Bettendorf residents have adjusted to the roundabout built 10 years ago at the intersection of Middle Road and 53rd Avenue and it has improved traffic safety in the area, city officials say.

There were skeptics when the city decided to build a roundabout at the intersection, which opened in October 2002, said City Administrator Decker Ploehn. He said the few complaints he hears about the roundabout now are usually that it would be easier to negotiate if it were bigger.

“From our perspective, it’s working out very well,” Ploehn said.

Ploehn said drivers are becoming more familiar with roundabouts as they become more common in other parts of the country. As the city continues to develop, Ploehn said the city would consider adding more roundabouts at appropriate intersections.

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Police Chief Phil Redington said there are very few traffic accidents at the roundabout. Those that do occur usually are less serious than many accidents at traditional intersections because the cars move slowly through the roundabout, lessening the impact of a collision.

“It naturally causes you to slow down as you enter the roundabout, which is a plus,” Redington said.

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