Restoration St. Louis principals Amrit and Amy Gill raised concerns Monday about the scoring process for Davenport casino developments, saying some of the participants didn’t follow instructions properly.

“We are all very concerned about the scoring process and that specifically some people, by their own admission and intentionally, ignored the selection criteria and did not follow the instructions,” Amy Gill wrote in an email to Davenport City Administrator Craig Malin. “We are wondering what the mechanism is to protest their scores and participation since they, in the media, admitted they cannot give a fair analysis.”

Riverboat Development Authority board treasurer Don Decker gave an interstate casino proposal from Ingenus Management & Consulting a 95 score and zero scores to downtown casino proposals from Atrium Holding and Restoration St. Louis. Christine Frederick, who serves on the RDA and Davenport Community Improvement Corp., gave Ingenus a score of 113 and the two downtown proposals each got 19 points.

Decker, who supports an interstate casino, told the Quad-City Times that “I was trying to make a statement.”

Scoring by a combination of city elected officials, city staff and community members resulted in an average of 99.91 for Ingenus, ahead of Restoration St. Louis’ 89.78 and Atrium with an average of 62.91. However, the Restoration St. Louis project was the top choice of eight of the 15 scorers.

“They didn’t follow the directions, so the scores shouldn’t count,” Amrit Gill said.

Malin responded that the city council has the ultimate decision of which proposal is selected.

That is still problematic for the Gills.

“We think the two didn’t score us because they didn’t even look at it,” Amy Gill said of their proposal. “It is worrisome because public opinion affects the city council.”

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When did RSL actually secure options to an entire city block? If we believe the email (that was not set by an alderman posing as another alderman to the media) this would be long prior to the Chamber voting to move and the requirement to have land option was made public. So these guys are complaining about a process heavily waited to benefit them in the first place. Think maybe this was the only way to level the playing field?


Don't hate just because your idea sucks... the interstate 80/280 is the most logical spot in this case?!


We'll now see who Davenport "leaders" answer to- The people of Davenport or the Gills.


Or maybe he's the only honest man. Everyone else seems ready to just hand it to restoration St. Louis.


I do not consider what Mr. Decker did as "honest". Deciding on his own to create his own scoring system was deceitful and scheming (by his own admission). RSL played by the rules. Nothing is being handed to anyone. The fact that the Ingenus proposal leaves the city with $50 million worth of debt should clearly limit its score in comparison to the RSL proposal which makes the city debt-free in the deal.


Perhaps they should treat it like the Olympics and throw out the high score and low score for each. This would knock out Mr Deckers scores. He wasnt put on the committee to make a statement. I am very disappointed with him. He is a bigger man than this. Yes, I know he doesnt give a rats behind what I think. This still shows he is a rather small man.


A flawed selection process for flawed idea....this news makes me feel good all under. Can you fit 3 pigs in a single poke?


It is worrisome because public opinion affects the city council? ---- Did I comprehend Ms. Gills statement correctly?

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