Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2007 — Q-C professor: National deficit reflected in high price of gas

The national deficit usually is far from most Quad-Citians' thoughts  until it hits home in their wallets. Take, for instance, the rising cost of gasoline. Augustana economics professor Dick Ballman said Monday that the increase is partly the product of the U.S. dollar's falling value, which is making imports such as crude oil  more expensive.

Friday, Dec. 5, 1997 — Downsizing hits Arsenal, again | Consolidation forces shrinking of installation's Defense Megacenter

The Defense Megacenter on Arsenal Island is being downsized, although it was not clear Thursday how many of the 170 high-paying jobs there will be lost.

Sunday, Dec. 6, 1987  Hawkeyes sizzle in Classic

IOWA CITY  The Iowa Hawkeyes almost always win the championship of their own Amana-Hawkeye Classic. But this time they did it with a little extra sizzle. The sixth-ranked Hawkeyes scored more points than any team in Iowa history as they stamped to a 124-88 victory over California-Irvine in the championship's game Saturday night.

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 1977 — Q-C Shivers Under Icy Blasts | More Snow On The Way

Today may be a little less frigid than Tuesday, but the National Weather Service, Moline, expects more snow tonight and Thursday. A 40 percent chance of snow is forecast for later today. That chance steps up to 50 percent tonight. The overnight temperature was expected to a numbing 10 to 15 degrees below zero, but a strong wind that persisted late Tuesday kept the mercury from falling below the zero mark.

Friday, Dec. 8, 1967 — Eyes Scott Jobs To Aid Strikers

A proposal that a Scott County work detail be set up as part of a program of assistance for striking Deere & Co. workers will be introduced by Scott Supervisor Everett Howard at Monday's board meeting.

Monday, Dec. 9, 1957 — Keep Engineers Here, Group Urges Itschner

The Quad-Cities' position as the hub of an important industrial and commercial area makes it inadvisable to transfer work of the district to St. Paul. This and other arguments were being called to the attention of Maj. Gen. E. C. Itschner, Chief of U.S. Engineers at a meeting today in a discussion of the proposal to eliminate the Rock Island District of Engineers.

Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1947 Blanket of Snow Covers State To Make Highways Hazardous; | Cars Pile Up on Spencer Hill; Partly Cloudy and Colder Is Forecast

A blanket of snow ranging up to five inches covered Iowa highways today, making them slippery and treacherous, while bus schedules in the Quad-Cities were partly disrupted this morning by the effects of a fall totaling one inch. A few minor automobile accidents were reported to police, but no injuries resulted. 

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