A case of possible financial fraud committed against a patient at St. Anthony's Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rock Island is under investigation, Rock Island County State’s Attorney John McGehee confirmed Thursday.

McGehee declined to provide any further details or say whether there was more than one defendant involved.

"At this point I don't want to make any comment," he said. "It's still under investigation by law enforcement; I know about it. At this point I have some ethical issues and cannot discuss it any further."

St. Anthony's recently was fined $2,200 by the Illinois Department of Public Health for failing to protect a resident from financial abuse by a staff member.

In its third quarter report, the IDPH states a female patient suffering from bipolar disorder was admitted in March 2015. In July 2015, the business office manager informed the resident her home would have to be sold. A property assessment in the resident's financial file lists the home with a fair market value of $82,769.

According to a real estate settlement agreement, the resident's home was sold April 19, 2016, for $10,000 after the business manager recommended it be sold to the husband of St. Anthony's director of social services.

The man was represented by an attorney and a realtor in the purchase agreement, but the female resident had no representation.

The husband of the social services director resold the home in April 2017 for $95,000. In an interview with IDPH officials, the resident said she received a cash payment of $2,000 for the house, not $10,000 as was recorded.

In the report, the co-business office manager stated, "I heard (the resident) was upset about the house being resold for so much money. (The resident) was crying that the house sold and (the resident) could not go back home."

Administrator Jeff Wollum said the business office manager and director of social services both were terminated by the previous administrator after the financial abuse was discovered. Wollum became administrator in September, after the incident occurred. He said he did not know the names of the employees involved.