COLUMBUS JCT., Iowa — An effort to establish a rental inspection program in Columbus Junction should gather more public input before moving forward, the city council agreed Wednesday.

The council will hold an additional public meeting in April after hearing from several residents who are concerned over sections of the proposed program. The council had approved the first reading of the ordinance at its March 13 meeting, but postponed the second reading after hearing of the concerns.

Local attorney Tim Wink, who also serves as the city attorney, said he had studied the new proposal carefully and had several concerns over exit requirements, basement usage, fire extinguisher and smoke alarm rules, insect treatment mandates, fees and other issues.

“Our intent has been not to eliminate, but there is a standard of decency for people to live in,” Mayor Dan Wilson said.

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Wilson said he would schedule the public meeting in the next few weeks. In the meantime, he said, he would review the proposal and make recommendations to the city.

In other action, Wilson recognized Mang Bic, a Burmese immigrant, for receiving his U.S. citizenship. Wilson said Bic was the first Burmese from the Columbus Junction area to gain his citizenship.

The council also received an update on the city’s water projects from project engineer Matt Walker, Fairfield.

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