CLINTON — Acquaintances say news of the murder of two sisters of Rep. Mary Wolfe has come as a shock.

Susan and Sarah Wolfe were found shot to death about 1:48 p.m. Friday in the basement of their home near Pittsburgh.

Officers were summoned to the home to check on the well-being of Susan, who had not reported to work as a teacher's aide.

As of Saturday, no one had been taken into custody or charged.

Early Saturday, Pittsburgh police found a lime green 2011 Ford Fiesta possibly belonging to one of the women not far from the home, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported.

Clinton County Attorney Mike Wolf said Saturday that Susan Wolfe, 44, had worked in the family law firm in Clinton.

"Susan did the reception and paralegal-type work there in the office until recently," Wolf said. "I saw her in the community. I can still see her face."

The law office on 4th Avenue South in downtown Clinton is run by her father, Jack Wolfe. Mary Wolfe also is an attorney there.

Sarah Wolfe, 38, moved to Pennsylvania several years ago after graduating from the University of Iowa College of Medicine. Susan remained in Clinton until a couple of months ago, when she moved to Pennsylvania and into Sarah's home in East Liberty, a suburb of Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh newspaper said that according to online property records, Sarah Wolfe has purchased the home in December for $210,000.

"It's a terrible crime," Rep. Steven Olson said, adding that he was with Mary Wolfe shortly before she was informed of her sisters' deaths on Friday.

"Right this minute we're still trying to figure out what happened," Mary Wolfe told the Post-Gazette in a phone interview from Iowa.

"They were both incredible people, and we would like their friends and colleagues to know a little bit more about them and how much we appreciate their thoughts and wishes."

Sarah Wolfe was a University of Pittsburgh Medical Center pediatrician and psychiatrist who worked at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic.

"She was known as a very compassionate, warm, caring and bright physician who was praised by patients, families, staff and colleagues," Dr. Claudia M. Roth, president and CEO of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, said in a statement.

Wolfe was an assistant professor with the University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychiatry and served as a consultant at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, affiliated with the medical center, Roth said.

Susan Wolfe worked as a teacher's aide at a school in the residential neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, the Post-Gazette reported.

Mary Wolfe's statehouse web page lists eight siblings, including six girls and two boys.

"They are a very close and loving family," Mike Wolf said. "They keep in touch quite a bit with each other. They're just wonderful people."

Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln said the Wolfe family was close-knit.

"It's just horrible," Lincoln said. "To lose one child is awful, but to lose two, that's just heartbreaking."

Iowa House Majority Leader Mark Smith said Wolfe is taking time off to deal with the "horrible tragedy."

"Mary asked members to keep her in their thoughts and prayers," Smith said. "She was worried about getting her work done. I told her that we can manage things while she's gone."

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Cosmos- Seriously? Why was that needed? On second thought, please do not answer. Your lack of compassion is unnerving.

My prayers and thoughts go out the Wolfe family and there friends.


I am truly sorry for the loss that the Wolfe family has suffered; and as a current resident of the East End of Pittsburgh - which includes East Liberty, Garfield, Highland Park, Morningside, Shadyside, Oakland (and this means the University of Pittsurgh, and Carnegie Mellon University, too).

PurpleCosmos, shame on you for blaming victims for their choice of residence. If you "dont know if their location had anything to do with it", then you probably don't have anything to share but your opinion, and I don't believe that anyone requested it. I don't live in East Liberty, but I am very close by, and I feel quite comfortable walking down the street. Comments like yours, suggesting that the victims chose to live in a gang-infested, drug-filled area where gun violence is the norm are purely stupid.

Do not blame these women for choosing a nice house in a comfortable neighborhood. Bless their hearts, I hope that they have peace.


I'm sorry to hear about their deaths!! I live in the city of Pittsburgh and wanted to point out that they were killed in a city neighborhood and not in the suburbs. Unfortunately, the neighborhood they moved to, East Liberty, is known for violence, gangs and drugs. It has been slowly gentrifying and becoming a hip place to live, but their home is really close to another notorious, crime-ridden neighborhood of Garfield. I don't know if their location in the city had anything to do with this horrible crime, but it did increase their chances of being a victim. Their house was already broken into once before and that isn't a surprise for that neighborhood. Anyway, my prayers go out to their family and friends in Iowa. I'm so sorry for your loss!!!


How horrible! My thoughts and prayers go out to this family. I can't imagine loosing one child or even sibling let alone two at once and in such a horrible way. I hope the killer/killers are found and brought to justice.


I went to school with Susan years ago and she was always such a sweet girl. The entire Wolfe family is top notch people. My heart breaks for all of them and I hope they find whomever is responsible and prosecutes them to the fullest extent. Prayers for the family.

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