ST. DONATUS, Iowa — Centerville Road will be repaired this week, after a truck drove on the road Oct. 18, causing deep ruts on one lane of the newly poured road.

Jackson County supervisors said the lane of the road that was damaged will be replaced, but not both lanes, as they wanted.

Vance O'Hara of Dubuque has been charged with first-degree criminal mischief in connection with the damage. Jackson County Sheriff's deputies said O'Hara was driving a large truck for Perfection Concrete and drove through the newly paved road. It resulted in nearly six-inch ruts along about a quarter of the road.

This week, supervisors said after meetings with their insurance agent, Horsfield Construction, who is building the road, the Department of Transportation and others, officials decided to have only the damaged lane repaired. Supervisors said they wanted both lanes replaced.

Horsfield Construction still owns the road until it's finished and turned over to the county. Supervisors said Horsfield will pay for the repairs.

"I'm upset, and it looks like we are giving in, but it's the right thing to do and get the road open," Supervisor Larry "Buck" Koos said.

Supervisor Steve Flynn agreed saying getting the road finished and open is the first goal. The county engineer's office said the lane will be redone on Friday, and the full road could be open the week of Nov. 11.

Supervisors praised the work of the Sheriff's Department for finding who drove through the road and filing charges.

"We had to settle for what we get, rather than what we wanted," Supervisor Chairman Jack Willey said.

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Why don't we know why? A rival company drives there more of a story here?


Dumb comment.


There is a mighty fine restaurant/bar on the corner in St. Donatus.

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