Davenport firefighters rescued a 2-year-old boy from a house fire Friday morning, saying the boy was left home alone.

The toddler wasn't burned in the fire at 1624 1/2 W. 7th St. but was transported to a nearby hospital to be examined.

"I think he's going to be fine," Davenport Fire Marshal Mike Hayman said.

The boy's father showed up minutes after firefighters arrived on scene after getting the call shortly after 8 a.m., Hayman said.

An investigation is underway.

"No adults were home, just the 2-year-old," Hayman said.

The fire started in a second-floor kitchen after food was left cooking on a stove, Hayman said. The fire was confined to the kitchen. There was smoke and heat damage throughout the second floor of the up-and-down duplex.

Hayman said the house isn't livable at this time.

One firefighter was injured as he rescued the toddler from a second-story window of the duplex. Hayman said the toddler was in the living room next to the kitchen.

The firefighter was treated and released from a nearby hospital. Hayman said he was sent home for the day.

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Some of the posted comments i see about this article are way out of line. The whole fact of the matter is that little two year old was ALONE. The parent(s) willfully got into the vehicle and left knowing their child was in the home and knowingly left food on the stove top still cooking. Seriously!? Vfrank just may have a point. What's the big deal in taking the little guy with you if you were just "running up the street"? Children weren't asked to be brought into this cruel world. As a percent why wouldn't you ensure the safety of your child?


All these comments and no one knows the actual whole story. I live across the street from my mom and many times while my kids were home I would run 50 ft away to borrow a cup of sugar or milk for something I may have been cooking. That really doesn't mean the my kids were home alone. Many people might go outside and water their flowers, pull weeds, cut the lawn, take the dog out to potty.....while their kid is taking a nap or watching a cartoon.....does that mean they are home alone. I also have been asleep during the night and my child woke up before me, unlocked the door and went to my moms.....she calls and says "Did you know ***** was at my house?". Some things are NOT what they seem! Listen to this man's version first......just saying.


The father did not return until help arrived. 'Stepping out' with "something cooking on the stove" with a two year old is unacceptable ~ his excuse is meaningless


You can always tell the classy people apart, they have a 1/2 in their address.

Arc Angel

Cause of the fire?


Arc Angel - according to the story - "food left on the stove"


ANOTHER person that should NOT be a parent! It just goes to show you that ANYBODY can have a child but it takes a good/special person to be a PARENT!!!!


Rebecca & Husband
Well done. This little guy owes you a big hug.
And of course the Davenport Fire Department.

This could easily of been a much different story.


WTH Quad Cities? Another Taco run?


per mapquest 1.19 miles to TB on W. Locust.

hungry hippo

This is another tragic incident, but what I have become aware of is this has happened more than once in our fine city. Just a few months ago two children were pulled out of a burning low income apartment complex. It was never reported on the news that these two children were home alone at two o'clock in the morning. The fire department in Davenport are made of an excellent group and always seem to get done whatever needs to be done.

Rebecca Marie
Rebecca Marie

my husband called 911 we saw smoke i looked up and seen little boy in the window i was screaming ty fire crew and police for your had work im glad the boy was safe im still shaking


Thank God you and your husband were there for this little boy Rebecca!! If it wasn't for your quick actions he may not be with us today.

Arc Angel



Arc Angel - will you please explain your comment. In the story there is no mention of the mother so why are you making your comment? As far as you know the mother was at work supporting her family or maybe there is not a mother - maybe the father was the only adult in the family. I wish people would not comment when they do not know the facts and your comment disregard all the given facts in the story.


Sounds like someone TRIED to kill their kid, and make it look like an accident to me.


That's an interesting thought, vfrank


I can only imagine how terrified this little guy was!! Who would leave a two year old home alone with food cooking on the stove?? That's just crazy!


Someone needs to be facing some jail time for this one!!! Who would leave a baby at home alone? SMDH!!! Some triflin parent that didn't need the child in the first place. Some people shouldn't be allowed to have children.

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