A Missouri couple is offering a $10,000 reward for the return of several pieces of jewelry believed lost at the Hotel Blackhawk in Davenport over the weekend.

Lynn and Randy Potter stayed at the downtown hotel while visiting for a friend’s birthday in Clinton. They returned from the party around 10 p.m. Saturday, and the last time they remember seeing Lynn Potter’s small jewelry case was when her husband handed it to her as they were getting out of their car.

“I had the jewelry clutch and an iPad,” she said Tuesday. “We went to our room and headed right down to get something to eat. We got back into the room at 11:30, and we went right to bed. We were exhausted.”

The next morning, the Potters realized the jewelry was not with the iPad.

The total value of the two rings, bracelet and necklace are estimated at $20,000, but they have deep sentimental value to Lynn Potter.

“One ring was my mother’s, and it is 70 years old,” she said. “The other is a 100-year-old ring of my grandmother’s. You can imagine my grief.

“When I left Davenport, I felt like I was leaving my Mom and Grandmother behind, because I have been wearing those rings for 40 years.

“I can’t sleep. I just feel sick about it. I’ve called every pawn shop and, of course, the police know about it.”

Davenport Police Capt. Dale Sievert is taking calls on the case and said, “If someone has found it or knows something about it, please call.”

His contact number at the police department is 563-326-6154.

The Potters initially wondered if someone had taken the jewelry from their hotel room, but security at the hotel keeps an electronic record of anyone coming and going from the room, and no one entered, except for the Potters.

“I’d feel terrible,” said Amy Gill, co-owner of Hotel Blackhawk. “You just feel sorry for her.”

She said the hotel was packed over the weekend, especially Saturday night. In addition to three high school homecoming events, the hotel was hosting a wedding and had a walk-in crowd.

“We even asked the parents of the wedding party to make an announcement,” Gill said of efforts to solicit extra help finding the jewelry.

“My husband took it out of our locked glove compartment and gave it to me,” Lynn Potter said. “We looked in the hotel fountain, all the bushes, everything.

“I’m just sick about it.”


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Were these found? Do you have a description? We have 3 new antique stores in the area that can keep their eyes open for them.


I am so sorry about those being lost. I sure hope they are found.


Why would you take 20K worth of jewelry to a birthday party in Clinton?


The jewelery was locked up in the glove compartment of the car for security when we went to the party as we had arrived late to the hotel and did not realize there was a safe in the room, The whole trip was spur of the moment and packing was done very quickly without much thought as to what to take. The rings are usually on my fingers, but that night I wore a different ring and locked those up in the car.


Didn;t rea;ize there was a safe in the room. I wore a different ring to the party and put the other two rings in the jewelry pouch and locked them in the glove box of the car while we were at the party.

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