MASON CITY, Iowa — Goldie is a survivor. That’s how officials of the Humane Society of North Iowa refer to the Golden Retriever that experienced a harrowing three weeks and was almost put to death to put her out of her misery.

Now she is healing and in need of a home.

Sybil Soukup, executive director of the Humane Society, said her organization received a phone call from a distressed landlord in Forest City, Iowa.

An evicted tenant had moved out, leaving behind eight dogs, all of them emaciated, malnourished, and filthy. Loving homes were found for all, except for an elderly Golden Retriever, who was later named Goldie.

“Goldie had been imprisoned in an outdoor kennel for nearly three weeks,” said Soukup. “She had no food and only a limited water supply. In an attempt to avoid inevitable starvation, Goldie consumed half her tail, leaving the bone painfully exposed,” she said.

Despite all efforts of the landlord, Goldie was clearly in agony; euthanasia was becoming a sad last resort, said Soukup.

On the day the landlord was preparing to take Goldie to the veterinarian to end her misery, he called the Humane Society of North Iowa and learned the shelter had space and resources available to help the dog in need.

“Goldie showed up skinny, excited, bloodied, half-tail wagging, and seemingly anxious to make new friends,” said Soukup.

At only 46 pounds, she was 20 pounds underweight.

The Humane Society immediately scheduled surgery to have her mutilated tail amputated and she was put on a high-protein diet.

Now, two weeks after her arrival, she has gained six pounds, her tail is healing “and she is ready to put the past behind her,” said Soukup.

“Goldie’s story of survival shows us just how resilient this beautiful girl is. She endured three dismal weeks of neglect and abandonment confirming that pets are not disposable or something you leave behind when your life moves on,” she said.

Once Goldie makes a full recovery the Humane Society hopes she will be adopted. Soukup described here as “a seven- year-old female Golden Retriever with a survivalist instinct, a forgiving spirit and a heart of pure gold.”

For more information, those interested can call the Humane Society at: 641-423-6241 or visit online at:

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I also rent and have 2 dogs and a cat and am a very responsible pet owner. The first bill I pay every month is rent so my pets and I have a place to live. People who rent are not all lowlifes sophiejane. I would starve before I let my pets!


Oops, great JOY :)


So glad this beautiful spirit survived. She will undoubtedly bring whoever adopts her great job. And Sophiejane, not all people who rent mistreat their animals. I rent a lovely home and have 2 cats and one dog (all adopted from shelters) and they are much loved and cared for and have VERY good lives.


I hope the loser that got evicted is forced to live on the streets. It is a privilege to have an animal, not a right. I am sorry to say this but people that rent should not get pets. Most rentals do not allow pets and for good reason. They get the pet in a year they move,guess what? They end up in shelters or worse they end up in a bad situation like this. KARMA!




What is wrong with people, they should be prosecuted for this


The landlord is a great woman and the humane society is a great org.


To whoever owned Goldie maybee what happened to her will happen to one of your grandchildren


You can't be serious. You would like to see an innocent child suffer as retribution? I don't agree with that. Mistreating a dog isn't justification for child neglect or abuse.


Im with you on that one Klaatu. What a horrible thing to say Randogg420.


What a sweet lil girl! It's hard not to love animals! The people that left her should be punished, animal cruelty shouldn't be taken lightly here! I hope she continues to do well and that she gets a very loving home soon!

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