A Davenport boy makes his network TV debut Friday morning on “The View.”

Eddie Hanzelin, 7, used his iPad to locate a family friend’s long-lost sister. Eddie’s parents, Amy and Glenn Hanzelin, rent an apartment to Clifford Boyson, 66, also of Davenport, who had been searching for years for the older sister he had never met. Using Facebook, Eddie found Betty Boyson Billadeau and recognized a family resemblance. Within about a week, brother and sister were reunited in Davenport. The boy’s efforts made national news, and the reunion was covered live by a crew from “Good Morning America.”

The second-grader from Trinity Lutheran School, Davenport, made his latest big-media appearance this week in a taping of “The View,” an all-woman talk show on ABC.

The program is scheduled to air at 10 a.m. Friday on ABC.

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My gosh! If you had a relative you were looking for all those years, would you care where or how they were found?? Great going, Eddie. See you on The View.


He's pretty savvy for a seven year old. I hope he doesn't overdo the I Pad thing. They are great but kids need physical activity too.


Klaatu- couldnt agree more!! Kids now days park it behind a TV or computer and get lost in the techno-world. The days of going to the park to play a pick up game of football, baseball, basketball etc. are ending. SAD!!


What in the heck is a 7 year old boy doing using Facebook? Why does he have a profile? Social media is too dangerous for our youth and adolescents to be using.


He was finding his neighbor's long lost sister. Where did it say he had a profile? You can search people on Facebook without having a profile. Congrats to everybody!


I could be mistaken about the profile because I ditched all social media over 2 years ago. However, when going to the facebook website, it requires a log in to get past the home page in order to look around. However, it’s irrelevant. I have a 10 year old and there is NO way I am letting him use social media. Don’t get me wrong, I think the end result for this family was GREAT and congratulations. All that being said, I don’t think people truly realize just how dangerous social media is i.e. identity theft, social engineering, phishing, etc. not to mention links to elicit websites and pictures. There is no way I would expose a 7 year old to that. Where is people’s sense of anonymity anymore? Because of social media, anyone can goggle your name and find anything about you they want. Wake up people... don’t expose your kids to it. Change the trend.

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