St. Paul Lutheran Church in Davenport has named Ann McGlynn as the church’s communications director.

McGlynn, who had been marketing and communications director for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, begins her new job Jan. 8. McGlynn formerly was a reporter and editor for the Quad-City Times.

Kent Barnds, a member of the church’s search committee, said McGlynn is “ideal for this position.”

“Her work ethic, writing skill, and sensitivity to the importance of communicating well will serve our congregation in beautiful ways,” he said.

McGlynn is a graduate of the University of Iowa with a degree in journalism and mass communication.

The church is at 2136 Brady St.

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I forgot you Lutherans believe in salvation by works. Ia mom - didn't realize there was a competition, but if thats what makes you feel good, good for you.

Also, been there, done that. Never met a congregation less friendly to visitors and more full of themselves.

ia mom

rationals, just a thought-- you may want to check your facts. Are you aware of another congregation that gives a higher amount, or portion of its receipts, of time and money away to the needy in our community and around the world? Come visit sometime. St. Paul's budget and financials are an open book.

Over taxed

My bad, the article did mention that she had worked for the Times. An outstanding writer, she'll do well in her new position.

Over taxed

I remember Ann as the best reporter at the Times for the last fifty years or so. Wonder why the Times didn't mention her as a past employee. Odd.


Press release disguised as news. Not much to say here other than watch that money you put in the plate go to another administrator. Just like the middle ages - your contributions go to the staff not to the people in the community who need it the most. Director of communication? Last I checked that was called prayer.

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