More than 300 people attended a fundraiser Monday for Republican congressional candidate Bobby Schilling with House Speaker John Boehner as the special guest.

But the event, held at the Lavender Crest Winery in Colona, Ill., was closed to all news media, and Schilling was not allowed to discuss the event or say what remarks Boehner shared with the crowd, Schilling campaign officials said.

Several members of the media, including a Quad-City Times photographer, were told by police they could not be on the road near the winery during the event.

That action prompted a response from Brandon Lorenz of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"It’s no wonder that John Boehner and Bobby Schilling are hiding from press scrutiny — Bobby Schilling’s claim that he is living 'paycheck to paycheck' on $100,000 a year is just the latest example showing how disconnected they are from hard-working families,” Lorenz said in a statement.

Schilling, of Colona, who served one term in Congress, was defeated in the 2012 election by U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos, a Democrat from East Moline. The two are facing off again in the November general election.

Meanwhile, Democratic volunteers held a protest prior to the appearance by Boehner, R-Ohio. They were objecting to Schilling's opposition to an increase in the minimum wage, Democratic officials said in a news release announcing the event held that was at the Department of Employment Security office in Rock Island.

“Bobby Schilling is completely clueless to claim that he lives ‘paycheck to paycheck’ while he opposes raising the minimum wage for hard-working Illinois families," said Dino Leone of the Quad-Cities Federation of Labor. “Bobby Schilling has once again made it clear that the special interests and the ultra-wealthy come ahead of supporting regular families.”

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Let 'em pound dirt if they don't like it. Democrat have to be some very stupid people to keep falling for this stuff. Schilling is a small businessman, they work pretty hard for that money. They are in their business from twelve to fourteen hours a day. Democrats act like making a hundred grand a year is some kind of sin, but who are they supporting in this race? Bustos! She has ten times the money of Schilling, maybe more. They have no sense, no scruples, no decency.


"Hard Working Illinois Families" You mean Democratic voters who are on some form of Public assistance and are supported by people who actually pay taxes. So the play on words is "hard working Illinois Families" Ha ha. They vote Democrat and collect welfare and live way too good in our society. Republicans are too nice and these Vitriol spewing Liberals will say and do anything to keep worthless liberals in public office. Wonder why Illinois is broke!


Thanks for the laughs QC Times and Democratic operative Dino Leone.

Not surprised to see more examples of quality Pulitzer award winning reporting.

First, the statement "Bobby Schilling is completely clueless to claim that he lives ‘paycheck to paycheck’ while he opposes raising the minimum wage for hard-working Illinois families," said Dino Leone. Mr. Leone, you do realize that Mr. Schilling made that comment after Hillary Clinton made the claim that she was living paycheck to paycheck in her book she wrote, right? You can't be that stupid to take a joke that Mr. Schilling was making about Hillary out of context to apply it to whatever dirt you want to use against him, right?

This meeting was closed to media. What part of that don't you understand? I know you don't like it and don't approve of it, but heck Mr. Obama does it all the time! You know, the same President that claimed that he was going to be the most transparent President ever!

Raising minimum wage will result in fewer jobs for teenagers and cause the prices for goods and services to increase. Something that you Democrats don't understand is that you shouldn't be trying to raise a family while working minimum wage job. That is NOT the intention of minimum wage. A single person can work and live on minimum wage, it is not intended to raise a family of four on minimum wage.


Maybe the Times could have done some investigative journalism (read his Wikipedia page) and found that he has 10 kids. I don't know how he could be living any other way than paycheck-to-paycheck on $100k.


BTW, Cheri Bustos employs interns for no pay. Maybe she needs to be asked how she can justify this practice and yet not apply the same logic to minimum wage workers.


Bet they were making minimum wage standing out there to protest.

Over taxed

"was closed to all news media". What's so hard to understand? Sounds pretty clear to me.

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