URBANDALE, Iowa — Iowa Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds joined a printing company executive Monday in blasting President Barack Obama for being “fundamentally hostile” to job creators and expanding government regulations that impede business growth.

Reynolds and Jon Troen, president of Rock Communications and chief executive officer of Colorfx, a commercial printing company, used their joint news conference to advocate for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney as the 2012 candidate best equipped to implement policies that will favor a free-market approach over a “big government” economic policy for the next four years.

Monday’s event at Troen’s Colorfx facility in Urbandale came shortly before the company announced that it had acquired Acme Printing, a merger of two of Des Moines’ longest-standing printing companies with combined annual sales of $90 million and a work force of about 500 operating in five facilities throughout Iowa. Acme employed about 50 people.

“Our company isn’t successful because of the president’s policies. Our company is successful in spite of him,” said Troen, who did not mention the acquisition during Monday’s Romney event with Reynolds. “We believe that if you take the chains off and let free enterprise work, we could do even more.”

Troen told reporters his company faces burdensome federal regulations that have grown in comparison to the previous administration but he declined to provide specific impediments, saying it was more a “climate and a culture of the government” than any particular regulation.

“President Obama has shown that he is fundamentally hostile to job creators both in his rhetoric and in his policies,” Reynolds said. “You simply cannot be hostile to business and friendly to job creation. His policies have prevented business from growing, thriving and creating jobs, and he has absolutely no plans to change course. In fact, every indication that he has given is that he will double down on these failed policies if he is given a second term.”

Reynolds credited Iowa’s 5.1 percent unemployment rate to efforts by the Branstad administration and the Legislature to provide a climate of stability and predictability that other states and the Obama administration have not adopted.

She said the president promised to bring down the national jobless rate, but it still hovers at 8.2 percent in the most recent report.

Iowa Democratic Party officials on Monday accused Gov. Terry Branstad, his administration and Romney surrogates of “trying to have it both ways” by giving the Branstad administration credit for positive economic developments, while claiming “the sky is falling” in their presidential campaign rhetoric.

Michael Hunt, a spokesman for the Iowa Democratic Party, said Branstad was quick to brag when Iowa’s jobless rate dipped to 5.1 percent in April, while criticizing Obama’s economic policies despite having added jobs for 27 months after taking office in January 2009 when the nation was losing around 750,000 jobs a month.

“So which is it Gov. Branstad? Is Iowa’s economy strong under your tenure or failing under President Obama? Why won’t you give credit to Obama policies for Iowa’s low unemployment?” Hunt asked in a statement. “Gov. Branstad can’t take credit for Iowa’s improving economy in one hand and Romney Surrogate Branstad blame the president for the economy in the other.”

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Fred W

The unemployment rate in Iowa is at 5.1% and these people are blaming Obama for a hostile business environment because of excessive regulations! This is so pathetic it's laughable! Asked to identify a regulation that's impeding their business and they refuse to name even one. This folks is what the Republican Party has regressed to in Iowa. How incredibly sad.


It would be interesting to hear what specific new regulations have been implemented by the Obama administration that have impacted the printing industry and how they have specfically impacted the company rather than just a "hostile environment" statement.


Facts and specifics are not their forte, Tom, as you probably already know.

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