TIPTON, Iowa — A resident complained to the Tipton City Council this week about the noise from dogs in an outside pen at the Friends of the Animals shelter in his neighborhood on West 6th Street. 

Dick Hall said 14 barking dogs were in the pen on a recent weekend. He said he can’t keep his windows open in the summer because of the noise. “One (barking) dog is a nuisance, 14 is noise pollution,” he said.

He said he has registered complaints previously about the ongoing problem with several people, including the facility’s manager and a former police chief. He added that muzzles that would prevent barking can be purchased for $4 each and come in four sizes.

The dog shelter property is zoned for commercial use, but a number of houses and apartments are near the facility.

Mayor Shirley Kepford suggested it might be possible for one dog to be put in the outdoor pen at a time, and she will ask the manager to attend a city council meeting to discuss the problem.

A power outage occurred recently in part of Tipton when a plastic part broke, allowing a transmission line to drop on a transformer and short it out. Repairs were made quickly because a resident saw it happen and phoned the city with the location, saving time it would have taken for a repairman to locate the problem. Chris Nosbisch, city administrator, urged residents to call if they see something that does not look right.

Blair Nebergall, daughter of Lonnie and Robyn Nebergall, was honored by Kepford as the winner of the city’s annual essay contest for seventh-grade students on the topic of “If I Were Mayor.” Blair read the essay to the council and was presented $50 in Tipton Chamber Bucks.


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