1. A record-setting day


A good Tuesday to all. Did you enjoy Monday'srecord-setting day? The official high from the National Weather Service was 89 degrees. The old record was 86 degrees set in 1950. The bad news is that trend will not continue.

Here are the weather details from the National Weather Service.

Temperatures are currently in the mid-70s and falling and will hold steady at around 68 degrees.

Skies will be mostly sunny with northwest winds gusting as high as 20 mph.

Tonight will be mostly clear with a low around 48 degrees.


Monday marked the hottest day this October, and perhaps one last chance for recreational boa…

Wednesdaywe could see some isolated showers after 1 p.m. Skies will be partly sunny with ahigh near 69 degrees.The chance of precipitation is 20 percent.

Wednesday nightbrings the chance of more isolated showers. Skies will be mostly cloudy with alow around 48 degrees.The chance of precipitation is 20 percent.

2. Wundram: How Happy Joe's got its name


Happy Joe Whitty

Ever wonder how that famous chain of Quad-City pizza/ice cream parlors that got its name? Bill Wundram has the story.

3. Old Kahl nursing home ready for next chapter


Workers restore woodwork in the main entry of the former Kahl mansion. All the light-colored wood is new, replacing features that apparently were removed when the mansion was turned into a nursing home and large spaces were walled-in to create smaller rooms. One of the discoveries workers made is the fireplace at left. The beamed ceiling in the back is original; the new chandelier is made of crystal.

Anyone who ever visited the former Kahl nursing home, a landmark on Davenport's West 9th Street, would be amazed to see it now. Workers are in the final stretch of turning theoriginal 18,000-square-foot mansion, as well as its 1960s and 1980s additions, into what developer Chris Ales calls 49 "nice" senior living apartments.Read more.

4. Bettendorf tables snow removal policy


Joel Choate shovels snow at his home in Bettendorf last week to avoid a bill from the city. If Bettendorf homeowners fail to shovel snow off of their sidewalks within 48 hours of a snowstorm, the city can remove the snow and charge the property owner.

It's not too early for the folks in Bettendorf to be discussing snow removal. The Bettendorf City Councilduring its goal-setting session Monday discussed changes in its residential snow removal policy but differences of opinion forced the council to table the topic to a later date.Read about the differences.

5. Rocky grad impresses Knicks

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Chasson Randle (4) has drawn rave reviews for his play with the New York Knicks during preseason camp.

Everything had been going along so well for Chasson Randlethe past few months. He had received the stamp of approval from theNew York Knicks’star player, had drawn words of praise from the head coach and seemingly was on his way to making the Knicks’ roster.

Then the former Rock Island High School star took a shot in the eye in practice on Friday. Theorbital bone around his left eye was fractured.Detoured perhaps, but not derailed.Read more.

6. School's supply list includes — 6 rolls of toilet paper


This tidbit is from a town near Madrid, Spain, but it seems like only time before before it we could be reading about it happening here.

A row over a public's school's toilet paper supplyhas broken out in a Spanish town.

The government-run primary school in Yepes, a town 30 miles south of Madrid, recently sent out a list of supplies studentsneed for class this year.

Among the pens, notebooks and erasers was an unexpected item — six rolls of toilet paper.

One parent, Carmen Contreras, complained on her Facebook page that the requirement was "totally surreal." She said the school told her it didn't have enough money for toilet paper.

The village town hall has offered to resolve the shortage by supplying rolls for the whole school.

The article makes no mention of whether it was single-ply or 2-ply toilet paper.