A Davenport-based physician who practices orthopedic surgery has been cited by the state for mistakenly performing arthroscopic surgery on a patient's left ankle instead of the right one.

The error by Dr. Tuvi Mendel occurred Nov. 5, 2013. 

Mendel was fined $2,500 by the Iowa Board of Medicine and warned that if such an error should occur again, his Iowa medical license would face further disciplinary action.

According to the Iowa Board of Medicine, Mendel recognized the error after the surgery was completed. He immediately informed the patient and her family. The patient subsequently agreed to undergo surgery on the correct ankle.

Mendel reported the incident to the board and has taken corrective actions to avoid such errors in the future, officials said.


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I would never recommend mendel to anyone. My opinions: go elsewhere, be leery, watch out, please listen. Because of mendel I am now forever in pain and misery. PAIN and MISERY!! PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!!!! I can't make it through the day without wanting to SCREAM in foot pain. Before mendel, I had no foot pain. And NOW.............PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!!!


Finch, are you kidding? He was honest? Of course he was, would the patient just go away and say "he did the wrong one, oh well?" NO! The patient would have complained and reported him! Honest? Idiot!


He works out of Mississippi Valley Surgery Center - I think he is the President of the Board at that facility? Little Scary !! Might want to check your doctors "Board of Medicine" rap sheet before you go to that facility!


is he genesis or trinity? where's he practicing and who is referring patients to him?


My in-laws go to him, I think he's Trinity.


After the pain, suffering, and grief I went and continue to go through, my spouse coined a phrase that I was MENDELIZED. Why can mendel presumably skate by? Why does mendel still have a license? Where is mendel's schooling? Why are there victims and mendel can continue? Why such a small, apparent punitive charge, for the pain and suffering that seemingly was created for what should be standard practice to absolutely, 100 percent know exactly which area will be operated on?


So the patient got a "twofer"! The second was free, I hope. Actually they both should be free. I don't understand how this happens. When I had orthopedic surgery I was asked not once, but three times by different people which shoulder was being fixed. And it was marked and initialed by the surgeon with a Sharpie. Maybe this crowd needs to hang a "No Trespassing" sign on the good joint before surgery. Gross incompetence.


I Have two weeks of court records and pictures to prove hes a scum bag he knew it was 2 years after the statue of limations and he gets up on witness stand and admits hes sorry

1 grandma

Because of issues and problems, I've heard about TUVI MENDEL, I would never, ever, recommend him to anyone. Never. Ever.


He has the personality of a piece of dirt. I seen him for two appointments and realized that I wouldn't let him touch me with a ten foot pole. JMO


A few years ago, I had tuvi mendel, operate on my tendon. What a start to a never ending nightmare. I was relatively young and in good shape. He never diagnosed a post op staph infection, despite my pleading with him, despite my great symptoms for almost 6 horrible months. He repeatedly told me he didn't know what it was, but it was not an infection. Iowa City instantly diagnosed the staph infection and painfully operated on it twice. The growing staph did great damage. More painful surgeries followed. Post Mendel's initial surgery, I asked him why my foot NOW turns outward. He told me, he didn't know why, but I would have to learn to walk that way. This outward, pronated way of walking now, I feel, has exacerbated my continuous pain. My foot is now full of painful arthritis. I continue to suffer daily. Let me repeat that word....DAILY. Continuously. My abilities have been severely limited. Insofar as the above statement, saying Correction actions to avoid such errors.... I feel those corrective actions should have or were, years ago, put into place.


He's a great surgeon who has never done my family wrong. I had foot surgery by him and my pain is gone! My mom had back surgery that caused her debilitating pain for 20 year and not she has no pain and she has had surgery on both knees and guess what everything went perfect. Mistakes happen, yes I would be really upset if a mistake happened to me but that doesn't make him a bad doctor. He did not do something to purposely hurt someone.


Hwki6sn I had the same thing happen to me, he ended up doing 4 surgeries on my shoulder and still couldn't get it right. I had to go to Iowa city to get it right. I wasn't surprised at all to see this article, wouldn't recommend him to anyone!!!


*license (gimme a break i've been up since 4AM! :-) )


After reading these comments it seems this doctor needs his lisence taken away. Either he doesn't know how to read charts or he doesn't know his left from his right. Yikes!


In 2001 Dr Mendal Did a below the knee amputation on my mothers leg and discharged her to Manor Care without discharge instructions staples grew in her incision with a infection and had to have a above the knee amputation and passed away after surgery! So sorry to hear about another victim


Two ankles for the price of one.


Why do something once when you can do it twice? Or, maybe the first one was just for practice?


I saw him years ago for knee problems. On my 2nd or 3rd visit he asked me to get up on the table and began to flex/extend my knee asking me if it hurt to which I replied that it did not. He then asked me why it didn't hurt? I told him it was my other knee. I thought he was trying to establish some sort of baseline when in fact he didn't look at his chart to see what knee it was. Nice guy though.


He did my first shoulder surgery, and my second after it wasn't done correctly. Two more surgeries by two different doctors to help correct what still wasn't done right has left it far below expectations for usage. Was not surprised at all to see his name as the doctor that made the mistake when opening up this article


The honest surgeon? What about the patient? He owes it to himself and the patient to be ethical and professional.What ever happened to marking the operating site with a marker? He did the right thing because next time it could be worst.


An honest surgeon, turning himself in for a mistake. The Board should have given him money, not take it from him.

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