An 18-year-old once convicted in connection with a 2011 shooting death outside the Col Ballroom in Davenport pleaded guilty Wednesday to eluding police and causing a traffic accident.

"I didn't stop for cops," Cazmiere Graves of Davenport said at his plea hearing in Scott County District Court. "I was going over the speed limit, and I got into an accident."

Graves was driving a van Sept. 19 when he fled police and caused a crash at Eastern Avenue and Shamrock Drive, Davenport.

Graves was wanted on a warrant related to felony gun and assault charges.

Officers tried to stop Graves on Veterans Parkway west of Eastern Avenue. He exceeded the speed limit by at least 25 mph, according to court records.

The chase ended when Graves struck a vehicle and injured two people inside, Assistant Scott County Attorney Will Ripley said.

Police at the scene said the injuries weren't serious.

Graves was on Davenport's list of people officers may pursue because of his past violence with firearms.

Graves, 15 at the time of the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Michael Elijah Gabriel Williams outside the Col, pleaded guilty in October 2011 to intimidation with a dangerous weapon and, as a youthful offender, was placed in the Eldora (Iowa) State Training School for Boys.

His sentencing on the eluding charge is set for Jan. 30. He is being held without bond in the Scott County Jail.

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Probably racial profiling, don't you think? Oh Yeah.


Downtown was booming that night.


Why is he out in the first place?

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