An upscale grocer apparently has its sights set on Davenport and Iowa, as North Carolina-based The Fresh Market is moving through the city's zoning process.

Each of the company’s stores features a large produce department, full-service meat and seafood counters, deli and prepared foods department, in-store bakery, floral and gift center, candy, coffee, bulk, dairy and specialty grocery department. Many of the stores also include an extensive selection of wine and beer, according to the company's news materials.

The company would build a 24,000-square-foot store in the northeast corner of the parking lot at Rave Cinemas, 3601 E. 53rd St., the first by The Fresh Market in Iowa. The movie theater property is in the process of being subdivided. The project's developer declined to comment Monday.

A spokeswoman for The Fresh Market said the company's policy is not to comment on rumored or potential sites until they are released publicly on the company's website.

A plat for the project will go to the Davenport City Council on April 24. It will be presented to the city's Plan and Zoning Commission on April 30.

The publicly traded company has 131 stores in 25 states, with the most recent opening last month in Aiken, S.C. The Fresh Market employs 9,700 people.

There are seven The Fresh Market stores in Illinois with most of those located in the Chicago suburbs, although the closest is in Peoria. The company specializes in perishable products, such as fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, according to industry analysts.

The store would be on about 3.3 acres. The property has access to 53rd Street and Utica Ridge Road.

Alderman Gene Meeker, at large, who chairs the city council's economic development committee, is pleased with news of the new food store chain coming to Davenport.

"We are very glad to have them," he said. "We think it is an excellent addition for our business community. They are very happy with the location, and we’re glad to have the business."

Last year, Whole Foods, another upscale market, opened its first store in Iowa, in West Des Moines. Whole Foods is ranked 19th on "Supermarket News" top 75 retailers, while The Fresh Market is listed 71st on the same list.

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What has happened to the Fresh Market?? Haven't seen any updates!


It was canned. The location needed parking lot improvements- and it was going to cost more than the store. Other locations were scouted and did not work either.


Any updates on this? Are they coming to Davenport or not?


I love love love economic growth. I just wish we were getting something that would fill the gap for our area. A Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods would do that. The Fresh Market is only more "upscale in their decor" otherwise it has the same exact things that HyVee already carries. Where it lacks is interaction with their clients in carrying what they request. I can put in a request to my local HyVee and they will order it for me. Trader Joe's would bring us Aldi like prices but for Gourmet and other specialty items such as gluten free or other food allergy specific foods at low prices. Whole Foods would bring us high end items such as quail eggs, a wide variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables that dwarf HyVee's selection.

The only thing that the Fresh Market will bring us is what we already higher prices. Oh yes and their Tuesday specials which are indeed lower in price than HyVee but there are only two or three deals each Tuesday. That doesn't fill your cart and net a lower price at the checkout.

Don't be fooled by the sparkly new "fresh meat" in town folks!


This is great news, this market really needs something like this....and I do not believe the city should tell them where to locate.


Awesome choice, can't wait. Next, Costco please :-)


All retail does not need to be in one area in order to be successful. City leaders need to use some vision to grow this City in the upward direction instead of where it' headed and another casino isn't it. Brady and NW Blvd are sad examples in this City.


Just wait - I'm sure the city will mess this up somehow.


Super excited about this!

thelast, you are kindly invited to go be negative somewhere else. Thank you and have a great day :)


You have a great day as well.


Well- they are not coming. Your statement had some truth to it.


I've been hoping for a Whole Foods, but this is a close second.

senor citizen

Retailers prefer to go areas where there are existing magnet stores which this area already has. It makes no sense to go into an area to promote growth and increase the chances of failure. I prefer 53rd and all the stores on Elmore to any stores I can think of, I spend into the four figures whenever I can afford to come back to the U.S. I would imagine many folks from surrounding areas shop there and will shop at The Fresh Market as well.


Hurray!!!! Love Fresh Market! Missed the stores since moving up here, glad to see them!!

coffee cup
coffee cup

Oh boy, more congestion!


Better to have congestion, than tumbleweeds rolling across an empty parking lot.


That is good news. Wish it would go into a different area of the city to promote growth!

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