school meals

Davenport Community School District students who pay full price for meals will likely see an increase in price next year. The board of education will vote March 18 to increase the cost of breakfast and lunch by 10 cents.

That means the price for breakfast will increase to $1 for elementary students and $1.25 for intermediate and high school students.

Lunches will increase to $2.10 for elementary students, $2.30 for intermediate students and $2.50 for high school students.

The increase does not apply to pre-kindergarten students and those receiving free and reduced meal prices.

The increase is a federal mandate under the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which is designed to fight the rising rate of childhood obesity.

As such, school districts are required to raise meal prices gradually over the next several years until the price reaches $2.59, the current amount the government reimburses schools for students who receive free lunches, district spokeswoman Dawn Saul said.

Saul said school districts are not required to raise the price more than 10 cents per year, although they have the option to go beyond that. Davenport has no such plans to raise the price by more than 10 cents, she said.

There is no set timetable for when districts must reach the federally mandated meal price.

The district raised its prices by 10 cents in the previous school year, Saul said.

A big unknown for the district is whether the federal price of $2.59 will increase, said Mickie Carrington, director of food and nutrition services.

“We’re chasing the federal standard, because each year it will change,” Carrington told the board.