St. Ambrose University and Assumption High School have agreed to discuss development of a sports complex, a university official confirmed Tuesday night.

The news came on the eve of a special Davenport City Council meeting to overturn Mayor Bill Gluba’s veto of the university's stadium initiative.

Mike Poster, the vice president for finance at St. Ambrose, said the university has a memorandum of understanding with Assumption that the two schools could discuss “a potential development agreement” if Gluba’s veto of rezoning for the St. Vincent Center property stands.

Aldermen have scheduled a special meeting for 5 p.m. today on the veto.

But the mayor and some aldermen think the university is making a power play to get one of the aldermen who voted against the rezoning to change his vote.

“It’s a last ditch effort to put pressure on aldermen and I don’t think it’s going to work,” Gluba said Tuesday night.

Two of the aldermen who have voted against the project, Barney Barnhill, 5th Ward, and Ray Ambrose, 4th Ward, said Tuesday they are not changing their vote. The other two aldermen who have voted against the plan, Mike Matson, 7th ward, and Rick Dunn, 1st Ward, could not be reached for comment.

“At the end of the day, I can’t see it changing the vote at all,” Barnhill said Tuesday. "I’ve already talked to my colleagues.”

“It’s not going to change my vote,” Ambrose said. “It’s all about leverage.”

Poster said the university has met every demand presented by the city and neighbors for construction of a 2,500-seat stadium and other facilities at the St. Vincent Center.

“The city staff has approved it; the city council has approved it; we met or exceeded every requirement, and there are 23 conditions on it that we also have to meet,” Poster said Tuesday.

“We’re disappointed with where we are at this time. This is a contingency plan in case the veto is not overturned."

Poster said the university continues "to have discussions with people about why this is important."

 “There are sewer and stormwater problems in the area and we’re offering the best deal for all involved. But we needed another option should the veto not be overturned,” he said.

According to a memo issued June 4 by City Administrator Craig Malin, based on the current city ordinance, Assumption High School, which is adjacent to the 45-acre site St. Ambrose wants to develop, could build an athletic complex there without having to go through a zoning change.

Under Davenport zoning ordinances, schools are an allowed use within residential zoning, and that includes athletic facilities.

St. Ambrose has applied to have the zoning for the St. Vincent Center changed from a moderate density dwelling district to a planned institutional district. Aldermen passed the measure by a vote of 6-4 on July 9, but Gluba vetoed the measure July 16. Aldermen have 30 days, or until Friday, to overturn the veto.

“It’s an incredibly important addition to us,” Poster said of the stadium complex. “As we recruit students and athletes, not having high-quality athletic facilities is detrimental to us. That’s why we feel we need a contingency plan.”

A representative of Assumption High School could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Alderman Gene Meeker, at large, who has voted and lobbied for the complex, said that if St. Ambrose and Assumption come to some type of accord, the stadium could end up with 3,500 or 5,000 seats.

“Assumption could build this project on the St. Ambrose property without city approval other than the usual building permits and usual inspections,” Meeker said.

Gluba said that regardless of the city ordinance, he will see about having the Iowa Attorney General’s Office review the law and determine if there is any way to block Assumption from taking over the development.

“I think it’s unfortunate that St. Ambrose would try to muscle the stadium into the neighborhood like that,” Gluba said. “There is a good possibility the neighbors could pool their funds and hire an attorney to see what the courts think of the issue.

“If the veto is overridden, we lose,” he said. “If Assumption takes over the project, we lose. We may as well go to the mat and stand our ground and see where it all goes. We’ll resist to the very end.

Gluba added that the $25 million St. Ambrose wants to spend on the complex would be better spent in the academic curriculum. “Society does not need any more football players. Going to college is about being prepared for the future and getting an education and a job. There are needy kids that the school could provide scholarships to so they can get an education.”

Ambrose said that as a Catholic, he is seeing the issue divide the Catholic community. If St. Ambrose chooses to let Assumption build the project, “it would just continue the bad public relations. But, that’s their prerogative.

“I think the neighbors have a legitimate concern,” he added. “No one has said they don’t support St. Ambrose having a stadium. But to plop it in their neighborhood like that with the stadium lights and all those events. Ambrose is looking out for tis self-interest and I think that’s selfish.”

Barnhill said that, “St. Ambrose will have a stadium somewhere. They do have other options. If we sustain the mayor’s veto, and I think that’s going to happen, they have other options.”

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Rock Nick

I am not saying I am so glad I got "out of" the QC, I like it there and think it is a great place to live and raise a family. I chose to leave three decades ago after graduating from HS. Have family there, a lot of family, and go there as often as I can. I just think the local politicians think they are big city type when they should be more focused on keeping Dport safe, growing and community orientated. The crime I read about which seems to be mostly centered around just north of downtown, up the hill a bit, is out of control. This just seems more important than a stadium that will serve purpose for growing SAU and the community. There has been more press about the stadium than fighting crime and killings. I question the priorities that Gluba and the other representatives have...keep the town safe and dont quibble about a little traffic every other weekend for a few months. SAU isn't the University of Iowa with 70000 in attendance. Talking about a couple thousand at most going to a game. It is a waste of time and money arguing over this.......move on to more important issues for crying out loud.


Does anyone else wonder why the mayor was even involved in this. Any way he voted would be a conflict of interest. If he voted for the project it is a conflict because he attended both Assumption and St, Ambrose, and voting as he did is a conflict because he lives in the neighborhood. Any mayor with ethics would have recused himself from any vote concerning the stadium project.

Jim in Davenport

This is not a hog lot, friends. I cannot believe the short-sightedness. Would you rather this be turned into housing like north of Northpark? A dozen football games a year in a stadium that only seats 2,500 people is better is really no big deal.


Amen to Rock Nick. I grew up there as well and thank God I got out. You people have no idea how stupid this debate is because you are so insulated with the idiocy of Davenport politics and mis-prioritization of issues in that town. Build the stadium with the private funding that exists and move 7 weekends a year. Quibbling over this kind of stuff keeps Davenport where it is....dying. It's one at the state level cares about Davenport because small minds get thrown aside.

Rock Nick

I do not live in the QC but I grew up there. This stadium debacle is outrageous and a waste of time and taxpayers money. The stadium is good for Dport and SAU. Ambrose as an institution for higher learning should be important to the entire community and it's growth is essential. Dport should be more concerned with other crucial matters such as crime and not a small stadium hosting five games per season. Quit acting like a large major city and stop quibbling over trivial issues. All these small time "politicians" with aspirations for greatness should get a the stadium and move on and forward.


I'm sure the Mayor and the 4 aldermen that voted against the plan aren't "bad people" per se. However, they are singularly simple minded, short-sighted, and a tad delusional if they think they were operating in the city's best interest. No clearer conflict of interest has ever existed; sure, he did this for the "little guy". It was selfish, and his comical, childish defense was totally devoid of reason. My vote and resources will be to ensure the ouster of each of the aforementioned "no's" should the decide to run again. As a final note, I've heard time and time again, "put it in your neighborhood then". I have lived near a stadium bigger than this and would welcome it again. But, you see, I didn't buy property next to a giant open field owned by a private institution. Accordingly, I chose to face no such dilemma.


Not bad people, just classic liberal Democrats


No they are not "liberal" democrats at all !!!!!


Politicians = people who aren't smart enough or good enough to hold real jobs. Truth hurts.


It's their neighborhood...they didn't want it...all of those "No SAU" yard signs were in the neighborhood where they wanted to build the stadium...all of the "Yes SAU" signs were in other neighborhoods. You want the stadium so bad, vote to put it in YOUR neighborhood. I'm sure the school and the Catholic Church would LOVE to buy more land that they can have tax free in the City of Davenport so the rest of us can pay THEIR share.


I hope they build a 10,000 seat stadium with extra large Musco lights....These people are going to wish they had approved it when it's all said and done. If you don't want to pay your share of the property taxes then just move....pretty simple option.....Davenport's taxes are incredibly high for a city that is not even growing, just spending more is all they are doing.


Playing devil's advocate. The people living in that neighborhood bought their house knowing they were blocks away from both a HS and a college. They stayed there after SAU bought the property from the Church. If they thought the land would remain undeveloped, they were obviously naive. They have every right to voice concerns & expect the developer to listen but most of the "no"s are just delaying development that will happen.

My 2 Cents

Here is a crazy idea. Why doesn't the school take the $25 million and lower tuition for the next few years. That would be a bigger money maker for the school than a 2,500 person stadium. Lets do the math 5 games a year X 2,500 people X $20 a ticket. That is a 100 year payback folks. College in general need to stop spending money and start working on making college more affordable. Why would the city approve this deal? Would it bring more jobs? only while building it. Would it bring more revenue? No. I'm not siding with the neighbors because a stadium would disrupt their view. It just doesn't make any sense to build. Are Auggie games sold out? Those that want this how many Ambrose games have you been to the last 5 years? I am no fan of the Mayor or Council but it seems like they did the right thing here no matter their reasoning.


1. How would lowering tuition for a few years have a positive, long-term impact on the community? Not really following your logic.

2. You are implying the stadium would only be used for SAU football and not any of the other SAU or AHS athletics. I think your math may be off.

3. Why would the city approve this deal? Well, schools with better facilities tend to bring about better athletic programs. Better athletic programs tend to bring about more students. More students bring more businesses.

Sometimes it takes a little foresight and critical thinking to really understand the purpose for a project like the SAU stadium. Oh, and here's the thing about your "2 cents," it's not worth much.


Universities like St. Ambrose do not build facilities to sell tickets, they do so to bring in students. For every student athlete they can recruit means tuition dollars and economic impact over a 4 year period. This number is much higher than your math.


It was just on the news the quad cities area is 192 out of 200 for job growth. Businesses don't come to places like the qc when they see people fighting every time something is getting built


I've worked in real estate for some time now. A new stadium next to a high school and college is actually going to increase the value of the home around it. To bad the old people in the neighborhood don't realize that it could still get built. Funny this is after a year or 2 non of them would even notice it being there except for 5 or so weekends in the fall. Just a stupid situation all around. For communities to grow you need new developments and one of the best things to expand are universities.

Phelony Jones

It appears that arrogance and extortion were bad strategies for SAU. Arrogance in that the neighbors told them no and fought the entire way for years. Despite this, SAU claims they made "concessions" that never addressed the main problem, destruction of the neighborhood. And then pulling the "Hail Mary" of Assumption at the end was amazing. Mr. Poster surveyed the area and said: "Nice neighborhood you got here, pity if anything happened to it". So the threat of AHS building something twice as big was supposed to make us roll over like good puppies. SAU just isn't used to hearing no. Its time now for them to learn to not act like spoiled children. Kids, if you ever own a home, you'll understand.


A small vocal minority of the neighbors told them NO. I am also a homeowner and I for the stadium. It is very short sighted and self serving of the vocal minority neighbors to think that only they know what is good for not only the rest of the neighborhood but what is good economic growth for the community.. 85 % of the people in Davenport think that the stadium should be built.

coffee cup
coffee cup

So incredibly short sighted and stupid...


just for the record, I'm a Democrat and I think the statement the mayor made was ignorant. Otherwise, I really don't have a dog in this fight, but I don't see how it can hurt Davenport.


If you still live in the community , you do have a dog in this fight . The dog is, if you need for me to define it for you, is for economic growth and education opportunities for the community.


I believe the Mayor and the University have common ground on another topic; and could come together on the use of this property. What better place for a medium density housing development to accommodate many hundreds of refugees from Central America?


The neighbors including Gulba do know that Assumption can just build the stadium ant the don't have to listen to them at all right?


All parties need to come together per the mayor. I hope they build the stadium however they want with assumption. Good work Mr Mayor, #192 and going!


Good work Mr. Mayor ???? What planet are you on????


So hizzhonor doesn't want anymore football players in town. Where then will a young entrepurenal (sp?) businessman/woman like Johnny Lujack locate his/her business? Seems like Gluba just said "if you were a college football player I don't welcome you or your start up business in my City of Davenport. Young man/woman go elsewhere."


In all these years I have never agread with Gluba on one thing. For the first time he did the right thing. You all talk of a big project that will benifit every one in davenport. Wrong, If it makes the life of just one person who lves next to it miserable then it does not benifit the whole city. We do need it just not there. That is not the proper place for it, the roads cant handle the trafic, the sewers system cant handle any more in that area. And if you all love it so much please feel free to invite St Ambrose to park it right next to your house.


Really, one person can't stop development. Thanks for acknowledging exactly why davenport is dying. Great wisdom. By the way, did the diocese owned the land long before the houses


A close examination of the ethics, actions, and illegal behavior of the mayor, Craig Malin and his pawns. This group of pawns includes the alder-person's and associated city employees. There is something really wrong when statistically over 85 % of the citizens of the city of Davenport support the SAU project and "they" don't.


The majority should never rule, if they did women would still not be able to own property or vote

daniel nicholson

right qcman and blacks wouldn t be able to terrorisz whitely


Woman are the problem ..... I don't think that woman are the problem ... Perhaps you are the problem ???

Arc Angel

good point! Hello Mike Matson


Gluba said.... “Society does not need any more football players. Going to college is about being prepared for the future and getting an education and a job. There are needy kids that the school could provide scholarships to so they can get an education.”

So why stop with football? Lets eliminate basketball and all the rest of the sports as well and at all levels, so our kids can grow up like Gluba. He keeps opening his mouth and you'll start seeing him along side Mayor Rob Ford as the butt of all the night show jokes.


Sad day for the community. Mayor is conflicted and does not have the moral compass to recuse himself, alderman with little real world experience making crazy statements and the City remains stagnated. Nice job. I hope all will work hard to defeat each no vote next election and of course the Mayor. This is why we get no growth in this community.

Tom Paris



Glad the veto override failed. It's not like St. Ambrose doesn't have a place to play. The council members voted their conscience. In regards to Bettendorf, remember that is a newer neighborhood of younger residents, and there is adequate streets, sewers etc. Also that is a HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM, not a college stadium. There have been a lot of problems over the years with intoxicated St. Ambrose students, being hit by cars, tearing things up, and causing general disorder in the community during their first time away from mommy and daddy as they learn how to consume excessive amounts of alcohol and act like idiots. I don't blame the mayor, I wouldn't want it in my neighborhood either, and I know a lot of other people have said the same thing.


Right. A high school stadium. A high school stadium that seats more than what Ambrose was asking for. Weak argument.


Please don't think this is the final action of this matter. There are a lot of problems with unethical behavior of Craig Malin, Mayor Gluba, and their pawns and attorneys. Quad Cities Times doesn't report real news, but they are also represented by Lane and Waterman !!!


Mike Matson is the alderman for my ward and I will be voting against him. He didn't do what is best for his ward or the city as a whole. I voted for Gluba and he lost my vote. He is a self serving hypocrite. I didn't think a mayor could be more embarrassing than Yerington. I was wrong.


I will also be voting against the 4 aldermen and the mayor! Those 5 guys are idiots!


Thursday there is a town hall meeting to discuss building a Casino next to a residential neighborhood. I have a feeling the council and the mayor won't have the same "compassion" for neighbors when that rezoning takes place. I hope they prove me wrong but I doubt it.


Gluba makes Malin look like a genius.

Dav res

Please remember that a majority of the Alderman approved this project and feel the Mayor should remove himself from participating in deliberations and decision-making in this case. The Mayor has also threatened Plan & Zone Commissioners who voted in favor of the proposal.....very sad.


He's threatening p&z members? He really is a manchild. He needs two weeks at Martha's Vineyard. Only if dav had their own news site up to tell how to think.


"Only if dav had their own news site up to tell how to think."

That's interesting. One of the goals of the new $178,000/year city run news service was to “manage message on potential controversies”....So how are they going to manage what comes out of Gluba's mouth???


It's too bad Gluba ever got elected mayor of Dav. He is the worst thing that has ever happened to that city. What a sad, sad, state of affairs!!! I hope the un-educated that voted for him have learned their lesson, because they are paying in spades.


I now understand why davenport is 192nd in economic growth. Our city leaders and aldermen are all idiots. Glad my family is moving. Won't have to pay taxes to help fund the stupidity of this city. If I was SAU i would encourage their graduates to live in Bettendorf, Eldridge, or other cities around the area. Lets see what Gluba and his band of idiots do when SAU students are no longer moving into the area.


Don't paint the entire council with the same brush. Remember, six of them have voted yes all along.


That's probably part of problem, he's angry when anyone moves out of the area.


So now the mayor is encouraging lawsuits if he/the opposing neighbors do not get their way. I am sure that will scare off would be investors in Davenport. Suggesting the Iowa AG or the courts use scarce resources on this matter illustrates his failure to show leadership, planning, and collaboration to get things done.

His disparaging remarks towards SAU and Assumption are also inflaming a divisive issue. Too bad we do not have a mayor that seeks to rise above the nastiness, calm the rhetoric and get something positive accomplished.

Student Athlete

Gluba added that the $25 million St. Ambrose wants to spend on the complex would be better spent in the academic curriculum. “Society does not need any more football players. Going to college is about being prepared for the future and getting an education and a job. There are needy kids that the school could provide scholarships to so they can get an education.”

WHAT??? So in Mayor Gluba's eyes "football players" are uneducated, unprepared, and unemployed? This may be one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard!. Most of these players are getting minimal scholarship money to attend college, and play athletics. Mr. Gluba, do you think that Ambrose "football players" just come to play football and not attend class, graduate, become employed and active menbers of communities all over the United States? This Ambrose stadium project, I believe also involves soccer fields, intramural fields and more, does society need these? Maybe we should just eliminate athletics, social interaction, and overall health and exercise in general.


I can't think but help of the football video arcade game "Blitz," where the objective was to not only win a football game but injure your opponents as much as possible. The players in this game acted like total retards. Makes me wonder if that's how Mayor Gluba regards football players.

Or maybe he thinks of them as thugs. Y'know, those oversized guys with big muscles who go out and pound each other on Saturdays. Must be intimidating, huh, when he's approached by them on the street, thinking he's going to beaten to a pulp by a gang of football players, just for their own amusement.

I agree completely with all the comments, including Student Athlete's, that Mayor Gluba's remarks are very offensive. I have many friends who were or are athletes, and this really is a slap in the face to imply that all they're doing is a fleeting thing.

In fact, if I were ever an administrator at a high school, I'd insist that all my teachers are involved in extracurriculars, in the very least as an adviser of an academic-related organization (such as Close-Up or chess club), but we'd sure appreciate coaching. Because being involved in any extracurricular activity, whether sports or academic-related or otherwise, is what helps complement education and makes for better all-around leaders and professionals.

I would hate for this to create such a divide on the city council that other issues are adversely affected.


I think Gluba was picked on by a football player when he was young. He's holding a grudge.


Bill Gluba has proven this issue is completely personal. It has nothing to do with politics. It has everything to do with where he lives. His statement about football players and also going to the Atty. General if SAU tries to sell the property to AHS is all of the proof you need. He has lost his mind. Ray Ambrose is delusional. A divide in the Catholic community? Really? That isn't close to being the truth. Idiots running and ruining Davenport.


The opposition continues to say that they do not care if Ambrose has a stadium somewhere, as long as it is in an inconvenient location. Throw it on the fair grounds, that way it can be trashed every summer, throw it in a cornfield on the outskirts of town (if you build it they will come, right?) Just having a nice stadium somewhere isnt the point.

Bettendorf High School was just in the paper for the renovations to their stadium. Artificial turf and brighter lights. So you are telling me a stadium smack dab in the middle of that community can get brighter lights and artificial turf and no one complained? How will those neighbors ever sleep at night knowing those lights will be bright for a few hours on Friday nights every fall? The turf shouldnt matter but since the O'Briens made it an issue I thought that should be pointed out as well.


Mayor Gluba's comment on "Society does not need any more football players." is very short sighted. I have just one name for the mayor to think about. Nile Kinnick. Nile Kinnick was a young Iowa football player with integrity, courage and valor. The Davenport mayor would be well served to emulate Mr Kinnick.


Go ahead and pool your money and hire a lawyer. If St. Ambrose has 25 mil to spend on a stadium, I guarantee they have enough money to hire a better attorney than you and your neighbors do. Gluba doesn't get his way so now he tries to rewrite city ordinances. What a baby.


I also have an issue with Alderman Ambrose saying that is dividing the catholic community. I venture to guess that 85% of the Assumption community support this project. He is the one that is on the wrong side of the issue.


Oh now we are only accepting SAU comments? Pure slander every word against out City Officials!


STOP!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO READ SAU Supporters, Slanderers.
It would be a whole lot different if they were supporting something for you!


Slander is spoken, written is libel. On that note, I don't really see anything that is written defamation here.


So funny watching you melt down. Who is name-calling again?


Sorry, Newdad. My comment obviously wasn't directed at you.


No Comment !!!! Let's talk about the actions of the Gluba's gang against myself and my son !!! The question is who are you ??? A city employee in the public works department???


I don't agree with Alderman Amboses' assertion that the stadium issue is dividing the Catholic community. As an Assumption parent and alum I haven't spoken to anyone who did not support the stadium project. I also don't appreciate Mayor Gluba lecturing me on 'social justice' and his definition of Catholicism. Maybe Gluba can explain his support for the abortion industry?


Gluba is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to be the Mayor or hold any type of political office in the future. I can’t believe I supported him in the past. He has lost all respect and creditability. I’ve resisted making comments on this SAU issue for weeks because I thought this nonsense would get resolved amicably. His statement about the community not needing more football players is not only offensive it’s absurd and is not his place to say as Mayor. This is Democratic big Government at its finest telling people how to think and how private industry i.e. SAU should spend their money and where they should spend it. I truly hope now that SAU and Assumption stick it to Gluba and these aldermen. Gluba’s comment about fighting until the bitter end and having his continuants pool funds to fight SAU and Assumption is not something a Mayor should solicit. This is no more than political grandstanding at his finest. SAU has re-established itself as an elite university of the Midwest. Look around at the rest of the schools in the MCC and CCAC. Why are there facilities that accommodate student athletics so much more than what SAU has? It’s just downright moronic and selfish of the continuants of Davenport and political leaders to continually suppress such as fine institution that offers the local community so much in so many ways. What a bunch of BS!!!


"SAU has re-established itself as an elite university of the Midwest."


SAU is a joke academically. It exists for kids who can't get into a Big 10 University. In fact, it's not even a 'university' as it does not exist of numerous colleges of specialized learning such as a College of Law, College of Medicine, etc.

No research is conducted at SAU; it is not a 'Research 1 University' such as Iowa.


OMG! Gluba is now an expert in administration of higher education. The supreme authority knows all and what is best for his kingdom. Get lost Gluba.


Gluba has gone from protecting neighborhoods, to thinking he can tell a private institution how to spend their money. His veto is only because he lives in the neighborhood. If he had any self respect he would have removed himself from the decission making process since he obviously has a conflict of interests.


Gluba is making his comments not as the Mayor, but as a "neighbor." There is such a huge conflict of interest for him in this situation.
His comment about not needing anymore football players is idiotic. That is not the point of this plan at all. Whether the stadium is built or not, football players will continue to come to St Ambrose, the ones who value quality facilities, or facilities near campus will continue to go elsewhere.

I realize that this is NAIA and high school but the NCAA add campaign that "there are over 400,000 student athletes and most will go pro in something other than sports" fits his comment. This is not about football players, they are a part of it but not the entirety. Student athletes make better students with the obvious exceptions. Ask people at work if they played a college sport, you would be surprised who did at some level.

Arc Angel

Gluba lives three doors from the project!!! Gains st.

Concerned Parent 60

"Society does not need any more football players."
Arrogance at its finest. Who is he to decide how a University spends it dollars, or to determine what kind of experience they wish to provide their students.

Additionally, I believe that this is all about Gluba trying to take care of his pet projects. He actually feels he can strong arm St. Ambrose into building their stadium in an area that allows for a sports complex in conjunction with his new casino. FAT CHANCE, I have lost all respect for our mayor. This is the same mindset that fought to keep the Casino Downtown for the last 15 years, Isle of Capri wanted to build a land based casino by the interstate over a decade ago.


Well said on many points.

Gluba is a democrat and see how they think people? We don't need more football players. Such an elitist pig!


Your comment is ridiculous. "See how they think people?" Then you call a Democrat an elitist?


This is exactly how Dems think. From telling us what to eat in school lunches, to picking our drs, to telling us we can't smoke tobacco, but legalize pot. They want to tell us how we should live for the greater good. Sorry but Freedom allows us to make our own decisions and if we make poor ones it's on us. He is a liberal elitist who thinks he knows better. Just like others in his party.


Snowman what about republicans, they want to tell us who to worship, how to worship him and who we can and can not marry. The republicans who claim goverment controlls to much of our lives only wants more control


Gluba now thinks he knows what's best for the money St Ambrose wants to spend on this, he thinks he is way more important than he really is. Barnhill went from being upset that Gluba vetoed this to standing right beside the Mayor now. Phony as they come.


The aldermen who voted against this must believe that the "neighbors" will remember this and vote. More importantly:they must believe that all of us in favor of the project, will move on to other causes and will forget and/or not vote in the next couple of elections
I sincerely hope they are wrong.


Sorry, not sure why my comment got repeated.


Barnhill is an idiot and should be voted out of office. He's a wannabe.

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