River Drive is starting to open back up in the Illinois and Iowa Quad-Cities after closures because of Mississippi River flooding.

Davenport Public Works crews have opened up River Drive from Warren Street to the east, and traffic is moving in all four lanes through downtown.

The section of River Drive from Division Street to Warren is still closed because of floodwaters in the Marquette Street intersection.

City officials predict floodwaters should recede from River Drive at that location Sunday, giving crews time to clean up the area and completely open River Drive for Monday morning commutes.

Brady Street, south of River Drive is open to the Rhythm City casino. Other roadways south of River Drive are closed because of floodwaters . Crews will continue to clean and open the roads as possible.

In Moline, River Drive reopen Friday afternoon. It has been closed from 23rd to 55th streets since June 27.

Public Works crews are cleaning and removing debris from River Drive and Ben Butterworth Parkway.

The Mississippi River had fallen to 16.1 feet by late Friday afternoon, slightly more than a foot above flood stage at Lock and Dam 15 in the Quad-Cities. The river crested at 18.1 feet on Monday, its fourth crest this year. The river now is expected to fall below flood stage late Sunday afternoon.

The Rock River in Moline was at 12.3 feet late Friday afternoon, just above the 12-foot flood stage. It is expected to fall below flood stage today.

The Wapsipinicon River at DeWitt was at 11.9 feet Friday night and was expected to fall below its 11-foot flood stage late today or early Sunday.

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