SPRINGFIELD — Illinois drivers who smoke while kids are in their car could get slapped with fines under a proposal pending in the Illinois Senate.

The measure would make it a crime to smoke in a vehicle where a minor is present, punishable by a fine of up to $100.

Police wouldn't be allowed to stop drivers for this offense alone, but they could ticket drivers for it if they're caught committing some other punishable offense.

The initiative, sponsored by state Sen. Ira Silverstein, D-Chicago, is not the first time Illinois lawmakers have tried to ban smoking in vehicles.

In 2010, legislators attempted to pass a measure that would ban smoking in a car with anyone under the age of 8. It carried a penalty of $1,500 in fines and up to a month in jail.

Last year, lawmakers passed a resolution urging Illinois drivers not to smoke with children in the car.

If the legislation becomes law, it would make Illinois the sixth state in the nation to enforce such a ban.

The legislation is Senate Bill 2659.

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Congrats Redneck_lady31!!


My parents were smokers. Many, many times I was trapped in the back seat of the car with the windows up on road trips to visit out-of-town relatives. Today I have scar tissue in my lungs consistent with having been a smoker myself... and I have never had one cigarette. There is your proof. I say the law doesn't go far enough to protect the children. Normally I'm not a fan of Big Bro; but in this case, if it's being declared a crime, it should be treated as a primary crime. Pull them over and give them the full $100 ticket. Second offense should be more, etc.


Seems awfully big brothery to me. You would think the lawmakers of Illinois would have more important things to worry about then smoking in cars, like how to keep Illinois from becoming Detroit. But i guess as long as the corrupt Chicago politicians are lining their pockets they can dictate how their "subjects" live their lives. I personally am so thankful that i don't live in "The Peoples Republic" of Illinois

You do realize that you can't get pulled over for just smoking, don't you? You have to be pulled over for something else.

Detroit? Not hardly.


They say that now, but i remember when they first started with the seat belt laws in Iowa, they said that they had to pull you over for something else and it was a secondary offense. Times have changed and now they can pull you over just for not wearing a seat belt. Yes Detroit, According to Illinois comptrollers website Illinois is 47.2 Billion in debt as of June 2012, one of if not the worst in the country, just a matter of time before they go bankrupt and end up just like Detroit.


Exactly! "We're not going to pull cars over just for seatbelt violations……." Fast forward a decade or so where everyday a Bettendorf cop sits on State Street and gives out a fistful of tickets just for seatbelt violations. Yes, Detroit…..not if, but when.

George, stick with the facts, if you are able to.

Seat belts were in cars in the mid 60's. secondary offenses, as there was nno way to pull you over for driving without the belt on until SHOULDER HARNESSES were introduced. Quite a while since the seat belt law went into place.

Since smoking is visual (that means, George, the police can see if you are smoking), and they say the law will be a secondary offense, it will stay that way until even more proof has been introduced showing that killing your kids isn't the smartest thing a parent can do. Why do you hate children, George? Why do you wish to put them at higher risk for cancer, lung infections, breathing problems, and even immediate death?

Guitarman, the comptroller's office didn't say that - in fact it was much higher. It was not the first, second, third, or fourth. You may also want to see where Iowa falls - it certainly isn't in the bottom 5, either. The debt includes: outstanding bonds, unfunded pension commitments and budget gaps, according to Reuters. Study was conducted by State Budget Solutions, a research and non-partisan advocacy group.

CA $617.6 billion
NY $300.1 billion
TX $287 billion
NJ $282.4 billion; and then:
IL $271.1 billion
OH $239.5 billion
PA $142.5 billion
FL $134.9 billion
MI $124.5 billion (that's where Detroit is, George and Guitar, you seem to be exaggerating a bit. Michigan is number 9, Illinois is at number 5, neither one is the worst in the country.
MA $102.3 billion
VT $271.1 billion (smallest debt load)

Since 2010, the following have filed for bankruptcy:

City of Detroit, MI
City of San Bernardino, CA
Town of Mammoth Lakes, CA
City of Stockton, CA
Jefferson County, AL
City of Harrisburg, PA
City of Central Falls, RI
Boise County, ID

Detroit wasn't the first, the last, or even the most debt. Sorry boys.

Can you both find something other than typical republican talking points, and include the entire fact, and not what makes liberal states look bad?

Total State Govt Debt: $4.19 trillion


i quit smoking a year ago coming up on january 27th, and i am glad i did. it DOES smell!! i am too beautiful to go around smelling like an ashtray. :0)


Illinois=The next Detroit

Your right to smoke doesn't come at the expense of your children or grandchildren, George. Towns that have implemented this have not turned into Detroit - which, by the way, allows smoking in cars.

Share with us your evidence that smoking is good for children in cars. Then we'll listen to those ridiculous statements.


Illinois is the next Detroit because it's chocked full of corrupt liberals who don't understand the role of government. And if the corrupt legislators in Illinois really cared about children, they wouldn't pass on the state's financial obligations to them.

Foolish boy, you are comparing a city (one of 8 currently in bankruptcy) against a state, that contrary to what you claim, doesn't have the most debt, either.

Yep, an hold man more concerned about his ability to smoke in a car, as opposed to killing his kids and grand kids. You are a real work.

The phrase is chock full - there is no past tense version.

I hear a lot of Sean Hannity and Limbaugh babbling, but nothing you state is of any substance, and easily discredited.

Corrupt legislature? A boy from Bettendorf, whose state whose corrupt Governor got his own child off of drunk driving charges and a murder charge? After killing 2 people, NO charges filed? Cops, when guilty of crimes get promoted or their actions are ignored, while the whistleblowers are fired? Is your middle name Pinnochio? You have many many corrupt in your state. Oh yes, I'm sure you are proud of Pete King....after his atrocities as well. Discrimination against voters of color? One would think that's in the south, but no - that's Iowa, George. You are aware of the lawsuits and their outcome? Probably not, since they were not on Faux News......


Baja- you must smoke!! You say stoping cold turkey could cause all this stuff in your post..... *yawn* sick of excuses! I smoked back when I was trying to be cool, stopped cold turkey. Then to make my husband mad(I know stupid and childish) started again and stopped. It's a mind thing! A person with anxiety shouldn't be driving, let alone with a child in the car.
You stink and so do your children, not their choice... Your choice.
I feel bad for the children who go to my children's school that smell like an ash tray! But I'm the stupid one, your the smart one... Your right, keep smoking!!!
Love the lines of a smokers mouth, sexy!!


-- Have those officials who push smoking bans in cars consulted with medical professionals about the problems of going Cold Turkey while driving...with kids in the car? After all, some symptoms of withdrawal are sleepiness, irritability, distraction, and increased appetite...perhaps causing distracting eating while driving.
Will police at auto accidents note if Smoking Withdrawal was a contributing cause?

-- Have Civil Rights groups noted that such laws increase pretenses for police to pull over a drivers, even if the drivers just have a toothpick or lollypop in their mouths? And, how can police detect the age of young people in the car? Must all young car passengers now carry ID to prove they are old enough to smell smoke?

-- What if the offending cigarette is made of just plain organic tobacco? Since no studies have been presented about pesticide-free, radiation-free, chlorine and dioxin-free tobacco then there is no scientific justification for the bans.

-- Has one child anywhere been diagnosed as having been harmed by 2nd hand smoke...even from a contaminated cigarette...in a car? If such a kid was ever found, we'd surely have a nice "Emily's Law" movement by now.

-- Officials who push such laws prove they have little or no concern for the health of children. Such regulators, after all, completely ignore the presence in typical cigarettes of industrial adulterants, especially pesticides, burn accelerants, and dioxin-producing pesticides and chlorine-bleached paper) that are particularly harmful to children...and to fetuses and pregnant mothers. Officials demand no tests of that stuff, and require no specific warnings. They don't even criticize the cigarette makers and chemical suppliers. And, they don't say a word about the hosts of un-labeled, untested, added sweeteners, flavorings, aromas, or soothing substances that help kids tolerate the otherwise rough taste of tobacco.
Who is blamed and criminalized for the effects of typical industrially-concocted cigarettes? The victims. The whole global war on tobacco is about the involved parties evading criminal charges and astronomical liabilities...not to mention the PR and profit damages, and bad consequences for the complicit, sold-out public officials.

PS: Ample references at http://fauxbacco.blogspot.com

Guess you need the patch, then, or the gum. The article clearly states you can't be pulled over for smoking. Studies have been presented, wrong again. Look at the first tests submitted. Has it been submitted, injury by second hand smoke in an enclosed area? Yes. Unless you don't consider death by second hand smoke inhalation (ana. shock) an injury. Much bigger than a car.

Your website is a pro tobacco site with no credible tests or references.....


Should have been banned a looooong time ago. Still, it won't stop the selfish idiots smoking in the same room as their children at home but I guess it's a start.


I don't understand why anyone would want to smoke with a child or non smoker in the car. It really bugs me when I pick my children up or drop them off at school and someone is doing the same but smoking in their car. Can't you wait a few minutes? You need it that bad? Your kids smell just as bad as you!
Attention smokers: YOU SMELL BAD!
If you smoke and get lung cancer don't expect NO PITTY from me! (Fully aware non smokers get lung cancer, I'm talking about smokers who get lung cancer). Put the smelly stick down and put some gum in your mouth!

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