Here's the latest flood update for Rock Island County.

Sandbags have been provided to road commissioners in South Moline, Coal Valley and Hampton Townships and to public works superintendents in the Village of Coal Valley and Hampton.

Residents in need of sandbags are urged to contact those officials.

As of 10 a.m., the following is a list of road closures known to Rock Island County:

• North and South Shore Drive

• Much of the Barstow area

• East Moline: 13th Street closed from 3rd Avenue to 5th Avenue

• Moline: River Drive from 23rd Street to 55th Street

• Barstow Road under I-80 under water

• Moline: S Shore Drive - water over the road at the 3300 Block and right up to the edge of the road under I74

• Carbon Cliff: North 1st Avenue is closed from 12th Street to State Street

• North 1st Avenue Carbon Cliff shut down at the railroad tracks

• Andalusia: All of 2nd Avenue W is flooded

• River Road off Coaltown Road East Moline

• 12th Avenue N closed between 193rd Street N and 179th Street N

• Moline: Fruitland Addition: South Moline Twp is out posting signs at 400-blk 43rd Avenue water over roadway

• Andalusia: Water is up to the 800-900 Block of 2nd Avenue W

• Big Island: Floodwater is up to 2400-blk 27th Street W

• 1st Street at Kelly’s Landing/Andalusia harbor. North Shore Drive between 16th Street and Harold’s Landing is closed with signs.

• Barricades on North Shore Drive at 36th Street (near Croation Club) due to high water

• Hillsdale: 66th Street North and 320th Street North are closed

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