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Barb Ickes' column on one of the two suspects charged Wednesday with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Ayana Culbreath generated a lot of interest and response. Reminder: Columns are not the same as news articles. Opinions are allowed.

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Remember how the Great River Plaza in Rock Island used to be? We do.


+ Exelon Generation announced Thursday that it has formally notified grid operator PJM Interconnection of its plans to retire the Quad-Cities Generating Station in Cordova on June 1, 2018. Jennifer DeWitt has the details.

Secretary of State Jesse White's office has yet to decide whether it will begin mailing license plate registration sticker renewal notices to drivers again. From Jan. 1 through June 20, 2015, 214,467 drivers were charged a $20 late fee, bringing in nearly $4.3 million in revenue to the state. During the same period this year -- without the reminders -- the number more than doubled to 476,551 drivers, bringing in $9.5 million. Dan Petrella has more.


#CubsCoronation 👑

So the Cubs can't even beat the Reds now. It's not the journey. It's the destination. But perhaps they'll fare better against Atlanta.


A slew of theaters are unveiling new shows this weekend and there's a handful of shows to catch. Read on for seven ideas from Amanda Hancock to you


Partly cloudy with a slight chance of thunderstorms tonight and a low around 70. Friday brings the heat with a mainly sunny sky 88-degree highs.



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