Village of East Davenport

A new master plan for the Village of East Davenport aims to make it more friendly for walking and shopping and tie it in with the nearby Mississippi River.


The most detailed plan to date for the Village of East Davenport is ready for public review.

The master plan for the historic district outlines ideas for boosting its profile, along with ways of connecting the Village with the Mississippi riverfront.

The entire plan is available online at A public unveiling and discussion is scheduled for May 30 at the Village Theatre.

"For the past several months, the city has engaged interested business and property owners, city boards and commissions, elected officials and the general public on developing a long-term vision of the Village of East Davenport," said Matt Flynn, Davenport's senior planning manager.

The plan was developed by city-hired consultant Winter & Co. of Boulder, Colo. It contains an economic-development strategy, including commercial and residential opportunities, building design and plans for streets and transportation. The city paid $121,600 for the study, which will move to a final adoption process after the public meeting.

It must first be approved by the Planning & Zoning Commission before moving to the city council agenda. Ultimately, the city's Comprehensive Plan will be amended to include the Village plan.

One popular component is its consideration for connections between the Village and the riverfront bike path and the Lindsay Park Yacht Club area. The Mississippi River borders the Village of East Davenport's geographic area on the south, and the plan emphasizes the importance of making the entire area walkable and active. It addresses the need for public access to outdoor space and well-managed parking.

The final draft uses a variety of illustrations to show the consultant and the public's ideas for a mixed-use area, showing "before" and "after" photos of specific areas of the Village, including currently unused alleyways.

"From our perspective ... we asked the consultant to focus on the cottages on 12th Street, for instance," Flynn said. "We got more information on that, and they elaborated on their vision. I think we had a good process with them. They are experts but very approachable."

Flynn said he also regards the connection between the river and the Village an important and exciting part of the plan.

"For me, it was one of those aha! moments," he said. "Continuing Mound Street south of River Drive will help support that connection."

Asked how long he thinks it will take to turn the plans into action, Flynn said, "We have an implementation matrix, but things can change. The matrix developed an approach where priorities can change. That's a good thing."