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Q-C Property Marketing Inc., 3723 Keota Ave., Davenport, $64,000.

Carlos Calderon and Mai Mguen to JBB Enterprises LLC, Frieden Property Management, Lot 14 Yardwoods Addition, Davenport, $51,500.

KPV LC AKA KP & V LC to Beth A. McDaniel, 104 Jones St., LeClaire, $210,000.

Mary L. Wellendorf to James C. Milam, 2421 Grand Ave., Davenport, $127,000.

Jersey Roads LC to Vintage Homes Inc., Lot 31 Eastern Avenue Farms 1st Addition, Davenport, $94,000.

Jersey Road LLC to Vintage Homes Inc., Lot 6 Jersey Farms 8th Addition, Davenport, $51,000.

Robert M. Sanders to Garrett T. Hamilton, 111 North St., Panorama Park, $75,000.

Dan E. and M. Sharon Hoffman to Nicholas J. Norman, 2405 E. 51st St. Unit 102 D, Davenport, $119,500.

Christina E. Braune to Anthony L. Ronzani, 3391 Parkwild Dr., Bettendorf, $107,000.

Matthew D. and Carrie L. Goodding to Robert J. Livingston and Matthew S. Livingston, 413 S. Eastwood Dr., Long Grove, $295,000.

William E. and Margaret J. Kimler to Norman L. and Janet S. Helman, 1113 Summit Hills Dr., Bettendorf, $130,000.

MBDP Properties LC to Roberta A. and Steven D. Russell, 7106 Madison St., Davenport, $251,000.

Gregory L. and Pamela S. Lundgren to Michael C. and Linsey A. Warren, 2526 E. Columbia Ave., Davenport, $224,000.

Allen D. and Barbara McIlrath to Adam J. and Mindy B. Swank, 2220 Tara Lane, LeClaire, $224,000.

Lilian E. Mink to Dan E. and Mary S. Hoffmann, 3810 Spring St. Unit 2, Davenport, $71,500.

Joan S. Nichols to Marcia M. Peterson, 316 N. 13th St., LeClaire, $259,000.

Jersey Roads LC Construction Inc. to Dave Prochaska Construction Inc., 6003 Spring St., Davenport, $50,000.

Harold G. Anderson to Lucas L. and Amanda R. West, 2229 W. Hayes St., Davenport, $134,000.

Captain's Quarters Dry Stak Marina LLC to Hoyt Marine LLC, Carl Hoyt Sr., 1211 Canal Shore Dr. S.W., LeClaire, $440,000.

Q-C Land Development LLC to H L Construction LLC, 1247 and 1255 W. 62nd St., Davenport, $57,000.