For Helmut Jahn, who has designed notable buildings the world over, participating in the Fountainhead Quad-Cities project is a chance to be part of “a very interesting site.”

Jahn, who has architectural credits that span nearly

50 years, will design the connecting Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels that will anchor the East Moline development planned for the now vacant Case New Holland site.

“There are a lot of important architects that are going to do a building,” he said of the team put together for the $150 million mixed-use project.

Jahn said he is enthused by the natural elements, particularly the Mississippi River.

The hotel, he said will be five stories tall and “stand on a base – 15 feet tall – that will put it at the height of the river.”

He anticipated that the site not only will be a place for hotel guests, but others who will come to see the eagles or attend a wedding. “It becomes a special place,” Jahn said.

Asked about the design, he said “You connect what you did in the past and push a little farther.”

This project will explore new materials and colors “inspired by the special place,” he said. “This isn’t just another Helmut Jahn building. Hopefully, it is a better Helmut Jahn building.”

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Tyler Guth

Picture me in an office in Chicago squealing like a little girl on Christmas.

This is very exciting, and the above is exactly what's happening.


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