Trinity Health System is backing a number of Iowa Democrats who say that increasing Medicaid would be better for Iowans and medical practitioners rather than Gov. Terry Branstad’s proposed Healthy Iowa plan.

During a news conference Friday at Trinity Bettendorf, Trinity CEO Rick Seidler joined several Democrats — Rep. Phyllis Thede, Davenport, Rep. Frank Wood, Eldridge, Sen. Rita Hart, Wheatland, and Chris Brase, Muscatine — in calling for Branstad to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

Seidler said Branstad’s plan, funded at $162 million, does not appear to be “sufficiently funded” to cover all Iowans who need it and provide the appropriate level of reimbursement to health care facilities.

Thede said there are two differences between expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Health Act and Branstad’s plan.

“Medicaid covers all; the governor’s plan does not,” she said. “The governor’s plan does not pay for all; it’s going to be a higher plan. The Medicaid expansion will be much cheaper overall. Also, it will help with preventative care, and I think that’s the major piece we want to see happen.”

Too many Iowans stand to fall through the cracks and not receive appropriate healthcare coverage under Branstad’s plan, she said.

Brase said that at the end of 2013, a total of 70,000 Iowans will lose their healthcare coverage when IowaCare, the state’s current insurance program for the poor, ends.

Medicaid expansion makes more sense for Iowans, he said, because the government will pay 100 percent of the cost for the first three years, then 90 percent of the cost the next two years.

Contacted after the news conference, Rep. Linda Miller, R-Bettendorf, said that Medicaid has never been able to control costs and has a history of never being cost-effective.

“What Governor Branstad feels is that we need to take a step back and evaluate if Medicaid expansion is truly cost effective,” she said. “The bottom line is to create a better delivery system within the state of Iowa that is both cost effective and covers everyone.”

What is needed, she said, is a program that will get people to take individual responsibility for their own healthcare, a program with an “emphasis on wellness but can still be delivered to the needy at all of the different providers including all of the hospitals in Iowa.”

One of the problems Branstad has with Medicaid, Miller said, is that the state could be accountable for the whole bill if, at some point, the government begins cutting funds to take care of the deficit.

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Finally! A Republican willing to stand up and say the truth about why we must not support that guy obama: Rep. Kris Crawford, a Republican from Florence [South Carolina] and also an emergency room doctor, supports the expansion of Medicaid but expects the Republican caucus to vote as a block against the Medicaid expansion. “The politics are going to overwhelm the policy. It is good politics to oppose the black guy in the White House right now, especially for the Republican Party,” Crawford said. That just shows you how much power we TeaPublicans have! Here we have a Republican legislator with specific expertise with this matter (a doctor) thinks the policy is correct, but he can't vote for it because the president is black. And the good doctor knows that if he does support Medicaid expansion we TeaPublicans will PRIMARY him right out of office. It's just that simple and that’s why all the Republicans WILL toe the line and stand firm against that guy obama! Medicaid expansion will NOT happen folks! The good Republicans in Iowa will just NOT support it!


You are one sick puppy. You are making up things now. Just how is that supporting limited Constitutional government became such a threat to the communist (democrat) party? You need to get used to the idea that there are still people who believe in Constitutional government. We aren't going to give up on freedom and liberty without a huge fight, and lies and phony racism accusations will not win the battle.


Wait, a teabaqqer fighting with a ....teabaqqer? Wait, where's Alice and the Mad Hatter? I think I've fallen down the crazy hole!!! LOL!!!


I knew there was something highly unusual about TeaPublican's posts.

I just re-read several of them.

S/he is making huge fun of the far right. Quite cleverly, as it happens.


Gee, what a big surprise. Trinity wants to fatten the purse with more public dollars. Just how is it that every corporate entity is evil to demorats except the ones that benefit from their agenda? Big pharma and hospitals were evil incarnate until Obama and the demorats threw billions their way via the Obamacare scheme.

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